{Lotsa Love}

I thought long and hard about what to share with you all today.  The last, day ever of 2012, that sounds so serious.  I could take you down memory lane with outfit pictures from 2012, but I am too scared I will have that looking through your old yearbook reaction one to many times.  You know that feeling of, "Why in the hell did I wear that."  I decided against that option.  I suppose I could do a recap of some of my big highlights from 2012, but I don't want to think you all would be terribly interested in that, though I know my sweet husband would love that post.  So I decided to recap with what I am most proud of related to the blog this year.  It is not all those amazing outfits {just kidding, even thought I like to think I had a few good ones}, not all those beautiful pictures I shared with you all that pinterest found for me, not all the witty titles I came up with, not the great bargains I found for you, not even the creative ways I found to wear sweaters or that favorite old item, but I want to take today to recap the DahliaLynn "Love You" series.  Remember THIS post.  Well let me give you a glimpse of what it turned out to become....
   Megan loves that she is introverted, can cook anything, is athletic, is the nice person, and takes very little for granted. 
Erin loves that she looks terribly young, has found success in business, and loves her legs. 
Katie loves her eyes, her commitment to marriage, and the ease she has making friends. 
Chelsea loves that she is always overdressed, is learning to love the skin she is in, is much stronger than she knew, she is the funny girl, and her ability to predict plot lines in television.
Michelle loves her courage, ability to trust others, her lips, the fact that she is a dreamer, and her hair.
Erin loves her body, her readers, her ability to laugh at herself, the fact that she is a bookworm, and the fact that she is a romantic.
Christine loves that she is a Jill of all trades, her hair, the fact that she is a great listener, that she is following her heart, and that she is growing in to the best version of herself. 
Alex loves being a dreamer, being a neat freak, that she is real, that she is always encouraging others, and loves her personal style. 
Brittany loves her new hair, that she gets lost in her head, that she can laugh at herself, and her approach to find beauty.
Kim loves that she is independent, outspoken, friendly, interested, and emotional.
Melissa loves her body, her sense of humor, that she is a good friend, her eyes, her bargain hunting skills, and that she is emotional.
Lindsey loves that she goes to the beat of her own drum, that she is a great listener and advice giver, that she is spontaneous, and that she is impulsive.
Meg loves that she is a clone of her mother, that she is open-minded, that she has let go a lot of her former type A personality, that she is very driven, has high expectations of herself, that she is creative and overflowing with ideas, that she is independent, that she is not very sensitive, that she can edit her belongings down, and that she is a fast reader.
Kate loves that she is silly, that she loves Christmas, that she is tall, and that she cares about grammar. 
 Kirsten loves that she is organized and clean, that she is wearing her natural hair color, and that she is a people person.
I love the support I give for the LGBTQI community, rainbows, and being a good ally.
Chioma loves that she is getting to know and love her natural hair, that she is a good judge of character, that she is funny, her legs, and that she is about to become someone's wife.
Victoria loves that she is so independent, her hair, that she is loyal, that she is an only child, that she loves to read, and that she is a very decisive person.
Tess loves her family, the story of us {her and her love}, her amazing shop Savoir-Faire, style, and memories
Anna loves her eye for fashion and beauty, her family, her resemblance to her mom, her parallel parking skills,her ability to drive a stick and her dimples. 
I love my sister, my brother, and the fact that I am a really great big sister. 
Molly loves her ability to trust her instincts, that she is type A, her eyelashes, and that she is affectionate.
Sally Ann loves that she is patient, that she is tall, that she is from a big family, that she is named after her grandmother, and that she likes to read.
Leslie loves her sense of humor, her ability to trust her instincts, her upbringing, her dancing skills, her ability to carry many things, and her heel-wearing ways.  
Katie loves that she is from the South, that she lives in organized chaos, her smile, that she is an obsessive bargain shopper, and her support system.
I love that I am a very empathetic and emotional person, that I can make people laugh and smile often by just being me, that I am a really great puppy mom, that I am a good dancer, and my crazy hair.

Are you shocked that I am misty eyed finishing up my last post of 2012.  I can't tell you how happy it makes me that this many amazing ladies took the time to share with others and me what they love about themselves. We can never have to much love in our lives.  Wishing each and every one of you an amazing New Year.  See you soon and lotsa love...J


  1. Such a sweet post! I love that you decided to choose your Love You series to close out 2012! Happy New Year Girlie!

  2. Love this, love the jewelry, love your face. Just love. I'm thinking I need a necklace.

  3. I simply adore this series! I can't wait for what you have in-store for 2013! Cheers!!

    Haute Child in the City

  4. You are the amazing one for having such a fabulous idea for women to share their strengths! Honored to be a part of it! Happy New Year! XX