You Pull It Off..

You Pull It Off..
So I am super excited about today because I am trying out a new Tuesday feature on DahliaLynn.  I was chatting with my buddy recently about some of our crazy fashion choices, and we started sharing stories, and it got me thinking.  Usually when someone compliments a look I have put together they say something like, "Gosh I love that look, but I could never pull it off."  Or "I wish I could wear those pants, but only you could pull that off."  Even when I chat with people about some of the major fashion blogs, I will hear the common phrase "I love her look, but I could never pull it off." 

Now I must say that I am a huge supporter of creating your own look, and style.  However, not wearing a certain look, item, or trendy piece should always be a choice because you don't like the look or it is not you.  It should never be because you don't know how to "pull it off."   I will also say I realize that sometimes when people say "I love your look, but I could never pull it off,"  they really mean, "She looks nuts, I would never wear that."  This new little feature is not for those people.  It is for my buddies, who truly want to give some of those nutty, different, and fashion crazed looks a try.  I will do my best not to limit the looks I talk about to one's that I prefer, but will do my very best to pick a plethora of looks and options for all of those beautiful shapes and sizes.

So if you are still reading, I bring you the first "You Pull It Off" featuring printed, skinny jeans.  Being a floral lover, I was thrilled to see the floral trend pop up {which is why I chose these garden beauties today}, and the bold patterned look lives on this season with more patterned pants than I could have dreamed up.  But even though I have mad love for these crazy pieces they can be tough to pull off.  So here are my suggestions to easing in to the trend... 

(1) Pick a print that you genuinely like.  If you don't like floral go with a different pattern.  If you are not sure, try a small floral pattern.  If you don't like ANY prints, then you probably will not like your life size legs and tush in a print, so maybe stop reading and check in next week:) 

(2) If you are just trying things out, pick a print with the same color tons or in neutrals tons.  If the pattern is a big change for you, throwing in a bunch of colors might put you over the edge. 

(3)  I suggest a neutral top, shoes, and bag to tone down the pattern.  Think of your body as a couch.  If you are not used to a lot of pattern you don't cover the whole couch in a bold pattern, you try a pillow out first.  So if the patterned pant equals the pillow, then the rest of the look needs to be the couch.  Make sense? 

(4)  If you want additional color {because I usually do}, add that in your jewels or maybe with a scarf  that compliments the pattern to tie the look together.   

(5)  Choose a top that is comfortable and flattering to your shape, and with patterned pants for me this usually means something that covers my trunk  {I won't say junk in the trunk because I just don't have much junk in the trunk, sadly}.  I also highly recommend a longer top if you are nervous about the big print because you are showing less print, which helps you get used to all that crazy print going on. 

(6)  If you do not go with a top that is more covering around the hips and butt, make sure that you are choosing a pant that has a really flattering fit for your body type.  Now if you are tiny this might not be tough for you, so rock on, but if you are like me you might have to put a little more thought in to it.  For example, I have large hips for my frame and a bit of extra love in the middle, so I have to be very careful that the pants I choose help show off my waste and never give me a muffin top.   

So there you have it!  Some tips so you can take those printed pants and show them who's boss.  So now "You Pull It Off"...J     
Knit sweater
$63 - witchery.com.au

Skinny leg jeans

ALDO ballet flat

J Crew j crew jewelry



  1. Adorable outfit and I'm especially loving the floral pants and J Crew earrings!

    Rachel’s Lookbook

  2. Super cute! I just don't know about all of me in floral pants :). I'll have to think about it.

  3. Rachel Lynne...thank you...the floral pants caught my eye too. PeculiarPearl...floral pants can be scary and I love floral, I would try a much smaller print first in similiar colors...or not try at all. That is the best thing about fashion, you don't have to do anything you don't want to:)