Spring Closet Sale

Hi Sweet Peas!! I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Tonight I have big plans.  It is finally time to finish cleaning out my colset and swapping those winter clothes for my summer duds.  I started my spring cleaning about a month ago, and I have an impressive pile of items that are ready for new homes.  So while the cat is away {Stuart has class this weekend), the mouse {that is me if you had not guessed yet} will be hosting my Spring Home/Closet Sale this Friday evening from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  If you were there in the Fall, you know what it involved......friends, drinks, clothes, jewels, home goods, and did I mention drinks??  You can also shop all DahliaLynn handmade jewels and vintage jewels if you like.  I thought it might be fun to pick some past outfit posts that would give you a taste of what will be there.  Color, leopard, clutches, jewels, scarves...sound like your kind of fun?  Email me at dahlialynnlane@gmail.com for directions and details.  Happy Monday...J      


Second & Dahlia's Style Steals


I have been dreaming lately about getting my closet renovated with custom shelving.  Right now it is a tiny room with rolling racks.  You would be sad for me if you new how much time I spend on Pinterest searching for the perfect look.  I thought this little shot was so lovely, we wanted to share it today.  Favorite steals for the day are the shelving unit Michelle found and the dress I found.  Happy Thursday...J

Hey Shorty

These were the ultimate Forever 21 score.  High-waisted, patterned, structured shorty shorts.  I think they are perfect for a casual weekend look or a dressy night out.  I paired the shorts here with a lightweight top to work a Carnival event this past Sunday.  It was the perfect pair for a warm afternoon and really fit in with the fun theme of the event.  Happy Thursday...J
Shorts {Forever 21}, Top {c/o, Savoir-Faire}, Necklace {UAL}, Wedges {Lucky}, Sunnies {SEE}, Bag {Cole Haan} 


{Circus Tent}

I keep calling this skirt my circus tent dress.  It just reminds me of a big top circus tent.  Circus tent or not, I love the cut of this feminine, full skirt.  I occasionally do a big striped print with a floral, and it is always a combo that makes me happy.  The weather is still a little strange here, so I have to hold on to those light sweaters.  This neon knit was the perfect layer for a fun Saturday spent outside.  Happy Tuesday friends...J

Top {Zara}, Skirt {Blush}, Sweater {c/o Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Lucky}, Clutch {Pangea}, Necklace {DahlaLynn Vintage}


{Love You: Krista}

All Photos from Junkin, Diggin, & Gettin Lost
Hi Loves!!  Happy Friday.  Today started off amazing because my sweet mother-in-law is in town.  Hi Anne!!  She has flown in to help me with the house since I have a big wedding shower to throw next weekend.  I can only pray I have the kind of energy Anne does when I am older, and as kind of a heart always willing to help.  Can't wait to share what we do over the weekend with you all.

But first, let me introduce you to Krista!  I found Krista's blog recently and fell HEAD...OVER...HEELS for her style that she shares on Junkin, Diggin, & Gettin Lost.  If you have spent any time around DahliaLynn you know my love for color, vintage, and unique personal style.  Not sure if Krista knows it, but she is at the tip top of my style love list, so it is even more special to have her here today to share what she is loving about herself. 

"1.  I love that I am a small town, country girl:  I am so proud to come from a small, southern town; where I learned the importance of family and how to be grounded. 

2.  I love that I am a pretty strong person:  Many situations over the years have proven over and over again that I'm a really strong person, which makes me not too scared to take on any obstacles or tough situations. 

3.  I love that I am fair:  I know life isn't always fair, but I have always tried to be fair to others.  And if I ever feel like I wasn't, it haunts me for days.

4.  I love that I am outgoing:  I can carry on a conversation with just about any type of person.  Years in retail have only increased this ability."

This is the first time on a Love You post that someone has mentioned being fair.  Don't you feel like you are always hearing the phrase, "Life is not fair."  I do...and...well...it is not fair, but that certainly does not mean we have to contribute to the unfairness.  I really love that Krista takes time to activiely ensure she is making a change that she wants to see in her life.  Thank you Krista for sharing your "loves" today.  So glad to have found your amazing blo.  Happy Friday and lotsa love...J 



{Second & Dahlia's Style Steals}

Today's post with Michelle just makes me smile.  Who would not want to relax in that breezy room?  I am really in love with those built-ins around the French Doors.  Today is tough to pick a favorite "steal" because I love everything, but the Lydali bag is just amazing, and I would not mind sipping some sparkling water out of those blue cups Michelle found.  Happy Thursday...J



Yesterday a student told me that one of her friends said I looked like TSwift meets Ms. Frizzle.  Some people might not be to excited about resembling the off spring of Ms. Swift and Ms. Frizzle, but I am not one of them.  They both are unique, they both have curly hair, they both have big personalities, and who doesn't want to be a country music performer or plan crazy imaginative trips.  So a TSwiftFrizzle look-a-like...yes, I will take it.  Happy Wednesday...J

Top/Necklace/Earrings {Forever 21}, Pants {J.Crew}, Vest {BR}, Bracelets {Riffraff}, Heels {Lucky}, Bag {Tory Burch}, Sunnies {SEE}   


Shopping Bag

Sometimes when I need a little life break I jump on to my favorite sites and play a game.  I fill my online shopping bags with whatever I want and see what the grand total is after my little binge.  I never purchase anything during this little game. I just find myself curious as to what I would spend if I just bought whatever I had the urge to get.  Today I found myself draw to denims, corals, and looks with an earthy vibe that came in at $211.95 and with this little round-up I am having a tough time picking a favorite.  Happy Tuesday..J   


I Spy DahliaLynn Jewels

Got back super late last night from an adventurous weekend, more on that later this week, but I realized today that I never shared one of my favorite pictures recently of a sweet friend wearing her favorite DahliaLynn necklace.  Better late than never.  Right?  So here it is, Caitlin, the voice behind the amazing blog Sacramento Street, wearing her DahliaLynn "Agatha" necklace.  The best thing about this photo is that it was taken for Caitlin's home tour on Style Me Pretty Living.  I got that warm and fuzzy feeling as I was reading the feature and spotted my little pretty hanging from her neck in a photo taken by the talented Bess Friday that I believe truly captures Caitlin's welcoming essence.

Not sure that I have shared this, but I was recently given a promotion at work.  I am so thankful and excited at some of the new responsibilities that come with my new title, but things have been even busier than usual, leaving little time to make jewels.  I have been being hard on myself and wondering if I am just doing too much.  The answer is of course a resounding "YES," but this picture reminds me why I ever started making jewelry in the first place.  I just need to remember "slow and steady wins the race."  Happy Monday...Jessica  


{Love You: Krystal}

Happy Friday!  Right now I am on my way to sunny South Beach to celebrate with a wonderful friend of mine.  But first I had to make arrangements to share this amazing "Love You," by my real life colleague at the day job and friend, Ms. Krystal Clark.  Like me, Krystal spends her day job working with our amazing students at Vanderbilt University.  In addition, she has a wonderful blog, Peculiar Pearl, where she shares all sorts of amazingness.  I hope you are as excited as I am to dive in to Krystal’s "loves." 
"1. I love that I love being alone. --If I want to go somewhere, then I'll go. I enjoy eating alone, going to the movies alone, shopping alone, going to church alone, attending concerts alone. I like being all by myself.

2. I love that I love ALL kinds of music.--My mom played oldies while my brother listened to a lot of real hip hop and somewhere along the way I fell in love with everything in between and on opposite sides of that continuum. My concert continuum ranges from MC Hammer to Mumford & Sons.

3. I love that I have a huge smile and a big laugh. Belly laughs are necessary for my general health and well-being. My mom always taught me to smile and say hello to people and I never grew out of that habit. You just never know who might need your smile and you certainly never know where that one smile might take you.

4. I love that I love public speaking. I feel this crazy sense of comfort with a microphone in my hand in front of a crowd.

5. I love that I'm a bit of a nerd. I was the student who hung onto the docent's every word on museum field trips. I'm a book worm in a butterfly costume.

6. I love that I'm my mother's daughter. She could never deny me and as the days go by I see so much of her inside of me. I'm good with that because she's a great woman.

7. I love that I hold the best one woman dance parties in town. My living room is where it all goes down. Seriously, at least twice a week there is a throw down at Club 1310.

8. I love that my gorgeous chocolate skin has provided me with an incredible palette for any color of the rainbow. I'm one of those people that can wear orange, yellow, lime green and bright blues. I didn't always love my skin color but now I fully embrace it.

9. I love random things about my body like my left handedness and the fact that I can lift very heavy things up the steps to my apartment. I love that I have amazing eyesight, I can sleep through most things, that my head is good for hats, and that I have one randomly split eyebrow.

10. I love that I'm not often where people expect me to be or what they expect me to be.

Finally, I love that at 30 I am at a place where I have to narrow down the list of things that I love about myself. I'm not sure that would have been the case 10 years ago. We're all works in progress but I'm super blessed God had brought me this far."

So did you notice that Krystal shared a whopping 10 Loves???  I did, and I loved it!!  So many of us have shared that this task of sharing things you love about yourself can be difficult, and I love Krystal's last love, "I love that at 30 I am at a place where I have to narrow down the list of things that I love about myself."  I completely agree with her that the older I get, the more comfortable I get in my own skin.  I know that had I done this in my early 20s it would have been much harder than it was in my now late 20s.  Krystal reminds us that as we get more comfortable in our own skin, things will just keep getting better.  She has inspired me to go back to my initial loves and start expanding.  What about you guys?  A big thank you again to Krystal for sharing what she loves about herself today.  I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  Lotsa love...J   


Party in the City

...where the heat is onnnnn. That's right buds, I am hopping on a plane first thing tomorrow morning to celebrate a best friends bachelorette weekend.  The trip has been months in the making, and I am in need of a little break from work. Excited to share another look of the new cut.  Still learning how to style my little bob to not look like Shirley Temple, but then I thought what's not to like about Shirley?  She is fun, darling, has amazing curls, is nice to everyone, sings well....maybe I need to rethink cutting Shirley out of my inspiration board.  Happy Thursday...J

Jacket {old, Zara}, Top {c/o Riffraff}, Jeans, Sunnies, & Necklace {old, Forever21}, Shoes {Steve Madden}, Purse {Vintage}    


Chopped, Chung, Tears, Home Depot

Riddle me this.  Why is it that I thought that when I chopped my hair off on a whim, I felt I would emerge out of the salon looking like Alexa Chung?  I mean I knew I was not going in to have facial reconstruction surgery, shed a few pounds, grow a couple of inches, and become a fashion sensation because my locks were gone.  Since I looked less like Ms. Chung than I had planned, I thought I needed to do a little something to share my new look with you.  So, naturally I wore my favorite sequin dress. 

Well, regardless, here is the new cut.  I am excited and I am not regretting it.  I needed something fresh and new, and my hair was just not healthy.  I also really wanted it to be all one length.  But I would be lying if I told you there were not any tears in Home Depot when we where purchasing a lawn mower this weekend shortly after I left the hair salon.  Changing your hair is a big deal, and yes it grows back, but not over night.  It is funny how attached we get to a certain hairdo, makeup routine, outfit, etc....and feel a little unlike ourselves when we change things up.

On a side night, who cries in Home Depot?  I guess I do.  But come to think of it, this was not the first time.  There was also that time I was losing my mind after several days of painting our dining room.  Cried then too.  Stay tuned for a couple of more looks of the new cut this week, but in the meantime...what do you think??  Happy Monday...J

Dress {last season, Foley & Corinna}, Heels {last season, Nine West}, Earrings {last season, Dillards}, Purse {Vintage}

{Love You: Jenny}

So I realize that I am a couple of days late, but better late than never.  Today is a really special "Love You" because my amazing little sister, Jenny, is here to share what she is loving about herself today.  It is hard to write a brief little intro to Jenny because she is so many things.....sister, best friend, future doctor, comedian, and the list goes on.  She has seen me at my best and at my worst, and I am so thankful to have her in my life.  Sitting here getting crocodile tears just thinking about how much she means to me, so to avoid having a Monday morning cry fest, I will let Jenny start doing some sharing.

"1. I love how close I am with my family. It's rare for a day to go by that I don't talk to or group text with them. Being with  or talking to my mom, dad, brother, sister, or brother-in-law instantly makes me a happier person. I am blessed to have each one of them in my life.

2. I love how I can laugh about anything. I believe there is something funny, wonderful, or beautiful in every moment of life, and I strive to find it. Laughter is a gift and I never intend on wasting it.

3. I love that I believe in making mistakes and learning from each one of them. The best way to live life is by trying things and praying that they will work out. And if they don't...I believe there is a reason. How else do you learn?

4. I love the decision I have made to become a Pediatrician when I "grow up". Working with children is one of the most enlightening experiences, and I feel blessed that I will have the opportunity to impact their lives every day."

Could not have shared better loves than these right here.  I might have added that she loves to sing in the car at the top of her lungs regardless of how it sounds, she loves that she is the best friend around, and she loves that she tells it how it is.  Having been a part of each of her last 25 years, I can tell you that we do have a close family, and Jenny is often the source of much laughter with her quick wit and infectious laugh.  My mom called me the other day, just to tell me to call Jenny because she was being especially hilarious that day, and I can always count on her to lift my spirits.  This fun humor comes in handy with the mistakes she likes to make, though they seem far and few between, because she really has seemed to embrace how my parents have taught us to learn from our mistakes and move on.  And the thing that makes me smile the most about her loves is that they all fit together to support her life dream of being a Pediatrician.  With her love of family, fun humor, understanding that we all make mistakes, compassion, and incredible intelligence, I cannot imagine the joy her patients and families will experience as they put their lives in her care.  Glad you are showing yourself some love today Jenny, and I hope you know how much love your family and friends have for you.  Happy Monday...lotsa love...J   

P.S. If the Pediatrician thing does not work out, Jenny has hopes to consult bloggers on unique poses they can strike to make those outfit pictures extra special.  She has given you a sample above of some of her signature moves. 


{Second and Dahlia's Style Steals}

Really loving these fresh spring colors for our latest inspiration photo.  Today's favorite picks are the chandelier Michelle found, and the fun bag I found.  Happy Thursday...J


I am giddy with excitement to be here today introducing DahliaLynn's latest sponsor, Lydali.  Lydali was founded by college kindred spirits Ali and Lydia.  After Ali returned from a trip to Indonesia, she had an idea to create a curated online collection of items from all around the world that would also connect buyers with the artisan's behind these magical goods.   Of course Lydia jumped right on board.  

Lydali is one of those special sites that I get lost in.  Aside from the amazing curated collection that has me fighting the urge to pull out my wallet and buy everything, you can also find your way to Lydali's blog that is a mix of so many amazing posts, from artisan spotlights to guest bloggers styling Lydali's amazing pieces to Ali and Lydia sharing amazing styles that mix with their one of a kind collection pieces to highlighting festivals and celebrations important to the areas where they find their artisan goods, Lydali's blog does an amazing job of sharing the worlds away.  

First up on my shopping list from Lydali, these amazing wooden and gold bangles.  
 I hope you will take some time today to look around Lydali's site.  I would love to hear which Lydali piece you love the most.  Happy Thursday...J