{Love You: Kirsten}

Happy Friday Lovies!!  I hope everyone has had an amazing week.  I am so excited that my sweet sister comes tonight.  Just like old times we will hit up the old haunts, shop till be drop, eat at some of our favorite spots, and karaoke will be involved.  But before I head off into the weekend sunset, I am here to shower some love on the creative genius behind another one of DahliaLynn's newest sponsors, Kirsten Blowers of Riffraff.  The amazing images above, courtesy of Benfield Photography and Riffraff, are seriously just a little, tiny glimpse into Kirsten's sparkly life.  So let me share a little bit about what I am loving about Kirsten today.  

"I love Kirsten's bold style.  We have never actually met in person, but we have been Instagram buddies for a while, and I can tell from the shoots she has styled and the little pictures I see here and there that Kirsten dresses for herself.  I mean any lady, who slaps an amazing, giant, flower headband on her head and is grinning ear to ear is a hero of mine.

I love that Kirsten is so close to her mom.  She even shares in her Riffraff bio that her mom is her best friend.  I think this is simply the sweetest, and since I still call home every day at the age of 28, I am glad to know I am in good company.

I love that Kirsten likes the little details.  If you could see Riffraff's shop, you would notice not only the amazing clothes, but all of the fun greeting cards, state pride t-shirts, home goods, koozies, and goodies simply around every corner.  It is one happy little place, and I love that she thinks of all the little things.

I love that Kirsten is creative and business minded.  This comes as no surprise since I know how successful Riffraff has become since it was founded with just $100.00 just 4 years ago.  But this success did not just happen over night, it happened because of Kirsten's hard work and creativity.  For example, Riffraff's online site posts 12 new arrival looks on their site every day that are always 15% off.  I mean...it is genius.  Easy to stay up to date with new items, limited quantities so not everyone has the same pieces, and a discount is just the cherry on top.  It is this creative thinking that has made Riffraff so successful."

These are just a couple of the things that I love about Kirsten, and I could not be more excited about DahliaLynn's newest sponsor.  You can find Riffraff's link right here to the right....literally.  If you don't live in the Fayettville, AR neighborhood, don't worry you can get their goodies at www.shopriffraff.com.  If you have not done so already, take a moment today to hop on over to their blog and shopping site to see what is new with Riffraff.  Have a wonderful weekend.  Lotsa love...J  


Not a Detox Girl

So if I was going to strike a pose right now, it would look sort of like this, except I would be jumping up and down and definitely not standing out in public in my underwear.  Why am I doing a little celebration you ask?  Because for the past three days I have been doing Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox.  This post has been a long time coming because this has not been the first time I made the attempt.  It is actually the second.  Jessica and Dr. Oz Does Detox 1.0 was a disaster that ended in a meltdown.  And I want to share the story with you.

I have never done any type of cleanse, I don't juice, and as you know I love all things cheesy, salty, and generally bad for you.  But since I was going to be in a swimsuit for an upcoming trip a tiny bit earlier than usual, I thought what the heck.  Some of the bloggers I keep up with had done Dr. Oz's 3 Day Detox, and all of them were sharing about how good it went other than the mini headache day 2 and a couple of cheats here and there.  Some even said the shakes were so good that their kids were wanting to eat them.  Now let me say, I believe they were being honest.  But, you know we are all different.  As I was reminded.

So the first time around, I decided to try the detox over the weekend.  I was all, "I will be lounging around, how hard can it be to not eat and snack?"  Then the Mister got on board, and we were just two little miserable peas in a pod.  I think we under estimated how much we enjoy cooking together and going out to eat, and just catching each other up on our weeks because he travels so much.  After gulping down our shakes, we just sat and stared at each other....and felt hungry.  Also, the lunch shake, for us, was just disgusting.  We both gagged trying to choke it down.  So day 2 of the first time I tried the cleanse, I was so disgusted by the lunch shake, I did not finish it.  Then I proceeded to go to a 3 hour meeting, and well you can guess what kind of state I was in when the meeting was over.   There was a meltdown, some laughter, and we ended up at our local taco joint.

But it annoyed me that I could not finish the detox.  So I gave it another shot, but I was a little more thoughtful.  I decided to try it during the week, so my kind husband would not feel the need to do it himself to support me.  I figured with a busier schedule, I would not sit around thinking about the delicious things I could be eating.  I decided to eat the celery and the cucumber rather than put it in the lunch shake, ate a couple of extra tablespoons of almond butter, added some strawberries to some of the shakes, and drank lots of extra green tea.  And I finished the cleanse!!!  It was not easy for me.  I had some headaches, and I did take Advil for them.  I was not full the entire day, but I am glad I did it.  I am a little less bloated, I have a lot more energy, and I am feeling a little less drawn to the unhealthy choices.

I have linked the simply little print out here if you are interested in the details at all.  The detox was a little like when I did a half marathon, I am happy I finished, proud that I could do it, but not sure I have any desire to do it again.  So what about you guys...every done a cleanse?  Did you like it, hate it, don't have feelings about it.  Or am I the only one who thinks these things are tough??
Happy almost weekend Loves...J



{T-Ball & Nachos}

 You might remember THIS hat from last week's post.  Just realized today, how similar the outfits actually look.  I guess I am a creature of habit.  I can't stop wearing it on the weekends.  It is the perfect little cherry on top to so many of my casual weekend outfits. This outfit turned out to be a combination of some of my favorite things that I have yet to wear.  I have had both the white sequin top and this hot pink bag for a while now.  I love them, but every time I go to wear them they just don't feel right.  

But then I remembered everything feels right with ripped, comfy jeans, a blazer, and my new straw ball cap.  I mean....what doesn't go with a woven straw ball cap?  Might have to find more reasons to wear it.  Maybe I should join a baseball league....or maybe t-ball would be a better place to start for me.  And after my games, I could go to the concession stand and get my favorite thing....nachos.  Both my siblings dappled in softball, t-ball, and baseball, my involvement consisted of cheering really loud for them and eating nachos.  I am great at multitasking.  Now all I can think of is nachos.  So, what do you think of the baseball cap trend?  I really want to know.  Happy Wednesday Wonderful People...J

Jeans {Forever 21}, Top & Necklace {J.Crew},  Blazer {old, Karli}, Heels {old, Zara}, Bag {H&M


THIS Carrot & THAT Purse

Today started off like a Monday.  Oh you know....woke up with a headache, it is just snowing at the end of March here, left all of my notes for morning meetings at home, running late to my first three meetings, and some cruel people at my office decided to have birthdays that we needed to celebrate with cake and cookies the second day of my "eat healthy self challenge before you have to wear a swimsuit for a Bachelorette weekend in South Beach."  That actually is probably why it feels like a Monday, my body still cannot get over the shock that I did not eat anything salty and delicious yesterday.  But the fact that one of my favorite people in the whole world, my baby sister Jenny, will be here this weekend for Easter is making it all better.  Hope that come Sunday I will be eating THIS delicious carrot and avocado salad and carrying a cute little bag like THAT to Sunday church.  Hurry up Easter...J



Hello Lovely Friends!!  I am coming off a fun filled weekend with family.  My parents were in town, and we got lots of quality time visiting, so I am starting off the week as a happy camper.  This makes it sound like I usually plan to start my weeks as an unhappy camper, which is not entirely true.  But today, I am all smiles.  I do this little thing when I have plans way in advance to travel somewhere.  I pick up a little goodie here and there and put them away just for the trip.  It is always fun to have a little something new for your travels I think, but no so great on the purse strings to go on a shopping binge big or small right before.  I could not help picking this little rosebud necklace up from J.Crew recently, and decided to throw it on for a little picture after shopping before tucking her away for an upcoming trip to Miami.  So until next time Rosebuds.  Happy Monday...J 

Dress/Necklace {J.Crew}, Shoes {Dillards}, Bag {Tory Burch}, Rhinestone Necklace {DahliaLynn Vintage}


{Love You: Little Rock, Big Style}

I have an extra special "Love You" post today because it is featuring DahliaLynn's first "Blogger Buddy."  You might remember last week, when I proudly shared that DahliaLynn had finally created ad space for this little site here.  In addition to adding a few select ad spaces for some of my favorite businesses, I really wanted a space to share other like minded bloggers with you.  We all know that in the sea of a bazillion bloggers, it can be tough to find blogs that you want to follow along with on the regular.  So each month, I will share one of my new finds for you.  Their link will be on my site for an entire month, so you can follow along and hopefully agree that each DahliaLynn 'Blogger Buddy" is a must on your list of regulars.  

So today, I could not be more excited to introduce you to Sandra, who is the amazing creative behind the blog Little Rock, Bit Style.   Sandra found my blog recently and left the sweetest little note on my Facebook.  Someone kind enough to stop and tell you that they love your style...she had me at helllo.  But then, I checked out her site.  And I feel like our style minds were separated at birth, so let me just get right to it and shower her with some love.

1.  I love her Sunnies.  It seems that Sandra is never caught without her favorite pair of sunnies.  She even shares her love for wearing them in the grocery store in the about section of her blog.  Any lady, who feels right at home wearing stunner shades in the grocery, is a friend of mine.  Not to mention, it shows me that she dresses for herself and herself only.

2.  I love her love of family.  Sandra shares pictures of her sweet pup and sweet little stories about her family outings on instagram and the blog, and that really tells me that she has carved out a special place for them in her busy life. We should all be carving that same space out for our own loved ones. 

3.  I love her pixy cut.  In the sea of long mane ladies, it is always so refreshing to see someone with an amazing short hair cut.  It might seem silly to some that this is a love I have of Sandra's style, but I have never really felt that short hair cuts have hit the main stream the same what some hair styles have, and someone who goes for the short option always shows me that they are not afraid to step out there and be different.   

Having just met Sandra through this wonderful crazy world of the web, these are just a few of the things that have stuck out to me most.  I hope she knows how much I am looking forward to working with her in the future, and if the amazing glimpses in to her style above are not enough to get you to hop on over to Little Rock, Big Style then I don't know what will.  A warm welcome again to my new "Blogger Buddy" Sandra.  Happy Friday and Lotsa Love...J

*All photos taken from Little Rock, Big Style


THIS in THAT: Dream Closet

If you could not tell by the random posting times...this week has been a long one.  Currently on a tiny break at my day job waiting for an event tonight to start.  But I really wish I was putting THIS vintage dress on in THAT darling closet.  Is that really to much to ask?  Happy Wednesday friends....J


{Wish Upon a Star}

Sorry about the radio silence this week.  I don't even know what has been happening with my work email.  Better late than never...right?  I have been wanting a galaxy inspired top for a while now.  For some reason they are just so magical to me.  But I will say, they are a little tougher to style because they can come off a little "hot topic" if you will.  I have nothing against "hot topic" it is just not really my style, so I had to make this sweet little T my own.  

I decided to relax the look with my favorite ripped jeans and glam it up a bit with a structure bag, sky high heels, and one of my favorite vintage pieces.  Then I went a little rogue with the sporty hat.  This is another piece I have been wanting for a while.  I love a hat, but some of the ball caps were just a little too, I am an off duty bball player want to be.  I loved that this one was a little less sporty with the woven straw.  What do you think?  I hope you all have had an amazing week....J

Top {c/o Savoir-Faire}, Jeans {Forever 21}, Heels {old, Zara}, Hat {Target}, Bag {Tory Burch}, Necklace {DahliaLynn Vintage}


{Love You: Jessica}

Hi Friends! Thrilled to shared with you a long time friend and new blogger Jessica Posey at The Blog of Jessica Posey.  Jessica and I both work at Vanderbilt, and I definitely feel like she is a kindred spirit.  She also happens to be one of the most warm and kind people, who always makes you feel like a million bucks.  I am so excited that she took the plunge in to the blogging community, and I am anxious to hear how much you all love her after getting to know her a bit.  

"Happy Friday Lovefest, DahliaLynn Followers!  I am Jessica from the The Blog of Jessica Posey and I am honored to be partaking in this amazing series.   Jessica and I both work at Vanderbilt University and when I first met her, I was in awe of her beauty – both inside and out.  We bonded over our love affair of queso dip and handbags (specifically, me coveting her handbag collection).   I love helping people feel positive and confident, but I have to admit that when it pertains to thinking of myself, it took me awhile to figure out the things I love about ME.  So I want to thank Jessica for the reminder. 
 I love being a mentor – My office hires student workers every summer and each year, there is usually one that I try to become a mentor to.  I offer them guidance, encouragement and a shoulder to lean on and I absolutely love it.  College is tough – but it is even more challenging when things on the home front aren’t going well.  I can relate because I didn’t exactly have a traditional childhood.  I know that I would have loved to have a mentor in college and I just try to be that someone for these kids. 
I love that I am dork– Everyone has their own definitions of what a dork maybe, but I was never part of the popular crowd in school and I am glad I wasn’t.  I was in journalism, took AP classes, and was in student government, played softball and when my classmates were partying, I was usually at home helping my dad take care of my sister or choosing to be curled up in bed reading books. And if I could go back in time – I wouldn’t change a thing.

 I love being a best friend – It is one thing to have real sisters, but it is immensely gratifying to be considered a sista’ from another mista’. J  I love my best friends and I think I can safely say they love me right back.  I love the good times together that is almost always guaranteed, the quality conversations that are had, and the total honesty and no judgment policy that is shared between best friends.  

I love conquering my fears – I am not someone who has lots of fears, but this year I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t let fear hold me back from the things that I want to do.  Fear is all-mental and it such an amazing feeling when you can kick fear in the ass!  Don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams.

I love my teeth – When I was a kid, I use to suck my fingers and my two front teeth were pushed forward and had a space in between them.  As soon as I stopped sucking my fingers, my teeth miraculously moved back into a normal position.  I was very fortunate that after that, I didn’t need braces.  My teeth make my smile one of my best physical features.

    I love my life – Sounds cliché, but I do.  Sure, it isn’t all roses, but whose is? I love being a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, best friend, co-worker and acquaintance. My life is beautiful, challenging, wonderful and all mine.  J"

Knowing Jessica in real life, I can attest to all of these amazing things.  I especially love Jessica's first love about being a mentor.  So many of us out there mentor people as a part of our job, but rarely stop to think about the wonderful impact we are having.  I want to extend another big welcome in to the blog world for Jessica.  I also wanted to share a little secret, there might or might not be a discount code on Jessica's blog today for DahliaLynn jewels, so get on over there and check it out.  Happy Friday...J



{Second and Dahlia's Style Steals}

Thursday really is such a wonderful day of the week.  The excitement of the weekend is brewing.  I also seem to be wrapping up lots of  "to dos" from the week.  I get to see my wonderful husband.  I totally agree with Michelle that having two sweet little ladies would make this amazing room a potential dream come true.  Favorite picks from today are the amazing table Michelle found and the fun bag I found.  Happy almost weekend.  Lotsa love...J 


{Savoir-Faire Sponsor Highlight}

I am over the moon to be sharing with you today DahliaLynn's first Sponsor, Savoir-Faire.  I first met Tess, the gorgeous and talented owner of Savoir-Faire through email.  You might remember her from the darling "Love You" post she did on DahliaLynn a while back.   Tess kindly reached out to me way back when I had first started blogging and making jewelry to share that she liked my style and jewels.  We began working together when Savoir-Faire became the first boutique ever to carry DahliaLynn Jewels.  Tess will never know how much that support meant to me.  She was the first person outside of friends and family to support my tiny business, and I will always be truly grateful.  

Since we connected for fun, vintage, boho, jewels, it should come as no surprise that Tess and I share a very similar sense of style.  Modern meets bohemian, vintage, boyfriend, chic, I think sums up our styles.  Don't you think Tess?  So of course it is difficult for me to leave her amazing shop or her dreamy online site without a little treat.  Today I am wearing the Delicate Darkness Blouse with my new favoirte high waisted pants and vintage cape.   This blouse is a perfect transition piece because you can pile the layers on top for a cozy look now and make plans to show some skin for a sophisticated, edgy look later in warmer months.  Again, I can't thank Savoir-Faire enough for their support, and I am looking forward to sharing their wonderful goodies {always at a great price I might add} with you.  Happy Wednesday...J

Top {c/o, Savoir-Faire}, Pants {Forever 21}, Cape {Local Honey}, Heels {EmersonFry}, Clutch {Vintage}, Hat {old, Forever 21}, Jewels {DahliaLynn}   

{Your Ad Here}

DahliaLynn is a 2.5 year old blog with a big personality.  Full of style, smiles, and stories, DahliaLynn offers a place where the fun loving spirit can find patterns, colors, jewels, sparkles, and occasionally dive in to read a short life story.  DahliaLynn has a strong following of loyal readers with warm hearts, who don't take themselves too seriously in fashion or life.  To request ad space, availability and learn about payment options and pricing please contact me at dahlialynnlane@gmail.com

THIS in THAT: Dresses on Walls

Been working like a mad woman all day.  I am not kidding that in between meetings, I have been glued to the emails that are streaming in this week.  So I cannot lie that these two images took me to a lovely place.  Two things that make me very happy in this life are flowy dresses and bathtubs.  So this was the perfect little evening fix to start unwinding, while wishing I has stepping out of THIS tub to hop in THAT dress.  This is the second time I have seen some amazing wall decor in the form of a real life dress.  Hope you are reading this Husband, so it will explain the dresses hanging on the walls when you get home Saturday.  I am only kidding....maybe.  A fun little announcement tomorrow, so please pop back in to say hello.  Happy Tues...J


{Army Now}

So Saturday started off pretty sunny and warm.  I had originally paired this hot pink pretty with a light weight sweater, and after starting to sweat after a quick trip to the front year with the pups, I swapped the sweater for this old faithful silk, yellow top.  Light and airy it was the perfect pairing for a puppy date with a friend in the front yard.  But then the sun went away, and I was a little chilly again. So I added this army green vest with hot pink details.  I feel pretty good about it.  We spent the rest of the day running errands before a fun dinner with friends.  Why can the weekends not last longer?  Happy Monday...J

Top {old, Loft}, Vest {exact, Forever21}, Skirt {old, BCBG}, Necklace {could be yours, DahliaLynn}, Sunnies {SEE}, Bag {FENDI}, Flats {old, Steve Madden}