THIS Carrot & THAT Purse

Today started off like a Monday.  Oh you know....woke up with a headache, it is just snowing at the end of March here, left all of my notes for morning meetings at home, running late to my first three meetings, and some cruel people at my office decided to have birthdays that we needed to celebrate with cake and cookies the second day of my "eat healthy self challenge before you have to wear a swimsuit for a Bachelorette weekend in South Beach."  That actually is probably why it feels like a Monday, my body still cannot get over the shock that I did not eat anything salty and delicious yesterday.  But the fact that one of my favorite people in the whole world, my baby sister Jenny, will be here this weekend for Easter is making it all better.  Hope that come Sunday I will be eating THIS delicious carrot and avocado salad and carrying a cute little bag like THAT to Sunday church.  Hurry up Easter...J

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