Better Late Than Never

So THESE are our Holiday pictures.  I had been saving them because I was waiting until I sent out our New Year's cards to share them with you.  Can you believe I have still not sent them out?  They have become more of a "Belated New Year and We Moved" card.  Are you surprised?  No.  You're not.  So I guess it will still be a surprise shock that I am sending the cards out so late there will be some element of excitement when you see the card in the mail.  Or there will not be any special element of excitement, but does it matter?  You at least will have our new address.  I just still cannot get over his dimples.  Ok.  I am being annoying  Happy Thursday Friends..J


On My Table Tuesday: Her Fashion Box

Hi Tuesday!  Wanted to take a minute to share what is on my table.  Do you like Birch Box, Bark Box, little gifts that come in boxes?  I was excited when "Her Fashion Box" asked me to do a review for there sweet little monthly box.  I was thrilled when this little black box showed up at my door.  Not only do I love that the goodies inside are a surprise, but I loved the variety.  A sweet little clutch, fun scarf, red lipstick, hair products.  If it was fun, bright, and girly it was in there.   If you have not heard of "Her Fashion Box," I encourage you to check them out and consider treating yourself.  Do you have a favorite monthly treat?  Happy Tuesday...J


Swimsuit Cover Ups & BBQ.

This is actually a swimsuit cover up.  You know sometimes there is just a piece that you like so much you look for reasons to wear it.  Well this is one of mind.  Swimsuit cover up... meet backyard BBQ.  This was the perfect look for a little BBQ at home.  These sweet little Riffraff shoes were just the cherry on top.  Do you have any pieces that you love to wear event when they do not exactly fit the bill?
Happy Monday...J
Cover Up {Victoria's Secret, old}, Skirt {Zara, old}, Hat {hmmm??}, Heels {Riffraff}, Purse & Jewels {Vintage}