One Shoe, Five Ways, Part 5

Happy Tuesday sweet friends!  I know you have been waiting anxiously for this last look, just kidding, I know my clothes are not at all a focus of your life.  However, I am hoping you were a little excited that I am working so hard at this closet remixing thing since I will not be shopping for another 191 days.  

That's right folks.  I have made it 9 glorious days with no shopping.  And it is not like I have been living under a rock or avoiding places where you can buy things or blocking my favorite shopping sites or getting a shirt made that reads, "do not let this woman buy something from you."  I couldn't get the shirt made because I am not shopping.  Remember?!? 

So for now I will have to shop my own closet, enjoy my remixing magic and live vicariously through you people.  So help a girl out.  Anything amazing you have bought lately?  I am would love to know.  Happy Tuesday....J
Top {J.Crew}, Skirt {Ann Taylor}, Heels {Lola}, Clutch {Jigsaw}

P.S.  Did you have a favorite look from my latest one item, five ways?


One Shoe, Five Ways, Part 4

If you tell me you don't like a Texas Tuxedo, I just don't know that I can trust you.  Kind of like someone who doesn't like dogs.  I mean Texas Tuxedos and dogs are two of my favorite things.  I would add to the list my family members, red lipstick, naps...I won't go on.  It is a long list.  But back to the Tuxedo.  I wondered if the blue shoe would be too much blue, but I think the look pretty much nails the whole monochromatic look.  Your thoughts this Thursday?  Happy {almost} weekend...J

Jeans {Savoir-Faire}, Top {Forever 21}, Clutch {Zara}, Heels {Lola}


One Shoe, Five Ways, Part 3, Workwear

This outfit might be a little too much party for work, but who says a working gal can't have fun with her wardrobe.  I always say wear what you like.  You certainly want to abide by your office's dress code, but those little hints of flare can really let you be you.  And if you want to add some sophistication you can always throw on a pair of big dorky glasses.  That always says "lets get down to business."  Happy Wednesday sweet friends.  See you tomorrow...J

Dress {Ann Taylor}, Blazer {Brooks Brothers}, Heels {Lola}, Purse {Foley & Corinna}


One Shoe, Five Ways, Part 2

Do you ever buy a new accessory and find that you just cannot separate from it?  Well that is this scarf for me.  I wore her home from the store.  I wore her to work last week, on a day trip this past Saturday, and to run around in on Sunday.  Thank goodness I purchased her before the 200 days of now shopping.  I have successfully made it to day 3 in case you were counting.  Who would have guessed that a scarf with leaves on it could be so cute?  Not this girl.  Happy Tuesday...J

Shoes {Lola}, Skinnies on sale> {Riffraff}, Top {Vintage}, Purse {Zara}, Earrings on sale> {Anthropologie}  


DL No Shopping 200

Remember when I shared this post?  Well I made it not 6 months, but 1 month with no shopping.  Have you ever set a goal that you just simply did not meet?  I certainly have.  If you have spent any time around here, you know that DL loves to shop.  But sometimes you have got to pull back the reins to save for something good.

And that something good is a little trip to Italy with the Mister for my 30th birthday.  So I have decided to challenge myself to not shop for clothes, jewelry, shoes, or accessories for 200 days.  Yesterday was my first day, and things were lovely.  Go day 1!!

I hope that this time around, I make it for more than 30 days, but only time will tell.  Curious what you can expect around here?  Each Monday I will be reporting in to share how the past week has gone, what items I would have bought if I could have, and an outfit I have shopped from my own closet.  You can follow along at #DLnoshopping200 or even join in if you dare.

First up, I shopped my closet to re-create THIS pretty look.  And you might be in for a treat this week with One Shoe, Five Ways.  See you tomorrow friends.  Any of you out there taking bets on how long I will make it?  Let me know...J

Top {Nordstrom Rack}, Skirt {Hazel's Haven}, Shoes {Lola}, Purce {TJMaxx}, Scarf {Vintage}, Necklace {Forever 21}


White Elephant One

So when I bought this dress I did something that I N-E-V-E-R do.  I bought it without trying the darn thing on.  I have the same dress in black, so I thought why waste my time?  And she was on mega sale, perfect for work, and filled my need for a LWD.  Little White Dress that is.  

Only problem...there is a little something weird happening with the hem.  It is sort of a wrinkled mini-bubble hem.  I still think she looks pretty nice, and who really is perfect?  Today I styled her with all things silver.  In a few days, you will see her with a little more sass.  Hint...there are pom poms involved.  You will not want to miss them.  Happy Weekend...J

Dress {Zara}, Heels {vintage, Nicole Miller}, Purse {Masons}, Necklace {Don't remember, but it came pinned on a white tank top...weird...right?}


{Ripped Jeans}

I forget sometimes how random the fashion blogger thing is.  I mean....don't you guys get dressed up on Sundays?  Then don't you ask your buddy to take photos of you in front of a few of your favorite antique shops that are not open because it is Sunday, but you want the photos in front of the closed shops because they create a cute background?  I do.   

How do you feel about ripped jeans?  I wore a pair on a recent weekend trip and some of my friends thought I was nuts.  Why would you pay for holes in your pants.  Well...because I like them.  There is something about a ripped jean that screams, "Heyyyy, it's the weekend.  Heyyyy, I don't mind if you see a few random parts of my leg.  Heyyyy, I love party pants.  Heyyyy, I love wearing jeans that look like I am cool for having worn in jeans, so don't tell anyone I paid for them."  My ripped jeans and I  have a lot to say.     

They are just fun.  Plain and simple.  Who is with me?  Happy {almost} Wednesday...J

Jeans {Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Riffraff}, Top {Chico's}, Purse, Necklace, & Scarf {Vintage}



Did any of you people see THIS article on Refiner 29?  If you did, I hope you loved it as much as I did, and if you did not, I hope you will check it out.  I personally thought some of these tricks were old news, but I still thought is might be fun to share these "tricks" DahliaLynn style.  

First Up: Jeans that don't "fit"

Second Up:  All white everything

Third Up:  The "going-out" t-shirt

Fourth UP: Choosing the one with the weird colors

Fifth Up: Prints that don't match

Sixth Up: Throwbacks

Seventh Up: The daytime clutch

Eighth Up:  A suit for not-work

Ninth Up:  Strange Prints

Tenth Up: Wearing ankle boots with everything

Eleventh Up: Over-the-top layering

Twelfth Up: Spending a lot on basics

Thirteenth Up: The tucked in look

Fourteenth Up: Awkward lengths

Fifteenth UP:  Non-basic basics
So what do ya think?  I think I have my own little twist on each look, but it was fun to look back and see if I had incorporated any of these looks in to my outfits over the past couple of years.  Were you surprised by any of these "tricks" that Refinery29 thought were just for the fashion at heart?  Do you have a favorite?  Happy Wednesday...J