{Ripped Jeans}

I forget sometimes how random the fashion blogger thing is.  I mean....don't you guys get dressed up on Sundays?  Then don't you ask your buddy to take photos of you in front of a few of your favorite antique shops that are not open because it is Sunday, but you want the photos in front of the closed shops because they create a cute background?  I do.   

How do you feel about ripped jeans?  I wore a pair on a recent weekend trip and some of my friends thought I was nuts.  Why would you pay for holes in your pants.  Well...because I like them.  There is something about a ripped jean that screams, "Heyyyy, it's the weekend.  Heyyyy, I don't mind if you see a few random parts of my leg.  Heyyyy, I love party pants.  Heyyyy, I love wearing jeans that look like I am cool for having worn in jeans, so don't tell anyone I paid for them."  My ripped jeans and I  have a lot to say.     

They are just fun.  Plain and simple.  Who is with me?  Happy {almost} Wednesday...J

Jeans {Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Riffraff}, Top {Chico's}, Purse, Necklace, & Scarf {Vintage}


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you friend. The bag was an amazing find from a flea market in NYC:)

  2. You can always rip your own jeans! I like them.

    1. Ash...you are totally right. You can also cute your own shorts. I will not even get in to what has happened when I have done this:)

  3. Love me some rips & that sunny yellow purse!