1 Pant, 5 Ways, Part 5, Herd of Turtles

And we're off...like a herd of turtles!!  We have been spending the whole day packing, cleaning, running errands, and finishing up those last little bits of work before a week long Christmas Cruise.  You heard me right...my Pops' entire side of the family is scheduled for a fun filled week on the Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas.  Dolphin swims, turtle excursions, days on the beach, shows, we have it all planned.  

But before we set sail, I wanted to leave you with one last bit of crazy pant Christmas cheer.  Part 5 of my "1 Pant, 5 Ways."  Decided to dress things up for this last look, and I was very pleased with the final product.  So did you have a favorite look?  I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, and I can't wait to catch up with you all after my week away...J

Pants {Target}, Vest {Monkee's}, Sweater {J.Crew}, Heels {Ann Taylor}, Bag {Fendi}


1 Pant, 5 Ways, Part 4, Polka Meet Plaid

I need to be honest.  Not sure that I would have ever just thought, "I am going to wear my crazy pants, a polka dot sweater, and then throw on a plaid scarf."  I mean some mornings an outfit like this finds its way on to my body, but not because I planned it.  The look comes together a little more like this.  

"Ew...can't imagine wearing tight jeans today.  Crazy, silk pants will have to do.  Shoot it is cold.  Oh...forgot I had that polka dot sweatshirt.  Yeah this looks good.  {Several hours later at Forever 21}  Cannot decide which plaid scarf to buy.  Oooo...this is kind of fun with the outfit I have on."  Yeah...that is pretty much how this outfit was born.  Have a lovely day...J

Pants {Target}, Sweater {Blush}, Scarf {Forever 21}, Jewels {J.Crew}, Clutch {Vintage BCBG}, Shoes {Ann Taylor}  


1 Pant, 5 Ways, Part 3, Sunday Bazaar

I am up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this Sunday morning. It could be because I am going a little crazy after being trapped in my house after a little big snow storm yesterday.  I made the mistake of thinking I could go run several errands in the storm because a lot of people were out on the road.  I am practically an Indiana native by now, I could hear myself thinking.  After almost seeing two accidents {neither of which I was the cause off...I feel it must be noted}, getting passed by a snow plow truck, and getting honked at by a mom with kids in a sedan for driving too slow, I decided my trip to the gas station and starbucks was enough for one day. 

So today, I am headed out again.  Fingers crossed it goes a little bit better because I have plans....B-I-G plans today.  I am headed to "The State Theater Bazaar."  Last Sunday, we were on Part 3 of my "1 Pant, 5 Ways" photo shoot, and we decided that "The State Theater" downtown {pictured above} would be a fun photo spot.  As I was trying to get my pose on people kept coming out of the front door of The State with all these vintage goodies.  I practically smashed my face against the glass doors to get the scoop.  And what did I spy with my little eyes?  There was some vintage flea market-ish thing happening inside.  Then I noticed a flier on the door for the "Bazaar Sunday at The State." 

Anyone, who knows me, knows my love for flea markets, vintage, and antique stores, and I have been deseparately missing some of my favorite Nashville shopping haunts.  I was so excited I almost squealed.  I thought Stuart was going to scream too {not with glee}, when he thought I was going to demand to go inside {I had already pushed my luck with the "1 Pant, 5 Ways" photoshoot I was dragging him on}, so I made plans to come back this Sunday.  So off I go.  Will report back.  By the way, what do you think of this dressed up office version of the crazy pant?  I am diggin it.  Happy Sunday...J

Top/Pants {Target}, Blazer {vintage, Brooks Brothers}, Shoes {Ann Taylor}, Necklace {DahliaLynn Vintage}, Clutch {I forget}      


1 Pant, 5 Ways, Part 2, Kiss, Kiss Hooray

Happy {almost weekend} friends!  Have you been anxiously waiting for Part 2 of "1 Pant, 5 Ways?"  I have.  Of course there were grand plans to post every...single...day this week.  But then the low temperatures hit here, I am talking like 1 degree this morning, and I got a little lazy.  I am sort of hibernating.  I think.  Sending kisses your way...J
Sweatshirt {Forever 21}, Pants {Target}, Heels {Ann Taylor}, Clutch {Vintage, BCBG}


1 Pant, 5 Looks, Heart on My Sleeve

So this week you are in for a bit of a treat.  I purchased these pants from target about a month ago.  I thought they were a little ridiculous, I mean how many places could I possibly wear adult, silk, pajama-inspired pants?  It turns out...a lot of places.  They were one of those purchases that I originally felt guilty about, but 2 months in they are like my new best friend.  

I imagine one or two or ten of you are sitting there calling my bluff.  Are you thinking how many outfits could she actually get out of these bad boys?  Soooo...I wanted to share with you FIVE different ways that I styled this ONE  pair of pants.  I decided to first pair my new snazzy pants with this amazing, cozy, comfy sweater from Riffraff.  Maybe a little more appropriate for February, but "Love IS all around" at Christmas.  Who doesn't love to wear their heart on their sleeve?  I hope you will follow along this week and let me know what you think of each look.  Happy Monday...J

Sweater {c/o Riffraff}, Pants {Target}, Heels {Anne Taylor}, Fur {Vintage}, Tote {old, Zara}


Monday Meltdown

So it happened.  I am not really surprised, but I thought my first big meltdown after the move would be in February.  You know...I would be snowed in, on my birthday, Stuart would not be able to get home from work because of the terrible weather, my power would go out, me and the pups would be huddled up in a corner by the fire (depending on whether or not I could even get a fire started in one of our two fireplaces), crying, and wishing for my old life in Nashville.  Now, I was mentally prepared for THAT meltdown.  I was simply planning on willing myself to be strong for that first time after the move that I felt alone, sad, and missed friends and family.

But it happened sooner.  It is fitting that these were the photos I scheduled to share with you yesterday since the melting snow on the ground could serve as a metaphor for my emotions early, very early Monday morning.  It all really started on Saturday when my little pup, Charlotte...Char for short, started throwing up.  We assumed she was not feeling well because she had too much Thanksgiving.  I mean...don't we all have moments over the holidays when we think we might be sick after stuffing our bodies full of goodies?  Please tell me it is not just me.

We decide to call the emergency vet late Sunday night.  I won't lie, they were not very concerned and made us feel a little silly for calling.  After a very judgmental,"You can bring her in IF you REALLY think you NEED too (insert eye roll)," we all decided to try to get some sleep.  While the boys (husband and big pup) slept like babies, me and sweet Char were up ALL night.  Char was wide awake because she did not feel her best, and I was worried that she had some horrible condition after some late night research (never a good thing).  Stuart gets up at 4:00 a.m. to travel Monday's, and at first we thought Char was feeling better.  When she got sick about 30 minutes after Stuart left for the airport, I could not take it any more.

I bundled us up and headed out to our car, which is currently parked in our scary little rental garage.  It is really the basement off of the garage that is scary, but I will save that story for another time.  Have I mentioned that the light does not work in our garage unless you open the garage door?  Sooo...if you don't want to get into the car in the pitch black, you have to open the garage door for a little light, which offers up a nice gust of ice cold wind in the face.  Or have I mentioned that our garage is just big enough to squeeze a car into?  Sooo...if you go overboard at dinner the night before you better suck it in if you have any plans of getting into the driver's seat, unless you have hope to open the trunk and crawl through the back.  Well...I have mentioned it now.  

So picture this...me, Monday morning, no sleep, depressed Stuart has headed off for another week of travel, vomiting puppy in arms, crammed between the scary garage wall and my car.  I finally get myself and my pup all situated, and then...the car won't start.  I mean...it just...would not start.  So sitting there in the dark with my tired, sick, little pup, no Stuart in sight, and no one I know well enough yet to call and ask for a ride to the emergency vet at 5:30 a.m. on a Monday morning...I cried.  It wasn't pretty.  It was the meltdown I had been waiting for because it was that moment when I really missed so many friends and family members that were such a huge part of my support system in Nashville.  

After a call to Stuart where there was some confusion between the phrase "My car is dead" and "Char is dead" (I blame the confusion on all of the crying), Stuart decided to turn around and come home.  Have I mentioned lately that I love that man?  About 5 minutes after the actual meltdown, I was totally embarrassed.  I called Stuart to tell him to "go on," "I'll be fine," "I can handle this."  He did not listen.  We of course were able to get the car and Char all fixed up yesterday, and today I feel so silly about the meltdown.  

I wondered if I should even share the little story with you?  I mean, so often in the blog world we are putting our best foot forward, not our worst.  Yesterday when I took time to reflect on all the need in our world and the daily heartache that can come up in peoples' lives, I was ashamed that I sobbed over a sick puppy and dead car battery.  I try daily to remain thankful for all that God has blessed me with, but I would be lying to you all if I told you that some days "life" can get the best of me.  Some days, my worst foot IS the one that steps forward, and I suppose all I can do is learn from it and let my best foot follow.  At least having a meltdown on Monday really makes the rest of the week seem great.  Anyone else out there who has had a meltdown lately?  Or have any of you gotten really good at preventing the meltdowns?  I am all ears...J

Top/Jeans {Local Honey}, Overlay {Forever 21}, Vest {Vintage}, Shoes {Vintage Target}, Necklace {DahliaLynn Vintage}, Clutch (Chanel)