1 Pant, 5 Looks, Heart on My Sleeve

So this week you are in for a bit of a treat.  I purchased these pants from target about a month ago.  I thought they were a little ridiculous, I mean how many places could I possibly wear adult, silk, pajama-inspired pants?  It turns out...a lot of places.  They were one of those purchases that I originally felt guilty about, but 2 months in they are like my new best friend.  

I imagine one or two or ten of you are sitting there calling my bluff.  Are you thinking how many outfits could she actually get out of these bad boys?  Soooo...I wanted to share with you FIVE different ways that I styled this ONE  pair of pants.  I decided to first pair my new snazzy pants with this amazing, cozy, comfy sweater from Riffraff.  Maybe a little more appropriate for February, but "Love IS all around" at Christmas.  Who doesn't love to wear their heart on their sleeve?  I hope you will follow along this week and let me know what you think of each look.  Happy Monday...J

Sweater {c/o Riffraff}, Pants {Target}, Heels {Anne Taylor}, Fur {Vintage}, Tote {old, Zara}


  1. Love this!! So awesome and the colors really pop! I know you could probably come up with 100 outfits with those pants! You are a queen of mixing it up! ;)


    1. Krista...thank you for checking in friend. I consider you a mixing queen too!! Still so excited about your independent lady purchase!! Chanel...what...a...dream!!

  2. aw you loo great. Love the mix here! =)


    1. Thank you Nancy. Can't wait to hear what you think about the other looks I styled with these pants!