DahliaLynn Does Game Day, Go Longhorns

Gooooo Longhorns!  I mean what else am I supposed to say?  Anyone else out there think the Longhorn fans are a bit much?  Hard to be subtle when bright orange is your color of choice right?  Happy Wednesday...J
Dress (c/c, Riffraff), Scarf (Gap), Boots (Minnetonka), Necklace (???)


DahliaLynn Does Game Day, Go Blue

Pretty excited to share my second "DahliaLynn Does Game Day" post.  Sure I'm happy because I am wearing high heels again for game day, sporting my favorite MZ Wallace diaper bag (works nicely as a purse if you must know), and wearing a leopard skirt. 

But what really tips me over the edge is this F-L-O-R-A-L jacket from Savoir-Faire.  I mean have you ever seen something so cute?  It is one of those pieces in my closet that I could wear every darn day.  Today I am channeling a look for all my Michigan fans out there.  GO BLUE*!  Happy Monday...J

T-Shirt {American Apparel}, Skirt {Blush}, Jacket c/o {Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Riffraff}, Necklace {Anthropologie}, Purse {MZ Wallace}

*Please note that I am not a Michigan fan.  Just trying to be a good sport.  Would rather cheer on the Dores, Irish, or Buckeyes.  


DahliaLynn Does Game Day, Woo Pig

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am more interested in my game day look than the actual game.  I personally think there is nothin wrong with that.  Am I showing support for a team?  Yes.  Am I participating in the excitement of game day?  Yes.  Am I finding creative ways to show a little team pride rather than the regular old t-shirt?  Yes.  Am I showing my better half that I can engage in activities he loves without whining?  Yes.  Am I bothering anyone? I hope not!

Fact is, I love game days.  The food, the excitement, the colors, the laughs, the team pride, the cheers, the adult tantrums you see left and right...what's not to love?  So I wanted to share a few game day looks with you as the excitement builds for the start of another football season.  

First up, I could not imagine a better way to call those H-O-G-S than in this sweet little number from Riffraff!  Only thing I might consider swapping out in this look are the shoes.  Depending on your game day plans, a fun pair of tennis shoes might be more appropriate if you plan to tromp around in the grass for a good tailgate.  For all my Hog Fans out there, what are you planning on wearing for the first big game...J

Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Purse/Heels {Zara}, Dainty Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Statement Necklace {Forever 21}, Dress {also comes sans sleeves}


Cheers to the Sunnies

25 days and no shopping.  Only 175 days left to go.  Feelin pretty darn good, but not as good as when we spotted these sunflowers in a random bakery parking lot on Sunday.  At first I hesitated to take photos in front of these beauties.  Sure there is a visible chain link fence in the back, some trash on the ground, power lines, and a strange building in the back, but don't you think that makes the sunnies even prettier?  Reminds me, we can all shine bright in the world around us despite life's ups, downs, and imperfections.  Cheers to the sunnies...J

Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Shoes {c/o Riffraff}, Necklace {Grey Dog Vintage}, Purse {Vintage}


White Elephant Two

So remember when I shared this post?  Not sure why I called myself the white elephant.  Looking back on it now, I am not sure where that came from.  Thinking this dress was pretty flattering, I don't think I felt like an elephant in it.  I was not wearing anything grey or a piece of jewelry with an elephant on it.  (I do have two elephant inspired pieces of jewelry if you are wondering.)  I also was not planning on gifting myself in the white dress as a joke to people in a "white elephant" game.  You know like the games you play at holiday work parties?  I do love the color white, and elephants are sweet, so maybe I was feeling sweet that day.  

Regardless of the urge I had to call myself the elephant, I am curious, which look do you like better?  The silver and cream statement necklace with grey fringe purse, or the brown and orange accessories.    I cannot decide.  Happy Wednesday..J

Dress {Zara}, Heels {Cole Haan}, Purse {Vintage}, Necklace {Habit}


185 Days Left of No Shopping

So I have made it a whopping 15 days of no shopping.  I am not impressed with myself yet.  It is half a month if you have been paying close attention, but I really don't think I will be impressed until I hit 3 months.  We had a fabulous weekend with my sweet mother-in-law, who helped us get our basement organized.  A

Color blocking.  Have we talked about color blocking recently?  I don't think we have.  I think it has been forgotten.  But when I saw this stunning look on the big Pin, I knew I had almost the exact shades of blue and yellow to shop my own closet and create the look.  Are any of you still color blocking or are you on to the next?  Happy Monday...J

Top {Ann Taylor}, Pants {J.Crew}, Heels {Lucky Brand}, Purse {Jigsaw}, Necklace {J.Crew