{Circus Tent}

Let me introduce you to my circus tent dress.  I feel sometimes I get a little lost in this dress because of all the billowy fabric, and I am certain that with the right gust of strong wind the fabric from this dress could shade a crowd of people.  Nevertheless, I love this dress...comfy, whimsical, pleated.  What more could you ask for? I hope everyone enjoyed yesterday, and especially enjoyed taking some time to think of all the things we have to be thankful for because of the very special men and women, who protect our country....J
Dress {Anthropologie}, Shoes {Zara}, Bloom {EmersonMade}, Purse {Vintage}, Jewels {Charming Charlie, Forever 21, Max& Chloe}



Hello Lovelies!  I was so excited to share this post with you because it included three recent DahliaLynn Pieces that two lovely ladies requested.  First, Ms. A requested matching DahliaLynn "Letters" necklaces for her little sister's birthday.  I love the personalized touch of this piece for a sweet gift.  Second, Ms. J requested a DahliaLynn "FayLynn" necklace like the one I gifted Ms. Tulip Louise for her first TL giveaway.  Ms. J has MAD style, and I am so excited she is interested in a DahliaLynn piece.  Interested in a piece that you have seen in my Etsy Shop or have a project in mind for me?  Email me at DahliaLynnLane@gmail.com.  The other baubles are some new pretties I picked up while I was supposed to be out "window shopping" today.  Rose Floral Top {Muse Boutique}, Gold Belt, Mixed Floral Top, Starfish, & World in Vogue Coffee Table Book {Vintage, GasLamp Antiques}  


{Brunch in a Princess Castle....Check}

We took these pictures on our first day in the Magic Kingdom right before our Princess Brunch in the Castle.  My sister, brother, neighbor, husband and I were assigned to the children's table and spent most of the brunch trying to break each Disney Princess out of character.  Let me tell you those ladies are serious.....J
Romper {BCBGeneration}, Shoes {Tory Burch}, Bag {Zara}, Bloom {EmersonMade}, Jewels {F21, DY, Max & Chloe}  



Hi there! I am back from an amazing trip to Disney with my wonderful family and sweet neighbors from back home.  We shared so many fun moments, and I can't wait to go back.  Epcot was one of my favorite parts of the trip as the park is filled with recreations of countries around the world.  Each country has themed decor, shopping, dining, and amusements.  My two favorites were Mexico and Morocco as they were both filled with amazing colors and treats....J
Top {J.Crew}, Skirt {BCBG}, Shoes {Sam Edelman}, Clutch {Zara}, Jewels {DY, Max & Chloe, DANNIJO, Disney Shops, & Pangea}


{Hey Mickey}

I have been busy packing this week for my trip to D-I-S-N-E-Y W-O-R-L-D{Imagine me squealing those words as I jump up and down.}  Growing up half my life in Southern California, I was a frequent flier at Disneyland, so Mickey and Minnie were a huge part of my childhood.  The best part about his trip is that it includes many of my favorite people.  I will be back next Tuesday with lots of fun pics.  I hope I look this sassy in my new Mickey years....J 
Top {Vintage}, Skirt {Vintage}, Wedges {Nine West}, Bag {Fendi}



So I wanted to share yesterday and today's posts back to back because they are similar and different.  There are three items I seemed to be living in this past weekend. {1} This statement making, white, vintage belt. {2} This sweet, gold, woven, straw bag.  and {3} This half-trench.  Number 3 is my favorite new layering piece.  I have been searching for one exactly like this Banana Republic Heritage Half-Trench only sold online:(  But imagine my shock and glee when I found one in our Nashville BR that had been returned by someone, who didn't like it.  One man's trash is another one's treasure...J
Top {J.Crew Collection}, Shorts {Vintage}, Half-Trench {BR Heritage Collection}, Heels {Cole Haan}, Belt {Vintage}, Purse {Vintage}, Jewels {Max & Chloe}  


{Candy Shop}

I think there were probably two influences for this watermelon inspired outfit.  The first comes from a post I saw recently on Late Afternoon.  The second comes from my love of candies, so why not look like a life sized candy? I mean I could look like a life size version of queso {my favorite}, but I am certain that wouldn't be as pretty....J
Top {Actually a dress, Forever 21}, Skirt {BCBG}, Half-Trench {Banana Republic, Heritage Collection}, Belt {Vintage}, Bag {Vintage}, Sandals {Tory Burch}, Jewels {J.Crew, DANNIJO, Max & Chloe, Forever 21}


{Turban Treat}

So I guess Blogger must have really hated my post yesterday because it is gone.  This seems like the perfect time to post a pick of me and my current obsession...turbans.  I am interested to see whether or not Blogger will give this post the boot.  Seeing as my hair was ruined after a scuffle in the rain yesterday, I felt like topping myself off with a turban for date night seemed appropriate.  Pretty sure the young ladies sitting beside us were making fun of this little statement, but I can't help it...I love turbans...J
Scarf as a Turban {Vintage}, Dress {H&M}, Beaded Earrings {Charming Charlie}, Specs {SEE}, Clutch {Zara} 


{Heels + Grass + Sequins}

I know I am a little weird taking a picture in a sparkle top and standing in the grass.  I just thought that this brick wall was so pretty with the half cream and half red brick.   Plus...as it turns out my wooden clog heels are perfect for stomping around in the grass....J
Top {Vintage}, Skinnies {Forever 21}, Heels {Forever 21}, Woven Clutch {Target}


{His Closet: Lady Lumberjack}

Some days I just feel like walking around in my pj's.  But instead of the real pj's, I find that one of my husband's flannels can fill my need to be wrapped up in something soft, warm, and stylish.  This one is actually a flannel I bought in the men's section at J. Crew.  I knew it would fit Mr. Reasons and be cute on his tan skin, but I doubt I will ever get to see him in it.  He would probably call this a lady lumberjack shirt....J 
Top {J.Crew}, Skinnies {J.Brand}, Purse {Zara}, Heels {Urban Outfitters}, Jewels {Forever 21, Dannijo, Vintage, Anthropologie, and DY}