{Sunny Side Up}

Today is certainly a sunny side up kind of day!  The sun is literally shining here in Nashville after days of rain, I am wearing a new favorite vintage dress gifted by a friend to work, headed here tonight for an amazing cause, and DahliaLynn has teamed up with the amazing stylist TulipLouise for a first every giveaway.  Hope on over to TulipLouise to check out her amazing blog and details on the giveaway....J
Dress {Anthropologie}, Flats {Nine West}, Clutch {Forever 21}, Bloom {EmersonMade}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}.


  1. You are just A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E! Seriously. First of all, we both have the exact same fringe purse, and Max and Chloe necklace (well, different initials)! I just happened to find your blog through Tulip Louise, (a dear friend of mine), and I'm sure happy I did. Your jewelry is amazing! Check out my blog when you get a chance, http://www.ashesoflaughter.com/ !

    I'm always interested in new friends and would love to feature your merchandise on the blog!



  2. I found your blog with Anna - you have inspired me to bust out my EmersonMade bloom for today! The necklace you hav is outstanding!!!

  3. Erin thank you for the sweet comment. I am always interested in collaborating with other blogs. I went ahead and sent you an email with some details:)


    HSO...I am glad you found my blog...I probably where my EmersonMade blooms a little too much. I have started to become the flower girl at work:)
    Happy Thursday!