{Stay Tuned}

So I wanted to share a sneak peek of the outfit I picked for new years, and my favorite quote of late.  Are you shocked at all I couldn't stay away from the sequins?  The first couple of days next week you might notice that the blog will be under construction.  She is getting a bit of a face lift, which I have been so excited to share with you all.  Especially since I probably would not have kept up with the blog without your daily visits and wonderful support.  I wish you all a New Year filled with love and all things that you have planned and of course some things you haven't planned, since they can often bring the most adventure.  Happy New Year...J


{From the Trunk}

I have been so excited to share these photos with you from my first DahliaLynn Trunk Show hosted by the amazing ladies at Suite One in Fort Smith, AR my hometown.  As you can see the night was filled with friends, fun, treats, and jewels.  Many of the lovelies pictured are off to new homes, but I will have lots of new goodies up on my Etsy shop in the new year.  Thank you again so much to all of you that came out to support DahliaLynn because without you DahliaLynn would not be here.  Happy Thursday....J


{This in That: Burrrr}

So today I am back at work...but I am dreaming of our fun New Years weekend in Beaver Creek with wonderful friends.  I imagine getting dolled up for New Years in the chilly weather will be a bit different.  However, if I had THIS lovely, while getting ready in a room like THAT, I can't believe getting ready would be so hard!  Happy Wednesday....J



Why hello strangers! I hope that everyone had an amazing holiday.  Mine was filled with family, fun, and much love.  Speaking of love...I don't know that you all have ever had the chance to meet the second man in my life...Tucker.  We rescued him almost three years ago.  He was a little...no a lot...like "Marley and Me" when we first got him, but now he is an angel.  Stay tuned this week for some fun pictures from my Trunk Show.  Happy Tuesday...J
Top {Zara}, Jeans {Blue Essence..don't make fun of the name they are amazing}, Clutch {BCBG}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}


{White Christmas}

Still can't believe that it is almost Christmas, and the weather is still so warm in the sun you don't need a coat.  Looks like a White Christmas is no in the cards, but White Christmas themed outfit....why not?  You might notice that there is only one article of clothing missing from my Monday outfit post here.  I get a little lazy on the weekends sometimes.  You know the drill.  Pick out a cute outfit on Saturday, and then change the look just slightly on Sunday.  Am I the only one who does this?  Happy Thursday sweet friends...J
Blouse {Zara}, Skinnies {Forever 21}, Heels {J.Crew}, Bag {Kate Landry}, Jewels {DahliaLynn "Roxy"x3} 


{The Gimmies: DahliaLynn}

Today I have the Gimmies for DahliaLynn.  As you can see from the picture above DahliaLynn really has a little something for everyone.  Need a last minute gift or want to treat yourself to something special for the holidays, all of these pretties above and lots more will be avaliable at the DahliaLynn Trunk Show this Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. hosted by the amazing Suite One.  Hope you will stop by to enjoy 10% off your entire purchase and the chance to enter in a drawing for a Suite One dress and DahliaLynn necklace.  Merry, Merry, Wednesday....J


{This In That: White Sparkle}

Wish I was wearing THESE beauties in THIS living room.  These vintage rhinestone earrings are from the DahliaLynn "Found" collection.  The collection is made up of a mix of vintage pieces that I find and refurbish {clean, polish, repair, love} to their original condition.  Perfect for any holiday or new years party, these pretties can be yours at my Suite One trunk show this Friday, December 23rd.  Happy Tuesday...J


{Holiday Season}

You know it is the Holiday Season when you get in a tinsy verbal altercation with a scary, lady in the gelato line at OpryLand.  Am I surprised?  No, but I will say it was not my fault.  Will be featuring new DahliaLynn Jewels on the blog all week to countdown my Trunk Show at Suite One.  So excited...J
Sweater {The Frenche Shop}, Blouse {Zara}, Skinny Jeans {Forever 21}, Heels {J.Crew}, Bag {Kate Landry}, Jewels {DahliaLynn "Roxy" necklace, "Clara" cuffs, "Willow" wrap bracelet}


{With or Without}

THIS Final Look
"With or Without" is the newest feature to DahliaLynnLane.  As someone who loves accessories, especially bold, statement pieces, I get asked a lot how to pair these pieces with my outfit.  So I decided to start this new feature to show people what accessories can do to give your look that little something extra.  I will leave it up to you to decide whether you like the look with or without.  Take the look in the top pic + a smile + red statement bag + DahiaLynn statement necklace.  Do you like it with or without?  Happy almost weekend...J
Liquid Skinnies {American Apparel}, Button-up {Husband's Brook's Brothers}, Sweater {Anne Taylor}, Platform Heels {Anne Taylor}, Bag {J.Crew}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}


{The Gimmies: Fenton Jewels}

Pretty obseesed with all the jewels from Fenton.  Would not mind any of these beauties here & here!  Happy Wednesday....J


{1 Point Chocolate Chip Eggo, 1 Point Jessica}

So I started off my Monday with chocolate on my lip from the delicious chocolate chip egg I was eating as rushing out the door.  Nobody said anything at my first meeting that lasted for an hour and a half...awesome.  Don't care though because the eggo was worth it, and I would do it again.  On the bright side, this poncho came in the mail this weekend.  1 point chocolate chip eggo, 1 point Jessica, so I guess the week is off to a pretty good start.  Happy Tuesday...J