{Stay Tuned}

So I wanted to share a sneak peek of the outfit I picked for new years, and my favorite quote of late.  Are you shocked at all I couldn't stay away from the sequins?  The first couple of days next week you might notice that the blog will be under construction.  She is getting a bit of a face lift, which I have been so excited to share with you all.  Especially since I probably would not have kept up with the blog without your daily visits and wonderful support.  I wish you all a New Year filled with love and all things that you have planned and of course some things you haven't planned, since they can often bring the most adventure.  Happy New Year...J


  1. curious to see the what's coming! happy new year :)

  2. the outfit is wonderful as always and you know that's one of my favorite quotes! can't wait to see more pictures from your snow adventures :)