{She Wears Short Shorts}

Remember when I ordered these shorts right before my 30x30 remix?  I was anxiously awaiting their arrival, but was too nervous to wear them until Day 13 of the remix.  I will say they are a little bit shorter than I had anticipated, but since I am only a whopping 5'4 I think I can get away with them.   A huge plus is that they are super comfy, and I think they look pretty cute with the new DahliaLynn "Jaelle" necklace.  Happy Day...J
Top {Forever 21}, Shorts {LuLu's}, Flip Flops {Tory Burch}, Bag {LV Alma}, Jewels {DahliaLynn & Rachel Roy}


{Tortoise Shell}

I found this tortoise shell necklace in Philly a couple of months ago, and Day 13 of the remix was the first time the sweet thing saw the light of day.  Though I love the necklace alone, I really love it paired with a shinier piece, so after creating this look I think you will be seeing a little bit more of Mr. Tortoise.  P.S...did you notice the gold, glittery nails in the bottom picture?...J
Top {J.Crew}, Jean Cut-offs...that you can't see, but I promise they are there {J.Crew}, Vest {BR Heritage}, Wedges {Steve Madden}, Bloom {EmersonMade}, Bag {LV Alma}, Jewels {J.Crew & Unknown}


{New Eyes}

Meet my new EYES.  I have been wearing my glasses a lot more this past year, so I thought it was about time to get some prescription sunnies.  I treated myself to two pairs, and I am in love.  I have been wearing shirts over dresses a lot lately to create fresh looks, and my new sunnies brought some excitement to Day 11 of the remix challenge.  What do you think of my new shades?....J
Dress {J.Crew}, Top {Forever 21}, Heels {Pency}, Clutch {Pangea}, Sunnies {See}, Jewels {J.Crew} 


{Double the Leopard...Double the Fun}

I love everything about this look from Day 10 of my remix....the shiny, gold top, the lace skirt, the leopard wedges, the leopard clutch, and the jewels.  All these things make me smile, which I thought was appropriate for my post today because tomorrow I leave for P-A-R-I-S, and that really makes me smile!  The Mister and I will be celebrating two wonderful years of marriage, and I will admit I have been so excited the past couple of days I have been having a hard time going to sleep.  I have some fun posts lined up the next two weeks that include some new DahliaLynn Jewels and the rest of my outfit picks for the first half of my remixing challenge.  I hope you enjoy the posts while I am away, and I cannot wait to share my pictures and stories when I return.  Au revoir....J
Top {J.Crew Collection}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Shoes {Steve Madden}, Clutch {Zara}, Sunnies {See}, Jewels {Anne Taylor, Vintage, & Anthropologie} 



I wore this last Friday for date night and day 12 of my remix, and you can see I am still a little stuck on blooms.  When I slipped this comfy button-down on, my immediate wish was to tie it up at my waist, but I thought I would try the unbuttoned look, and I feel pretty good about it.  Might be wondering why I am wearing a B initial bracelet. My sweet husband and I used to affectionately call each other Baby all the time, and my sister said we were grossing her out.  Thus the nickname B stuck around....see you here tomorrow for a wrap up of my remixing thus far before I am off to Paris...J
Striped button-down {Forever 21}, Blush Silk Dress {Forever 21}, Belt {J.Crew}, Heels {Steve Madden}, Clutch {Steve Madden}, Blooms {Anthropologie and J.Crew}, Jewels {Target, J.Crew, Vintage} 


{Mr. G & His New Piece}

Allow me to introduce you to Mr. G, the white gazelle.  I have an obsession right now for white accessories and animal decor, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw this cute, little man at a local boutique.  I thought he would be perfect for displaying some of my DahliaLynn pieces, so Mr. G has a new and permanent home in my work space.  Mr. G is currently sporting two of my "Agatha" designs.  The silver and teal design is one of my newest.  Tangled bursts of sliver with teal accents, this statement piece is perfect for any summer look.  She should be up on Etsy over the weekend.  Happy Friday...J


{Fancy Meet Soleful}

I was doing my usual blog reading today, and I had to share these two sweet pictures.  First, you can see Ms. T in her DahliaLynn "Letters" necklace.  Tess from "After One's Fancy" did a feature on DahliaLynnLane not to long ago, and every since I have so enjoyed visting her site each day for a little picture pick-me-up.  Second, you can see Ms. M from "All Things Soleful" in her DahliaLynn "Crowd" necklace.  Is she not the cutest mamma you have every seen?  Happy almost Friday...J 


{My New LuLu's}

I saw these Leopard pretties over a week ago on Sterling Style and immediately hopped over to LuLu's.  Lucky me because there was one size left, 8.5, so I believe it was meant to be.  The shoes are actually Steve Madden, but I so enjoy calling them my new LuLu's.  They were the perfect, spotted pick-me-up for Day 9 of my remix...J
Top {J.Crew}, Skirt {BCBGeneration}, Wedges {Steve Madden}, Bag {LV Alma}, Necklace {Anthropologie}



Wanted to take a little moment to share an amazing site with those of you that have not stumbled upon it yet, Glitter Guide.
As I was reading the first Glitter Girl feature on amazing Blair, from the beloved Atlantic-Pacific,  I was surprised to see a photo of some of my recent DahliaLynn pieces on the bottom of the site under related stories, and then even more surprised to find that DahliaLynn was featured as a Glitter Find.   Thank you so much to Taylor and the GG Team for sharing a little piece of DL, and thank you all for always sharing your kind words of support and encouragement...J   

{Frustration & Elation}

Day 8 of my Remixx {click HERE if you don't know what the heck I am talking about}, brought a little frustration.  I put this skirt and top on and just thought blah.  Wanting desperately to sneak into my Paris goodies {which are a couple new items being saved for my trip in a week}, I found some inner will power and turned to my true, blue friend, accessories.  Adding three blooms to my belt and a new DahliaLynn "Amelia" design did the trick.  Frustration set in again, when the world started raining, literally, on my parade.  As luck would have it I found this pretty cherry umbrella in the bookstore I ducked into to take cover...J
Top {J.Crew}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Red Beld {Vintage}, Blooms {J.Crew & Anthropologie}, Heels {Urban Outfitters}, Bag {LV Alma}, Jewels {DahliaLynn, Max&Chloe, & J.Crew}


{Blooms, Brims, Browns & Bon Jovi}

{Remix Challenge: Day 4}
Such a comfortable outfit, I could honestly sleep in it.  Top {Fire Finch}, Skirt {BCBG}, Wedges {Dolce Vita for Target}, Hat {Dillards}, Bag {Jigsaw}, Jewels {J.Crew & DY}

{Day 5}
I love the blooms and spots together.  Top {H&M}, Skirt {Fossil}, Flip Flops {Tory Burch}, Bag {Jigsaw}, Blooms {J.Crew & Anthropology}, Jewels {J.Crew}

{Day 6}

I love a nice head scarf, but I will admit sometimes I feel like Bon Jovi with them on.  Top {J.Crew}, Cutoffs {Thrifted}, Sandals {Target}, Bag {Zara}, Scarf {Vintage}, Jewels {J.Crew & DY} 

{Day 7}
I love the mix of peach and bright blue here.  I also wore this necklace, so much this weekend I decided to keep it for myself, but I do plan to make some more that are similar for my Etsy shop.  Top {J.Crew}, Dress {BCBGeneration}, Kicks {Converse}, Statement Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Jewels {DY}

Last but certainly not least, I wanted to share with you all a recent post from T, the creator of Glitter Guide, giving a shout out to my sweet little Amelia necklace.  Have a wonderful Monday, and I hope to see you tomorrow...J