{Fancy Meet Soleful}

I was doing my usual blog reading today, and I had to share these two sweet pictures.  First, you can see Ms. T in her DahliaLynn "Letters" necklace.  Tess from "After One's Fancy" did a feature on DahliaLynnLane not to long ago, and every since I have so enjoyed visting her site each day for a little picture pick-me-up.  Second, you can see Ms. M from "All Things Soleful" in her DahliaLynn "Crowd" necklace.  Is she not the cutest mamma you have every seen?  Happy almost Friday...J 


  1. You're a doll! Thanks for sharing my pic and I am so in love with this necklace--as are many people! I'm sending 'em your way girlfriend! xoxo

  2. I read the all things soleful post today and was going to tell you about it!

  3. Sweet J... you are precious! Thank you so much for the sweet feature. I love my little T... I wear it everyday. {hugs}