{Diaper Bags, Work Outs, & Mary Poppins}

It is that time of year at work when the hours are long and my needs are many.  You have probably noticed, since new posts are looking a little slim around here.  Just two more large events this week, and then I get my life back.  But busy times always remind me of my love for big, chic bags.  My co-workers call them my diaper bags because I could literally be carrying enough in them to take care of myself and a small child.  I also feel like carrying these giant bags around packed to the brim is kind of like a work out.  Can I get a whoop, whoop fellow big bag lovers?  So in the spirit of Mary Poppins-ish bags,  I thought I would share a few of my favorite big, bags today.  All big, all different, and all chic.  Do you have a favorite big bag in your closet?  Do you even like big bags?  Nice to write to you friends...J


J.Crew Style Sessions

My close buddy and J.Crew Stylist, Katie Ferrell, is hosting some amazing styling sessions tomorrow night at the Nashville Green Hills, J.Crew.  Lets stop by and show her some love.  Doesn't hurt that she can style you up to boot.  Happy Wednesday...J


{Trends that make you go...hmmmm}

Happy Tuesday friends!  I am holding the fort down over at Here and Now, while Jessica is away.  For more pictures and some words on a trend that made me go....hmmmmmm follow this little link.  Then let me know if you think I hit the trend on point or still have some work to do.  Don't hold back...I can take it!  See you soon...J


Friday Fix.
Urban dictionary tells me that Friday is a great feeling, happy, no more shit for two days, and that a fix is to temporarily satisfaction an addiction.  So it is Friday and I am happy.  I can't get my shopping fix, but a little internet, computer, window, shopping never hurt.  If I was shopping this little tank in white and black would be in my bag.  Would be perfect for those night runs I have been going on to make sure strangers know who is the boss.  Happy Friday...J   


Wedding Wear

Happy Thursday Friends!  I am so excited to be doing a little guest posting over at Ellen-Loves, while she gets settled into her new place.  To get the details on my go to look for all those summer and fall weddings skip on over to her amazing site to read the full post.  Then please do share with me what your go to look is for all the nuptials around here.  Thank you as always for checking in with DL...Jess



Happy Tuesday!  I just cannot get this lovely living room out of my mind.  My only complaints are those tiny chairs by the window.  I mean what adult could sit in those chairs without the fear of the legs snapping beneath them?  And the weird statue thing....I mean it does bring some old world charm to the room, but I am never really sure what to do with a small statue.  And a headless statue really leaves me scratching my head.  But as a whole, the room is the perfect mix of modern meets vintage meets color meets elegance minus the tiny chairs and headless statue.  

Also with the heat and mugginess of the summer testing my patience, I have started dreaming of fall layers.  However, I am not ready just yet to pack up the summer lovelies.  That look, however, was the perfect mix of warm fall layers with a side of sunny.   So today I wish I was walking into THIS living room in THAT outfit.  Any one else loving these looks as much as me?   And how are you feeling about those tiny chairs and the headless statue....J  


Monday Musings: TV Watching Recluse

I am here to share that I am a Netflix, Hulu+, Amazon Prime, ABC Player....insert all instant TV show players....junkie.  This is a serious problem people.  Name a show and I bet I have either seen every episode or have big plans to watch every episode.  Though I enjoy the escape of diving into another world for a couple of hours, should I not be out there living my own life?  I should...right? 

 I was joking with the MR. this weekend that we are flirting dangerously with recluse reputations.  He said and I quote, "You are not a recluse, if you have a buddy."  I guess he is right, but we need to try our best to get out more often.  Even if it is just a trip to the front porch.  Can you tell from these pictures that I did not wash my hair all weekend?  I mean I did, if dry shampoo counts, but I am still not sure it should.  I mean I had TV to watch.  What was I supposed to do...just not catch up on Dexter, Falling Skies, Orange is the New Black, and The Killing?  

Anybody else out their with a TV addiction?  If so, what have you been watching?  If you need me tonight, you can find me in front of the TV watching the season finale of the Bachelorette.  Happy Monday...J

P.S.  Only problem with calling myself a recluse is dictionary dot com tells me that a recluse is a person who lives in seclusion or apart from society, often for religious reasons.  Don't think any of my shows fall under the category "religious reasons."  I need to work on that.   

Dress {Savoir-Faire}, Sweater {c/o, Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Lucky Brand}, Bag {J.Crew}, Jewels {DahliaLynn Vintage}