Happy Tuesday!  I just cannot get this lovely living room out of my mind.  My only complaints are those tiny chairs by the window.  I mean what adult could sit in those chairs without the fear of the legs snapping beneath them?  And the weird statue thing....I mean it does bring some old world charm to the room, but I am never really sure what to do with a small statue.  And a headless statue really leaves me scratching my head.  But as a whole, the room is the perfect mix of modern meets vintage meets color meets elegance minus the tiny chairs and headless statue.  

Also with the heat and mugginess of the summer testing my patience, I have started dreaming of fall layers.  However, I am not ready just yet to pack up the summer lovelies.  That look, however, was the perfect mix of warm fall layers with a side of sunny.   So today I wish I was walking into THIS living room in THAT outfit.  Any one else loving these looks as much as me?   And how are you feeling about those tiny chairs and the headless statue....J  


  1. that living room is so stunning!!


  2. The tiny chairs and headless statue are so silly. Maybe it's a joke?