{This & That: Black Out}

Pretty sure I could enjoy a day of lounging in THIS outfit in THAT living room, whiling exploring all those mammoth coffee table books.  I hope your Wednesday has been Wonderful....J


{The Gimmies: Gold Meets Blue Meets Binns}

Would not mind Blake's structured blazer and blue pant combo, but for a little extra I would pair the look with this pretty Tom Binns necklace.  Happy Tuesday....J



My sister and I both got this spotted sweater at Urban Outfitters when she was in town recently.  It is so cozy and comfy that I could live in it.  Have you seen the newest DL bib?  It could be yours here.  Happy Monday....J
Sweater {Urban Outfitters}, Flannel {J.Crew}, Skinnies {Zara}, Flats {Cole Haan}, Bib Necklace {DahliaLynn}


{I Spy}

One of my favorite things about making jewelry is seeing it being worn by some of my favorite ladies.  I am sure you all have  heard of Anna from the amazing TulipLouise.  Anna is not only one of my closest friends, but THE most, stylish lady I know.   If you are every in need of a wardrobe stylist, she should be your first stop.   I am always so excited to see sweet Anna wearing DahliaLynn.  Want your own "Agatha" necklace?  This Agatha is headed to Savoir-Faire.  I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving.....J


{Apple Bottom Jeans}

Apple Bottom Jeans...haha! I scared you for a second, didn't I.  Not apple bottom {which is a sick term by the way}, but bell bottom jeans.  Getting ready to brave the busy airport.  Safe travels...J
Top {Anthropologie}, Jeans {Forever21}, Bag {LV}, Sunnies {See}, Jewels {J.Crew and DY}


{New Jewels Headed to Savoir-Fair}

    I wanted to share some pictures of the new DahliaLynn Jewels that are headed to Savoir-Faire just in time for the Holidays.  If you are in the area, you should stop by the sweet boutique to take a peak at the DL jewels and all the other fabulous things they have in store.  Happy Tuesday....J


{His Closet}

Happy Monday!  So DahiaLynn finally crawled out from under the rock it was living under and created a facebook page and tiwtter.  Feel free to like or follow if you want some more DL in your life.  

So when the warmer months start to creep in, I consistently find myself wanting to walk around swaddled in my favorite cozy, blanket.  Realizing this is not really appropriate outside the privacy of my own home, I go to the next best thing....my husband's closet.  After seeing this post last week from the amazing Alicia of Cheetah is the New Black Black, I was dying to try the idea out, so I went to my closet for the leopard and his closet for the flannel.  I hope you like it.....J
Flannel {Urban Outfitters}, Leopard Button-up {J.Crew}, Jeans {Tory Burch}, Flats {Cole Haan}, Jewels {J.Crew, Urban Outfitters, DY, Vintage}


{The Gimmies: Leopard Capri Pant}

I have been coveting these pants for awhile, and I think they will perfect for some upcoming holiday parties.  Think they need to be mine.  Happy almost weekend...J
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{This in That: Draped}

I wish I was wearing THIS outfit in THAT living room.  Don't care that I would pretty much blend in with the drapes....J

{Fruition + 1st DLL Video}

I first must share in this post how much I love my hair salon, Fruition, and my hair stylist Rachel Lawhead.  Though I most love the fun catching up I get to do every time I visit Rachel to get my locks spruced up, I was hooked the day I walked into the salon after trying to box die my hair {yes its true} looking like...well....Jean Grey from XMen with some cotton candy pink highlights.  Rachel had no judgment, but just smiled and got right to work.  Less than an hour later, I started looking like a human again.  So a little while back Fruition asked me to participate in a new video series they were creating to highlight some of their clients from the salon out into Nashville.  Of course I said yes, and so they arranged for a sweet videographer to follow me around.  Below is the lovely message Fruition shared about me and the beautiful video they created. 

"Jessica Reasons has had a passion for all things fashion and jewelry for as long as she can remember. She began blogging (Dahlia Lynn Lane) and designing her own jewelry line after receiving encouragement and support from friends and family. Styling and creating continue to be her safe haven from the stresses of everyday life. She makes time for her craft amidst working a full-time job, traveling with her husband, scouring vintage treasures and of course, shopping. A tried and true client of Fruition, Jessica is an inspiration and certainly one to keep an eye on. Join us as we take a glimpse into her world."


{Plaid Please}

I have been on the look out for a plaid jacket for a while.  I was so excited when I saw this one this weekend, while out shopping with my sweet little sister, who was in town for a visit.  Also for those of you on the lookout for the perfect floppy hat, I snagged this black, Nine West hat at Stein Mart.  They had black, brown, & camel.  Happy shopping...J
Top {American Apparel}, Jacket {Benson}, Skinnies {Zara}, Pumps {Kate Spade}, Hat {Nine West}, Bag {Chanel}, Jewels {DahliaLynn Bow Necklace & DANNIJO}


{This & That: Grey Tones}

I have fallen in love with the sweet, little tweed, sparkly jacket in the top picture.  Would not mind wearing THIS tweed lovely and THIS sweet pair of grey, shearling booties in THAT calrm living room.  Happy almost weekend...J
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{Nutella Mocha}

Wore this comfy outfit to a brunch date with Mr. J on Sunday, where we shared a Nutella mocha.  If I look like I am frowning a bit in these pictures, I had a reason.  The Nutella mocha seemed so magical when we were ordering it, I am still not sure what I was expecting to happen when the server brought out the little treat, but I felt a little disappoined after getting the mocha.  It was weired....like I thought it was going to come out with a Nutella fairy or something.  Nope...pretty sure it was just a mocha with some Nutella stirred in.  Thinking I need to start working on my expectations management.  Happy Wednesday...J
Sweater {Zara}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Cowgirls {Urban Outfitters}, Clutch {Vintage}, Wooden Necklace {Anthropologie}, Red & Gold Beaded Necklace {DahiaLynn}

{The Gimmies: Nod to the Knot}

Just a little Tuesday nod to the "knot."  I pretty much always have the gimmies for anything with a knot.  I always find it to be such a perfect detail to tie up any look.  See you tomorrow....J
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{Leather Sleeves}

Saw this sweater in the H&M in Vegas.  Don't know if I can even call it an H&M, it really felt more like a night club.  Between the flashing lights and rediculously, loud music, I seriously felt like an old granny.  I was thinking to myself, "Just look staright forward, grab the comfy looking things, and get out of here."  But I am not going to be to hard on myself because I do not think granny would have pulled a sweater with leather sleeves.  Giving myself a pat on the back right now....J
Sweater {H&M}, Dress {worn as a skirt...Dillards}, Flats {Cole Haan}, Scarf {Forever 21}, Jewels {J.Crew & David Yurman} 


{Birth Control Glasses}

Many of you know my love for glasses, but even these are a little crazy for me.  I love them, but I have to be feeling really confident to wear them out in public.  Last time I wore them, a gentleman complimented me on them, and I told him that my dad calls these my "birth control glasses."  He looked confused, and I said you know because they are so unattractive no one would be interested in me.  The man then looked at my husband and said in a hushed voice, "birth control glasses....that must be some new technology...crazy what they can do these days."  If you think he was kidding, he wasn't.  Happy almost weekend....J
Top {Zara}, Skinnies {Zara}, Jacket {Zara}, Platforms {Steve Madden}, bag {Celine}, Jewelry {David Yurman & J.Crew}