{Fruition + 1st DLL Video}

I first must share in this post how much I love my hair salon, Fruition, and my hair stylist Rachel Lawhead.  Though I most love the fun catching up I get to do every time I visit Rachel to get my locks spruced up, I was hooked the day I walked into the salon after trying to box die my hair {yes its true} looking like...well....Jean Grey from XMen with some cotton candy pink highlights.  Rachel had no judgment, but just smiled and got right to work.  Less than an hour later, I started looking like a human again.  So a little while back Fruition asked me to participate in a new video series they were creating to highlight some of their clients from the salon out into Nashville.  Of course I said yes, and so they arranged for a sweet videographer to follow me around.  Below is the lovely message Fruition shared about me and the beautiful video they created. 

"Jessica Reasons has had a passion for all things fashion and jewelry for as long as she can remember. She began blogging (Dahlia Lynn Lane) and designing her own jewelry line after receiving encouragement and support from friends and family. Styling and creating continue to be her safe haven from the stresses of everyday life. She makes time for her craft amidst working a full-time job, traveling with her husband, scouring vintage treasures and of course, shopping. A tried and true client of Fruition, Jessica is an inspiration and certainly one to keep an eye on. Join us as we take a glimpse into her world."

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