{Party On...Arm}

Love doing a little round up of my most recent arm parties.  I end up seeing the usual suspects vintage, j.crew, dahlialynn, dy, and dannijo.  As much as I love the statement one amazing piece can make, I still love to see a little collection of pretties.  I have some big news to share on Monday, so hope to see you back here after the weekend....J


{With or Without?}

As someone who loves accessories, I sometimes find myself wondering if I prefer a look with or without the accessories. This is my 2nd "With or Without?" feature, and I always love looking at the contrasting looks to see if I indeed do like the more accessorized look better.  This one is pretty easy for me to choose between because the final look includes some of my personal favorites.  I splurged on this bag this past week, and I haven't put it down yet.  So do you like the look with or without the extras?  Happy Thursday...J
Dress {Zara}, Shoes {Zara}, Belt {Vintage}, Overlay {Forever 21}, Bag {Kate Spade}, Jewels {Pangea & Forever 21}



So excited about a new DahliaLynn piece coming down the pipe.  Just wanted to share my inspiration for the new piece.  Think collar meets bib meets bold, colors meets fabulous.  Happy Wednesday....J


{This & That: Lounge Lizard}

The last couple of weeks have been so crazy, I have just been wishing to lounge around the house.  I believe a littlel nook like THIS wearing a necklace like THAT would contribute to a little relaxation.  Happy Tuesday...J



The last time I was at Forever 21, I fell in love with this skirt and the price.  But the line for the dressing room was like 50 people deep.  So I took a chance and purchased the bargain skirt without trying on.  This is something I never do because so often my vision for how somthing will look is very different from reality.  Wore her for the first time this weekend, and I am pleased to say she is one of my new favorites.  Happy Monday...J
Skirt {Forever 21}, Top {Vintage}, Heels {Steve Madden}, Bag {Celine}, Necklace {J.Crew}, Earrings {DahliaLynn}


{Texas Tux}

Who doesn't love a Texas Tuxedo.  Decided to spice this old standby up with my favorite beaded heels.  I hope that everyone has an amazing weekend.  Much love...J
Skinnies {J.Brand}, Top {Urban Outfitters}, Heels {Brand Unknown from Haven}, Clutch {Gift from a friend}, Jewels {J.Crew, Max&Chloe, Banana Republic}


{DahliaLynn Lately}

I so enjoyed seeing all the pictures form Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week.  But what made me even more proud was seeing all these stylish ladies in DahiaLynn jewels.  Both Anna from TulipLouise and Tess from Savoir-Faire were seen sporting their DahliaLynn during NWA Fashion week.  Here are just a couple of my favorite shots.  Happy Thursday...J



Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by.  Probably wondering why I titled today's post bully.  I watched a trailer yesterday for the new movie Bully that a friend shared on facebook.  I could not be more glad that this film will be out to shed some light on a worthy cause.  As someone, who works every day with students in Higher Education, I am sad to say that bullying does not end as people grow up.  Millions of children, teens, young adults, and adults themselves experience hurtful bullying from peers.  This bullying will not end if  those that are bullied are the only ones to take a stand.  We all have to work together as a community to let people know that bullying will not be tolerated.  Hope you all have a great day...J
Top {Zara}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Sweater {Thrifted}, Flats {Steve Madden}, Clutch {Old Navy}, Jewels {Max & Chloe, Maya Brenner, & Rachel Roy}     


{THIS in THAT: Fushcia Feeling}

All this warm weather has been making life much brighter.  Today I wish I was lounging on THIS couch in THAT sweet & casual look.  I hope everyone had a great start to the week.  Hope to see you tomorrow...J


{Green Machine}

I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I thought this outfit would fight off anyone giving out pinches on Saturday night.  I hope you all have an amazing Monday...J
Dress {Banana Republic}, Green Button-up {J.Crew}, Chambray Button-up {Urban Outfitters}, Heels {Target}, Clutch {Old Navy}, Belt {Target}, Necklaces {Both J.Crew}


{Dress or Skirt?}

So I received this fun skirt from a wonderful friend for my birthday.  Only problem was the fit was just not right for my frame.  As I was staring at the not so flattering look in the mirror, I decided to pull the skirt up as a dress, and immediately felt more at home in the flowy frock.  I do realized that I could be hiding about a 6 month baby bump under this thing {which I am not}, but who doesn't want to look like a glowing mother to be sometimes?  Happy Friday sweet friends...J
Skirt as a Dress {Old Navy}, Blazer {Zara}, Jewels {Vintage}, Flats {Nine West}


{The Gimmies: Urban Outfitters}

Got a chance to pop into the Phoenix Downtown Urban Outfitters during a break this week.  I fell in love with this little clutch and the Navajo print on this purse.  I just can't get over the color mixture.  I hope everyone is having a great week...J


{Phoenix: Bits & Pieces}

Happy belated Monday!  For those of you that follow me on twitter and instagram, you know that I am currently in Phoenix for a work conference.  Just wanted to share a couple of details from my first day at the conference.  Pretty excited about this new scarf and these new earrings.  They were a perfect match for a pale, pink Zara dress that I picked up in Miami.  After a long day of learning, I enjoyed some wonderful company, spirited drinks, and delicious dinner at Pizza Bianco in Phoenix.  Great way to start the week.  See you tomorrow...J
Scarf {H&M}, Earrings {Forever 21}, Dress {Zara}, Flats {Nine West}