Happy Wednesday and thank you for stopping by.  Probably wondering why I titled today's post bully.  I watched a trailer yesterday for the new movie Bully that a friend shared on facebook.  I could not be more glad that this film will be out to shed some light on a worthy cause.  As someone, who works every day with students in Higher Education, I am sad to say that bullying does not end as people grow up.  Millions of children, teens, young adults, and adults themselves experience hurtful bullying from peers.  This bullying will not end if  those that are bullied are the only ones to take a stand.  We all have to work together as a community to let people know that bullying will not be tolerated.  Hope you all have a great day...J
Top {Zara}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Sweater {Thrifted}, Flats {Steve Madden}, Clutch {Old Navy}, Jewels {Max & Chloe, Maya Brenner, & Rachel Roy}     


  1. Great look! Love the mix of prints and fabrics! The movie sounds like a great tool to help those dealing with bullying and to take a stand!


  2. Where where where did you find this necklace or is it your creation? I came across your blog on Dallasshaw.com. I live in Florida but my heart will always belong to arkansas. I would love it if you could share your source.


    Thank you!