Before & After: Nashville Bedrooms

Happy Monday! I hope that everyone had an amazing weekend.  I have two final posts to share with you from our Nashville home.  Thank you all for your sweet comments so far.  It was certainly a labor of love.  Today, I wanted to share some of our bedroom photos.  I only had one before picture of our guest room, and you will see below that we actually did not do very much.  However, I think the photos really show how some paint and styling can turn a room around.  Hope to see you here tomorrow...J

What we did.
-We painted the guest room, but not our master (second photo).
-We added curtains to all windows.
-Purchased and repainted guest room night stands.
-Purchased new bedding for guest room.
What we paid someone to do.
-Nothing, yet.
What we still wanted to do.
-Replace light fixtures with statement pieces in all bedrooms.
-Paint master bedroom.
-Install builtins along the right side of the master bedroom.
-Purchase new rugs for bedrooms.
-Purchase king bed, headboard, and bedding for master bedroom.


Before & After: Nashville Family & Living Rooms

Happy Friday to my friends!  Today I wanted to share our updated living room and family rooms.  One of my favorite parts of our Nashville House were these two front rooms connected by french doors.  It was perfect for entertaining, and I loved the challenge of decorating two connected, but defined spaces.  There was still so much that I was hoping to get done, but I think we brought the space a long way.  My favorite decision was probably the "orange fiz" paint for the family room.  Everyone thought I was a nut when I declared I was painting the family room orange.  1.  Who does not love a nut?  2. I really loved how it turned out.  Keep reading to find out, what we did, what we paid someone to do, and what we still wanted to do.  Do you dig it....J 

What we did.
-Painted the family room "orange fiz."
-Hung new light fixtures.
-Pulled up the tile below the cast iron stove.  The tile had been put directly on the hard wood with cement, wire mess, and nails.  Took us about 5 hours to get 3 by 4 feet of tile up.  One of my favorite memories from our marriage.  
-Hung new curtain rods and curtains.
What we paid someone to do.
-We asked our movers to take the cast iron stove with them.
What we wanted to do.
-We wanted to get builtins done for the entire wall with Stuart's TV.  I know, I know. That TV is too big for the room, but it was all he wanted.  
-Reupholster the camel back sofa and the wing back chairs.  


Before and After: Nashville Dining Room

Hiiiiiii.  Just don't even know what to say, I have been away so long.  Just a few things that have been keeping me busy.  1. We moved.  So excited to start showing you the new place.  2.  I had to have a little unexpected surgery.  I am almost back to my old self.  3.  I have been crazy busy with my new job.  But I am happy to be back with our final Nashville house pictures and lots of fun new posts coming your way.  

Next up.  Our dining room.  As you can see, when we first got the Nashville house the dining room was so sad.  Gloomy, crazy wall paper, and not a place fit for dining.  But after hours of wall paper scraping (I will forever be thankful for my mother-in-law for taking on that exhausting task), several coats of paint, and some furniture shopping....the old gal, the dining room that is, was looking in tip top shape.  Don't cha think?  Happy Thursday...J

What we did.
-Paint, paint, and more paint.
What we paid someone to do.
-Hang chandelier
-Should have paid Stuart's mom for scraping the wall paper.  That woman is a machine or as we fondly call her, THE BOSS.
What we still wanted to do.  
-Get the built in cabinets and fireplace painted white.
-Purchase some fun curtains and a neutral rug.


Before & After: Nashville House Study

Happy Monday! What did you think of the hallways makeover?  It might not seem like it, but we were so proud of that little hallway.  So excited today to share our office makeover.  As you can see from the photo above, the office was being used as a holding space by the previous owners for items.  Many items.  My parents were kind enough to give us my dads old office furniture.  It is exactly the same as the furniture in my parents study.  Every time worked in that office it was a special reminder of my sweet parents.  The old post office box has been great storage for all my jewelry materials and was the perfect addition to the office.
What we did.
-Hung a new light fixture.
-Took down old window dressings.
What we paid someone to day.
What we still wanted to do.
-Potentially freshen up the room with new paint.
-Get custom drapes.  I had been going back and forth about the fabric.
-Get a rug.


Before & After: Nashville Hallway

Happy Sunday!  Taking a little time today to share what we did with the main hallway that ran the length of our Nashville home.  The hallway was so long it almost felt like another room, but we knew we needed to break up the long space.  So I came up with the idea to install this arched bookcase.  
What we did.
-Came up with the design concept.
-Primed and Painted the arch "Polar Bear White" by Behr
-Painted the front hallway "Intellectual Gray" by Benjamin Moore.
-Painted the back part of the hallway "Worldly Grey" by Benjamin Moore.
-Painted all trim and doors "Polar Bear White" by Behr
-Updated light fixtures
What we paid someone to do.
-Install the bookshelves.
What we still wanted to do.
-We wanted to have a second arch put in towards the back of the hallway with a door to section off the master suite at the back of the house. 
-We wanted to drop a third light in to the middle of the hallway. 


Before & After: Nashville House Curb Appeal

So I have some pretty exciting news to share.  In less than two weeks, Stuart and I will be purchasing our second home together in South Bend, IN.  It was all very sudden and very unexpected.  We were blissfully happy renting because, honestly, our little Nashville house had been exhausting.  Don't get me wrong, we loved it, but we spent countless hours fixing her up.  And let me be clear, the hours were not only spent picking out the right pillow or the perfect, little accent to decorate the place. Weekends were spent elbow deep in dirt, tile, paint, and things I don't want to share.  
The Nashville House really did have everything on our wish list.  In the heart of the Nashville 12th South Neighborhood, location, location, location, front yard, back yard, huge porch, hardwood floors, dreamy windows, big rooms, and character galore.  But once we got in the house, we realized it needed so much more love than a deep clean and paint.  I had planned to eventually share the finished product with you all, but since we moved and sold the house before we got everything on our wish list done, I never got around to it.
Of course my mind is all a flutter with design ideas with our upcoming purchase, but it pushed me to take a trip down memory lane, and I decided that I wanted to share the progress we had made on the old Nashville House.  The rooms are certainly not perfect, and we still had so many plans.  However, I thought it would still be fun to share with you all the "Before and After" pictures, what we did to each space, and the plans we still had left.  I hope you won't mind the trip down memory lane for the next couple of days and a detour from my love of fashion to my love of interior design.  Happy Friday...J
What we did....
1.  Started to pull out all existing weeds and plants.
2.  Cut down 4 of the 5 overgrown trees with chain saws.
3.  Created a large front flower bed with bricks and mulch.
4.  Planted 4 azalea bushes.
5.  Purchased porch furniture.
6.  Purchased large flower pots with ferns and hanging ferns.
What we paid someone to do...
1.  Paid someone to finish pulling out all existing weeds and plants after we got tired.
2.  Paid to have a fence installed. 
3.  Paid someone to install sod.
4.  Paid someone to plant 6 large boxwoods.
What we still wanted to do...   
1.  Pay someone to plant two cherry blossom trees in the strip of land between the street and our sidewalk, directly in front of our big windows.
2.  Pay someone to plant two crate myrtles on the strip of land between our fence and the neighbors driveway to the left. 
3.  Pay someone to repave the driveway.


TBT & Giveaway Winner

 Ohhh...you know...just -5 degrees yesterday, so instead of new pictures, I decided to do a little throw back Thursday.  Looking forward to the days when I can run around with bare legs and ditch the larger, puffer coat look.  What looks are you getting most excited about for Spring...J
**P.S. Thank you for your patience with the INPINK giveaway as I waited for my contact to get back in the office after a personal matter came up.  All of you that kindly entered should have received a $20 coupon via email, and a big congratulations goes out to Mindy Aptecker for winning a $150 INPINK shopping spree.**