Before & After: Nashville House Study

Happy Monday! What did you think of the hallways makeover?  It might not seem like it, but we were so proud of that little hallway.  So excited today to share our office makeover.  As you can see from the photo above, the office was being used as a holding space by the previous owners for items.  Many items.  My parents were kind enough to give us my dads old office furniture.  It is exactly the same as the furniture in my parents study.  Every time worked in that office it was a special reminder of my sweet parents.  The old post office box has been great storage for all my jewelry materials and was the perfect addition to the office.
What we did.
-Hung a new light fixture.
-Took down old window dressings.
What we paid someone to day.
What we still wanted to do.
-Potentially freshen up the room with new paint.
-Get custom drapes.  I had been going back and forth about the fabric.
-Get a rug.


Before & After: Nashville Hallway

Happy Sunday!  Taking a little time today to share what we did with the main hallway that ran the length of our Nashville home.  The hallway was so long it almost felt like another room, but we knew we needed to break up the long space.  So I came up with the idea to install this arched bookcase.  
What we did.
-Came up with the design concept.
-Primed and Painted the arch "Polar Bear White" by Behr
-Painted the front hallway "Intellectual Gray" by Benjamin Moore.
-Painted the back part of the hallway "Worldly Grey" by Benjamin Moore.
-Painted all trim and doors "Polar Bear White" by Behr
-Updated light fixtures
What we paid someone to do.
-Install the bookshelves.
What we still wanted to do.
-We wanted to have a second arch put in towards the back of the hallway with a door to section off the master suite at the back of the house. 
-We wanted to drop a third light in to the middle of the hallway.