Before & After: Nashville House Curb Appeal

So I have some pretty exciting news to share.  In less than two weeks, Stuart and I will be purchasing our second home together in South Bend, IN.  It was all very sudden and very unexpected.  We were blissfully happy renting because, honestly, our little Nashville house had been exhausting.  Don't get me wrong, we loved it, but we spent countless hours fixing her up.  And let me be clear, the hours were not only spent picking out the right pillow or the perfect, little accent to decorate the place. Weekends were spent elbow deep in dirt, tile, paint, and things I don't want to share.  
The Nashville House really did have everything on our wish list.  In the heart of the Nashville 12th South Neighborhood, location, location, location, front yard, back yard, huge porch, hardwood floors, dreamy windows, big rooms, and character galore.  But once we got in the house, we realized it needed so much more love than a deep clean and paint.  I had planned to eventually share the finished product with you all, but since we moved and sold the house before we got everything on our wish list done, I never got around to it.
Of course my mind is all a flutter with design ideas with our upcoming purchase, but it pushed me to take a trip down memory lane, and I decided that I wanted to share the progress we had made on the old Nashville House.  The rooms are certainly not perfect, and we still had so many plans.  However, I thought it would still be fun to share with you all the "Before and After" pictures, what we did to each space, and the plans we still had left.  I hope you won't mind the trip down memory lane for the next couple of days and a detour from my love of fashion to my love of interior design.  Happy Friday...J
What we did....
1.  Started to pull out all existing weeds and plants.
2.  Cut down 4 of the 5 overgrown trees with chain saws.
3.  Created a large front flower bed with bricks and mulch.
4.  Planted 4 azalea bushes.
5.  Purchased porch furniture.
6.  Purchased large flower pots with ferns and hanging ferns.
What we paid someone to do...
1.  Paid someone to finish pulling out all existing weeds and plants after we got tired.
2.  Paid to have a fence installed. 
3.  Paid someone to install sod.
4.  Paid someone to plant 6 large boxwoods.
What we still wanted to do...   
1.  Pay someone to plant two cherry blossom trees in the strip of land between the street and our sidewalk, directly in front of our big windows.
2.  Pay someone to plant two crate myrtles on the strip of land between our fence and the neighbors driveway to the left. 
3.  Pay someone to repave the driveway.


TBT & Giveaway Winner

 Ohhh...you know...just -5 degrees yesterday, so instead of new pictures, I decided to do a little throw back Thursday.  Looking forward to the days when I can run around with bare legs and ditch the larger, puffer coat look.  What looks are you getting most excited about for Spring...J
**P.S. Thank you for your patience with the INPINK giveaway as I waited for my contact to get back in the office after a personal matter came up.  All of you that kindly entered should have received a $20 coupon via email, and a big congratulations goes out to Mindy Aptecker for winning a $150 INPINK shopping spree.**   



Shopping Bag

So I would love to tell you that the shopping in my new town is amazing.  That there are a plethora of amazing spots to spend hours on my weekends drooling over all the things that I shouldn't and can't buy.  That there are too many places that I now call favorites to even be able to visit them all on a Saturday afternoon.  That I have had to put myself on a very, very strict budget to stop myself from blowing my budget out of the water with all of the amazing goodies found when I am supposed to be "window shopping."
But, the reality is a bit different.  There is one cute boutique in town, a couple of fun vintage shops, and a Forever21 and J.Crew at the mall.  Other than that, my options are limited, unless I want to haul myself up to Chicago.  So I have started to explore online shopping a bit more.  I am really not that big of an online shopper.  I never know what size I am going to wear, sometimes my foot is an 8.5, sometimes my foot fits in a 9.5, sometimes I wear a 4, sometimes I really look better in a 10, and I just really love the shopping experience where I get to see everything in real life.
The one great thing about online shopping is that I feel I am very selective.  I will not pull the trigger unless I absolutely love something because I don't love the sending back items option.  So I though I might share with you my purchases from the past couple of months.  These amazing over the knee boots from Lola will be perfect for fall, winter, and to put some edge into my sweet summer looks.  Did I mention they are on crazy sale?  This amazing J.Crew statement piece {need I say more} will be amazing as I cheer on the Irish during football season.  This versatile  Asos dress will come in handy for the weddings and graduations I have coming up, and these sturdy, festive, neutral Riffraff heels {they are kind of business up front and party in the back} will help me happily skip in to Spring and Summer. 
So what great buys have you made lately?  I am dying to know.  Happy Thursday...J


Hits and Misses

Okay...now you have it.  Side by side, one dress, five ways.  I would love to know, which look is your favorite.  Were any of the looks a total HIT, and were any of the looks a total MISS.  Come on...tell me...I can take it.  Happy Friday...J


1 Dress, Five Ways: Part 5

Okay...4 outfits down, 1 left to share.  Got all bundled up, per the usual, for this last look.  I really loved how this fun yet simple print was the perfect start to 5 different looks.    I was originally counting down the days until I could sport this dress with bare legs, but it turns out I am in luck.  I will hop on a plane to Florida this Friday to run the Disney Princess Half-Marathon, so I will definitely get to take this cute dress for a spin in the warm Florida weather.  Wish me luck...J
Dress {Riffraff}, Pants/Scarf {Forever 21}, Purse {Masons}, Earrings {Vintage from Pura Vida}, Vest {J.Crew},


On My Table Tuesday

I am a lucky girl because this Friday I have two Valentines.  Of course I have my regular Valentine, but my mother-in-law will also be in town.  The Mister took care of dinner reservations, but I wanted to plan a little something myself, so I thought I would handle our happy hour with a little "Red Hot Valentine Party" built for 3.  Here is what will be on the table. 

1. Signature champagne drink with red hots.

2.  Back up drinks in case someone prefers a little wine.

3.  Flowers because what Valentine's happens without flowers.

4.  Fun straws from Hobby Lobby.   

5.  Treat bags with hot tamales {a family favorite}. 

6.  Little note cards and envelopes in case someone wants to leave a little love note for someone.

7.  "Balls of Steel."  You read it right.  "Balls of Steel" is a business that creates amazing drink coolers to support research for testicular cancer.  You can catch a glimpse of these little babies in the picture above.  My husband loves to make specialty drinks, but never uses much ice, so I thought this would be a perfect gift for the bartender in my life.  If you are looking for a fun way to spice things up or rather cool things down, I would recommend a pair or pairs.  

As you can tell from the pictures, I decided to do a test run of my little party.  And I learned a couple of things.  As a side note, I was not pounding specialty drinks on my own, I made these three trial drinks with soda water.  Anyways....don't add to many red hots to the champagne.  The drink will be too sweet and a little too cloudy in my opinion.  Three/four hots will do.  I tried to include a little homemade garland in this bar cart look, and I felt like it was a pinterest fail.  See picture below for reference.  Will try harder next time.  Do you have anything fun planned for the 14th?  Happy Tuesday...J



1 Dress, 5 Ways:Part 4

Hello Friends!!  Back this week sharing two new ways I styled this amazing little Riffraff dress.  Not sure that I can count this one as styling since I just threw on a colorful Pendleton coat and a scarf.  But I like to think that I showed a smidge of style dreaming that these two bold prints would make the perfect pair.  What do you think?  Do ya dig it?  Happy Tuesday...J

Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Jacket/Jeans {Local Honey}, Scarf/Long Necklace {Forever 21}, Bow Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Shoes {Steinmart}, Earrings {DahliaLynn Vintage}

**P.S. for those of you sweets that entered the inPink giveaway.  The individuals that partnered with me on the giveaway sadly had an unexpected family emergency.  They will get back to me with the winner as soon as they are back.  I really appreciate your patience!


On My Table Tuesday

Yeah, yeah...I know it is Wednesday.  But I am crossing my fingers tight that you all are still interested in what is "On My Table Tuesday."  This week one of my best friends from Nashville is so kindly making the trip up North to pay me a visit.  Good thing her days of living in Alaska will prepare her for the Artic Tundra that has become Northern Indiana.  

So I spent some time this weekend prepping our little guest room for her.  So what's on the table?  

1.  Sweet treats for that mid morning, mid day, or late night snack.
2.  Cheering flowers to brighten up old man winter.
3.  Hotel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in case she forgets something, while packing from all the excitement over getting to see me.  They are from the Memphis Peabody Hotel, so they have these cute little ducks on them.   
4.  Some light reading I plucked especially for her in case she gets bored.  "Pride and Prejudice," "P.S. I Love You," and some fun cookbooks, since we are making a potluck dinner Saturday.
5.  Some DahliaLynn bling to add a little sparkle.  {This necklace is for sale.  Just shoot me an email at dahlialynnlane@gmail.com for pricing and if you want dibs before it hits Etsy}. 

Ok KT.  Hurry up and get here girl...J


1 Dress, 5 Ways: Part 3

Did you guys have a great weekend?  I did.  Spent some time with my man, went to an amazing workout class, got my hair done, drove in the snow (again), went to some local vintage shops, had a fun bloody mary brunch on Sunday, and made a fun delicious with the Mr. for the big game.  Think hot chicken wings and mini twice baked potatoes.  Still having a little too much fun styling this Aztec dress from Riffraff 5 ways.  Do you have a favorite look yet?  See you tomorrow...J
Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Skinnies {J.Crew}, Booties {Nine West}, Scarf {Vintage}, Necklace {Anthropologie}, Clutch {Kate Spade}