Before & After: Nashville House Curb Appeal

So I have some pretty exciting news to share.  In less than two weeks, Stuart and I will be purchasing our second home together in South Bend, IN.  It was all very sudden and very unexpected.  We were blissfully happy renting because, honestly, our little Nashville house had been exhausting.  Don't get me wrong, we loved it, but we spent countless hours fixing her up.  And let me be clear, the hours were not only spent picking out the right pillow or the perfect, little accent to decorate the place. Weekends were spent elbow deep in dirt, tile, paint, and things I don't want to share.  
The Nashville House really did have everything on our wish list.  In the heart of the Nashville 12th South Neighborhood, location, location, location, front yard, back yard, huge porch, hardwood floors, dreamy windows, big rooms, and character galore.  But once we got in the house, we realized it needed so much more love than a deep clean and paint.  I had planned to eventually share the finished product with you all, but since we moved and sold the house before we got everything on our wish list done, I never got around to it.
Of course my mind is all a flutter with design ideas with our upcoming purchase, but it pushed me to take a trip down memory lane, and I decided that I wanted to share the progress we had made on the old Nashville House.  The rooms are certainly not perfect, and we still had so many plans.  However, I thought it would still be fun to share with you all the "Before and After" pictures, what we did to each space, and the plans we still had left.  I hope you won't mind the trip down memory lane for the next couple of days and a detour from my love of fashion to my love of interior design.  Happy Friday...J
What we did....
1.  Started to pull out all existing weeds and plants.
2.  Cut down 4 of the 5 overgrown trees with chain saws.
3.  Created a large front flower bed with bricks and mulch.
4.  Planted 4 azalea bushes.
5.  Purchased porch furniture.
6.  Purchased large flower pots with ferns and hanging ferns.
What we paid someone to do...
1.  Paid someone to finish pulling out all existing weeds and plants after we got tired.
2.  Paid to have a fence installed. 
3.  Paid someone to install sod.
4.  Paid someone to plant 6 large boxwoods.
What we still wanted to do...   
1.  Pay someone to plant two cherry blossom trees in the strip of land between the street and our sidewalk, directly in front of our big windows.
2.  Pay someone to plant two crate myrtles on the strip of land between our fence and the neighbors driveway to the left. 
3.  Pay someone to repave the driveway.


  1. What a difference! This looks great!

    1. Janine...thank you! We work so hard n this piece of the house, it is fun to see the before and after photos side by side!

  2. I'm sure the next house will be fabulous and everything you want it to be. You'll do a great job with it too!

    1. Ash...thank you... I am getting very excited for the move!

  3. Yay so excited for you two! I loved seeing what your house used to look like… what a transformation!


    1. Thanks friend...we are getting really excited!!