On My Table Tuesday

I am a lucky girl because this Friday I have two Valentines.  Of course I have my regular Valentine, but my mother-in-law will also be in town.  The Mister took care of dinner reservations, but I wanted to plan a little something myself, so I thought I would handle our happy hour with a little "Red Hot Valentine Party" built for 3.  Here is what will be on the table. 

1. Signature champagne drink with red hots.

2.  Back up drinks in case someone prefers a little wine.

3.  Flowers because what Valentine's happens without flowers.

4.  Fun straws from Hobby Lobby.   

5.  Treat bags with hot tamales {a family favorite}. 

6.  Little note cards and envelopes in case someone wants to leave a little love note for someone.

7.  "Balls of Steel."  You read it right.  "Balls of Steel" is a business that creates amazing drink coolers to support research for testicular cancer.  You can catch a glimpse of these little babies in the picture above.  My husband loves to make specialty drinks, but never uses much ice, so I thought this would be a perfect gift for the bartender in my life.  If you are looking for a fun way to spice things up or rather cool things down, I would recommend a pair or pairs.  

As you can tell from the pictures, I decided to do a test run of my little party.  And I learned a couple of things.  As a side note, I was not pounding specialty drinks on my own, I made these three trial drinks with soda water.  Anyways....don't add to many red hots to the champagne.  The drink will be too sweet and a little too cloudy in my opinion.  Three/four hots will do.  I tried to include a little homemade garland in this bar cart look, and I felt like it was a pinterest fail.  See picture below for reference.  Will try harder next time.  Do you have anything fun planned for the 14th?  Happy Tuesday...J




  1. so cute!! you did a great job. those drinks sound delicious!


    1. Rhiannon....thank you! The drinks were good!!! happy belated V-day!

  2. adorable tablescape! happy valentine's day!

    1. Thank you so much!! It was a fun little partay!!!

  3. The table turned out great. It is awesome to see this come from the idea stage, all through the shopping adventure, right down to execution! Your "Red Hot Valentine" party is a definite success!