On My Table Tuesday

Yeah, yeah...I know it is Wednesday.  But I am crossing my fingers tight that you all are still interested in what is "On My Table Tuesday."  This week one of my best friends from Nashville is so kindly making the trip up North to pay me a visit.  Good thing her days of living in Alaska will prepare her for the Artic Tundra that has become Northern Indiana.  

So I spent some time this weekend prepping our little guest room for her.  So what's on the table?  

1.  Sweet treats for that mid morning, mid day, or late night snack.
2.  Cheering flowers to brighten up old man winter.
3.  Hotel shampoo, conditioner, and lotion in case she forgets something, while packing from all the excitement over getting to see me.  They are from the Memphis Peabody Hotel, so they have these cute little ducks on them.   
4.  Some light reading I plucked especially for her in case she gets bored.  "Pride and Prejudice," "P.S. I Love You," and some fun cookbooks, since we are making a potluck dinner Saturday.
5.  Some DahliaLynn bling to add a little sparkle.  {This necklace is for sale.  Just shoot me an email at dahlialynnlane@gmail.com for pricing and if you want dibs before it hits Etsy}. 

Ok KT.  Hurry up and get here girl...J