{Love You: Kate}

So today is such a special post day because Ms. Kate is one of my good work friends.  She has an adorable little blog that is her corner of the world to share what she likes on the days she is needing to think about the things she loves in her life.  I have known Kate for over 2 years now, and she is one of those people that just lights up those around her.  She is kind, honest, thoughtful, and fun.  Read on to see what Kate is loving about herself....

"I love that I am silly.  If an activity could require a costume of any kind, I’m in.  If there is an opportunity for a themed meal and movie night, I’m in.  If there is a space large enough to drape blankets over and create a fort, I’m in.  If I’m visiting a new place and there is the largest anything there, I’m in.  My little brother, who is a grown man, has been my consistent companion in silly for many many years.  Just this spring, we threw an impromptu “29th de Mayo” party at my parents house simply because we’d found tequila and quesadilla fixin’s.

I love Christmas. I worked retail during the holidays for many years and discovered that the hustle and bustle, the constant tunes, and the busy schedules, all channeled into joy and honest service.  My Christmas Magic is deeply rooted in the knowledge that kindness and patience have a ripple effect upon the many who are stressed or overwhelmed.  So, when I start watching holiday movies in October and over decorate my tiny apartment, it’s not because I’m forgetting “the reason for the season” or rushing things or that my family holidays are perfect, it’s because, for me, Christmas is a time of sending love out into our communities in very simple ways.

I love that I am tall.  It’s not always been the case, but I am glad to say it now.  My height connects me to my family in a special way, as we are all tall.  It’s also made me who I am, and I love that.  My height makes me clumsy, helpful (I am a top shelf ninja at the grocery store), and confident.
I love that I care about grammar.  I believe that grammar and proper spelling are the etiquette of the written word, the way that we as writers are able to invite others into our message and give them the tools to navigate the situation gracefully.  These are not things that come naturally to me, particularly the spelling bit, but I work at it because it is important to me.  (Fact:  I believe in and use the often debated Oxford Coma.  I like it.  It is my favorite mark of punctuation because I spent the time investigating it.  Understanding its' purpose has made it special to me.)"

Well if you are anything like me, I finished reading those loves with a big smile on my face.  Did you get the sense from her loves that Kate is a fun-loving sweet heart, who appreciates the silly and small things in life?  As a fellow Christmas lover {I admittedly listen to my Christmas Pandora station sometimes in August}, my favorite quote of Kate's, "Christmas is a time of sending love out into our communities in very simple ways."  I love that she findes such beautiful ways to share her love for the simple things in life.  Thank you Kate for stopping by, and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.   Lotsa love...J


{Hazel's Haven}

So I am so excited to be writing this post to support a buddy of mine, who was also one of DahliaLynn Jewelry's first and biggest supporters.  You might remember a couple of posts way back when where I introduced you to the voice behind All things Soleful, Mrs. Meagan Matlock.  Meagan lives back in Fort Smith, AR where I had the pleasure of living from age 7 to when I went away to college.  I first met Meagan when she worked at Warren's, a local shoe boutique, that is always a place I stop in when back at home.  Megan also happens to be one of those people that I feel like most people in Fort Smith, know and love.  She is honestly one of the kindess people I have every met, and I always enjoy when we get a chance to catch up. 
Recently Meagan decided to take the plunge and follow a long time dream of hers and open her own boutique, Hazel's Haven, which she has named after her mother and child.  Plans have been made, trips to market have been taken, and she is probably the busiest bee I know getting things perfect for her grand opening in November.  I hope that whether you are in the Fort Smith area or not you will take a look at Hazel's Haven's facebook page to take a look at the first glimpses inside her dream of a shop and make plans to visit if you are ever in the neighborhood.  I know her shop will be one of my first stops when I head home for Thanksgiving.  Congratulations again Meagan on this amazing next chapter! Happy Thursday...J   

{Second & Dahlia Style Steals}

Painting / Sofa / Pillow / Pillow / Rug / Table 
Sorry I am a little late today loves.  The day has just gotten away from me.  I just loved this picture Michelle sent over from Lonny Mag.  I love the unexpected pops of color, but the cool serene feeling in the room.  What is your favorite part?  Happy Thursday...J


{No Specs}

Many of you are used to seeing me with the old Specs.  I really enjoy wearing my glasses, especially to work, because it makes me look a bit older. And with students that can be really helpful sometimes.  But these days I have been occasionally throwing the contacts in for a more elegant look.  Bundled up in this fall look for my husband's softball game on Thursday.  The dress and scarf are oldies but goodies, and the vest I snatched up last year at an end of season sale, so I am just now getting to wear it.  Hope everyone had an amazing Tuesday.  Happy day....J
Dress & Scarf {H&M}, Vest {J.Crew}, Necklace {Anne Taylor}, Earrings {Pangea}, Purse {Tory Burch}, Flats {Nine West}


{THIS in THAT: Crazy Leopard Love}

It should come as no surprise that I was drawn to these two looks.  Bright, bold, mixed and matched, with a touch of leopard.  Seriously what's not to like??  I hope everyone had an amazing start to the week.  Flying high from an amazing night listening to Sheryl WuDunn, co-author of Half the Sky, at Vanderbilt talk about the importance of empowering women last night.  Not a bad way to start the week off at all.  Really reminded me that we all have a part in empowering those around us no matter how big or small we feel.  So I would not mind taking some quiet time to contemplate lessons learned from last night in THIS fun and comfy look in THAT quiet space.  Happy Tuesday...J


{Love You: Meg}

Photo by Casie Mace
Happy Friday!  So excited for another great "Love You" feature.  Like so many of my blog buddies, I met Meg last year at Alt. Summit.  Meg is one of those girls that immediately strikes you as confident, cool, and very smart.  It doesn't hurt that she is an amazing artist and blogger too, so after reading her "loves" you will have to check out her amazing blog Mimi+Meg.  You also might remember that I did a guest blog for Meg a couple of months ago for her fun Valentine's Give and Receive Series.  So I was so excited when Meg agreed to share what she loves about herself.  Read on friends!

"1. I am a clone of my mother. Great skin, high metabolism, blue eyes. I inherited some genes that I'm very grateful for.

2. I am open-minded and have let go a lot of my former Type-A personality. Even though I still worry and stress, I'm really able to let go of a lot of little things that don't matter. I'm also willing to look at a lot of issues (political, religious, personal, etc.) from multiple perspectives and I always try to put myself in other people's shoes and see things from their perspective (although I don't let this be an excuse for anything I think is wrong nor does it mean I'll start to believe in something different) but at least I can try to see where they are coming from.

3. I have extremely high expectations for myself and am very driven. This can be good and bad in some ways, but at the same time, my drive comes from somewhere I can't explain. It's just in me.

4. I'm creative and am always overflowing with ideas. The term "tortured artist" is soooo true, but I love being a creative and artistic type of person.

5. I'm independent. This works perfectly with my husband and I's relationship. We've had to live apart for our careers before, and we can both get very busy, but it works perfectly. I've always been independent and been just fine with that. I can spend a lot of time alone even though I'm a social person.

6. I'm not very sensitive. I love this because it's pretty hard to hurt my feelings. It has to be something that I felt was intentional and I typically give people the benefit of the doubt although it can happen sometimes. I'm kind of like a guy in this way — very up front, frank, and honest. I'm great to go shopping with and can help you clean out your closet because I won't lie (you can see if I don't like it all over my face), and I don't feel bad telling you that's not a good color or cut for your body.

7. I'm able to pare down my belongings and wardrobe. This was somewhat forced when I moved from a 3-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom condo, but I actually enjoy the paring down process. I love the feeling I get when I get rid of things. I've never once thought "I really wish I didn't sell that ____." I think you'd be surprised at the amount of clothing I have — it's probably less than you think. I also decided to only invest in and keep creative items for painting, so all other "craft" or creative items I gave to my sister and niece.
8. I'm a fast reader. I can get through a book pretty quickly. I can also read the clues on Jeopardy faster than Alex Trebek can say them, so I can beat my husband to the answers (sometimes). This comes in hand when the dishes are on the line."

I love that Meg loves that "she is not very sensitive."  This for me was such an unexpected pick because I feel that so often in life, espeically for women, we are both expected to be and encouraged to be senstitive.  While sometimes being super sensitive can be a good thing, as a super sensitive person myself, I think it can be really tough sometimes.  I love how Meg highlights her ability to not get her feelings hurt easily, which gives her an ability to give others the benefit of the doubt, espeically if she is not overthinking things.  I also feel like this pick espeically, highlights the amazing things we can do for oursevles if we acknowledge who we are and focus on the good.  Thank you Meg for sharing with us today.  Lotsa love...J 


{Second & Dahlia's Style Steals}

Like so many of the rooms I am drawn too.  This room has a burst of color that I can't say no too.  I love that the look plays up so many shades of blue.  My favorite picks today are that amazing dresser Michelle found and my two picks, the dress and top, from Savoir-FaireSF just launched there new online shop recently, and I can't even visit that often I want to buy so much stuff.  I hope everyone is having a great Thursday.  Excited to spend some time this weekend with my sweet mother-in-law, who will be in town for my husband's birthday.  Happy day...J


{Cut It Out}

Happy Wednesday!  I found this little cut out beach bag on mega sale recently, and I just loved it.  I really don't have any idea why.  I know it is nothing new, but it is the cutest little cut out bucket bag I have seen, so I snatched her up.  I wore this little skirt and top combo last Friday, and I just love the mix of bright colors, especially for these last warm days.  I hope everyone has an amazing day...J
P.S. You can shop this pretty necklace in a couple of days at my fave spot Savoir-Faire!!!
Skirt {TJMaxx}, Top {Zara}, Heels {Urban Outfitters}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Sunnies {SEE}, Bag {Blush}



Had to take a little blog break yesterday with a long day at work.  But missed catching up with you all.  I had such a nice weekend, and it has left me feeling very thankful for my family and friends.  Kicked off the weekend cooking with my favorite chef, Ms. Elizabeth, who is actually my husband's cousin.  We whipped up some delicious asparagus and cheese tarts with a berry avocado salad.  We had some friends in town for a wedding, so Stuart and I enjoyed lots of good food and catching up.  The Mister and I spent a lazy Sunday watching Netflix and I went to his softball game.  The cherry on top was having a nice long visit with my sister on Sunday.  So the weekend left me with so many reasons to be thankful.  This sweet little dress is another one from Savoir-Faire that I have been living in, so excited to start transitioning it into fall.  Hope everyone had a great start to the week...J


{Love You: Lindsey}

Happy Friday Friends!  So excited to be introducing you to another amazing lady.  Today we have Lindsey of the fun and sassy blog Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet, to share what she is loving about herself.  I love checking in on Lindsey's life through her blog because it is always filled with fun and sparkly things.    So there was no surprise for me that her "loves" show a spunky gal, who is never afraid to have fun and take chances.  Keep reading to learn more about this lovable lady...

"When Jessica approached me about participating in her "Love You" series, I was immediately enthralled & obviously on board! I mean, think about it... These days the media makes it a little too easy to get carried away & pick ourselves apart. We've all done it. I think It's about time we sit down and think about all of our positive attributes. I am all for female empowerment. And as women it is important to feel comfortable in own skin. Finally after many years of battle this exact issue, I can finally say that I am comfortable in mine. 

1. I go to the beat of my own drum. Ever since I was little, I always kind of did my own thing. To this day I am the same. If there is something I want to do, I do it. I am not one for trends (except when it comes to fashion... it tends to be my weakness).
2. I am a great listener & advice giver. When it comes to my family & friends, I am typically the one they go to when they need a vent session and/or advice. Listening has always been one of my strong points. I have been told over the years that I am an old soul & full of wisdom. Maybe it's because I still have my wisdom teeth... Who knows. But I am quite fascinated by people in general. Fun fact:  I was a psychology major in college & wanted to be a clinical psychologist.
3. I am spontaneous. My mom explains this perfectly. I have a brother that is a couple of years older than me [he's pretty fantastic & typically plays it very safe]. When we were younger and would go swimming, my brother would always put one foot in the water at a time and ease his way into the pool. And then there was me.... I was that girl who would cannonball in without even looking at my surroundings or feeling the temperature of the pool.
4. I am impulsive.  Over the years I have had my fair share of impulses.  If it weren't for being so impulsive I may have never met my husband Jared.  Immediately after graduating college in May 2008, I took a trip to visit my best friend Megan in New York City.  The first night of my visit we went out with her new friends.  She introduced me to Jared, my now husband, and we immediately hit it off.  After seeing him a couple more times during my trip, something told me that I had to see him again.  And that's when I decided to change my flight & go on a date with him.  Two months later I moved up to New York and the rest was history.  It is now September 2012 & we have been married for over a year & a half.  Go figure!
5. I am a self starter.  When I want something, I make it happen. One thing I am most proud of is moving to New York City.  I made my way from Florida to NYC all on my own. While doing so, I've moved 5 times in 4 years (and I've certainly slept on my fair share of couches in the beginning). Now that I am married I hope to stay still for a little while.  I have made a career for myself in advertising & created what I believe to be a pretty fantastic life. Now my newest venture is my blog, Caviar Taste, Tuna Fish Wallet. It's been such an incredible experience for me. I have met such wonderful people in the process. And most importantly learned so much about myself. I am beyond excited to see where it goes..."

Doesn't Lindsey just sound like the girl you wanna hang out with because you will always have fun.  I love that Lindsey "loves" her impulsiveness.  I think so often in life we are encouraged by society, ourselves, and other outside influences to always be thoughtful, play it safe, make good choice, and make plans.  But so often in life we need to just let go and be.  Lindsey is a great reminder of the amazing things that can happen when we follow our heart.  Thank you Lindsey for visiting on DahliaLynn today.  Lotsa love....J



{Second & Dahlia's Style Steals}

So I fell in love with this room that might be Michelle's new inspiration for her guest bedroom.  I just love the crisp, clean look with a pop of color.  Favorites for today's pics are the mirror in Michelle's look and the clutch in mine.  Happy Thursday...J


{Pink Lady}

Ran around this past Saturday in head to toe pink.  Not sure what came over me, but both of these pink panther inspired pieces of clothing were calling my name, so I thought what the heck.  Snapped these pictures behind Home Depot after doing a little shopping inside.  I can't decide if the Home Depot employees have started to appreciate my dressed up looks or just think I am simply crazy.  I figure I almost always get dressed up to run other errands, so why should I not look nice at Home Depot?  Makes sense to me.  Happy Wednesday Lovelies...J
Sweater {J.Crew}, Skirt {BCBG}, Heels {Lucky}, Satchel {Tory Burch}



In remembrance...

{THIS & THAT: McDonald's}

I must have McDonald's on the brain today.  I woke up craving a bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit from the golden arches, and then found myself gravitating towards this sweet bedroom.  So today I wish I was running around in THIS crazy fun outfit in THAT sweet little bedroom.  Happy Tuesday friends...J 


{Cream Puff}

This was the first weekend in so long that the Mr. and I did not have guests or work, aside from a little pet drama since our little one decided to eat to many acorns outside and had to take an emergency trip to the vet, the weekend was amazing.  The temps dropped into the 70's this weekend.  Though I was not ready yet to get too bundled up, I decided to try my favorite new trick, which has been to layer a comfy sweater or blouse over a light dress.  When the temps drop even lower, I will throw on some pants and a comfy jacket, and I will be all transitioned in to fall.  What do you think?  Hope you had an amazing weekend...J
Dress {H&M, old}, Sweater {Suite One}, Flats {Minnetonka}, Scarf {??}, Necklace {J.Crew}, Ring {Forever 21}, Purse {Tory Burch}, Sunnies {SEE}