{Cream Puff}

This was the first weekend in so long that the Mr. and I did not have guests or work, aside from a little pet drama since our little one decided to eat to many acorns outside and had to take an emergency trip to the vet, the weekend was amazing.  The temps dropped into the 70's this weekend.  Though I was not ready yet to get too bundled up, I decided to try my favorite new trick, which has been to layer a comfy sweater or blouse over a light dress.  When the temps drop even lower, I will throw on some pants and a comfy jacket, and I will be all transitioned in to fall.  What do you think?  Hope you had an amazing weekend...J
Dress {H&M, old}, Sweater {Suite One}, Flats {Minnetonka}, Scarf {??}, Necklace {J.Crew}, Ring {Forever 21}, Purse {Tory Burch}, Sunnies {SEE}


  1. you look gorgeous, i really love the combination of layers.


  2. Love this TB purse, I'll have to check it out I'm on the hunt for a neutral side satchel for the Fall

  3. Love love love these fall colors coming out!