{Love You: Kate}

So today is such a special post day because Ms. Kate is one of my good work friends.  She has an adorable little blog that is her corner of the world to share what she likes on the days she is needing to think about the things she loves in her life.  I have known Kate for over 2 years now, and she is one of those people that just lights up those around her.  She is kind, honest, thoughtful, and fun.  Read on to see what Kate is loving about herself....

"I love that I am silly.  If an activity could require a costume of any kind, I’m in.  If there is an opportunity for a themed meal and movie night, I’m in.  If there is a space large enough to drape blankets over and create a fort, I’m in.  If I’m visiting a new place and there is the largest anything there, I’m in.  My little brother, who is a grown man, has been my consistent companion in silly for many many years.  Just this spring, we threw an impromptu “29th de Mayo” party at my parents house simply because we’d found tequila and quesadilla fixin’s.

I love Christmas. I worked retail during the holidays for many years and discovered that the hustle and bustle, the constant tunes, and the busy schedules, all channeled into joy and honest service.  My Christmas Magic is deeply rooted in the knowledge that kindness and patience have a ripple effect upon the many who are stressed or overwhelmed.  So, when I start watching holiday movies in October and over decorate my tiny apartment, it’s not because I’m forgetting “the reason for the season” or rushing things or that my family holidays are perfect, it’s because, for me, Christmas is a time of sending love out into our communities in very simple ways.

I love that I am tall.  It’s not always been the case, but I am glad to say it now.  My height connects me to my family in a special way, as we are all tall.  It’s also made me who I am, and I love that.  My height makes me clumsy, helpful (I am a top shelf ninja at the grocery store), and confident.
I love that I care about grammar.  I believe that grammar and proper spelling are the etiquette of the written word, the way that we as writers are able to invite others into our message and give them the tools to navigate the situation gracefully.  These are not things that come naturally to me, particularly the spelling bit, but I work at it because it is important to me.  (Fact:  I believe in and use the often debated Oxford Coma.  I like it.  It is my favorite mark of punctuation because I spent the time investigating it.  Understanding its' purpose has made it special to me.)"

Well if you are anything like me, I finished reading those loves with a big smile on my face.  Did you get the sense from her loves that Kate is a fun-loving sweet heart, who appreciates the silly and small things in life?  As a fellow Christmas lover {I admittedly listen to my Christmas Pandora station sometimes in August}, my favorite quote of Kate's, "Christmas is a time of sending love out into our communities in very simple ways."  I love that she findes such beautiful ways to share her love for the simple things in life.  Thank you Kate for stopping by, and I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.   Lotsa love...J

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