{Cut It Out}

Happy Wednesday!  I found this little cut out beach bag on mega sale recently, and I just loved it.  I really don't have any idea why.  I know it is nothing new, but it is the cutest little cut out bucket bag I have seen, so I snatched her up.  I wore this little skirt and top combo last Friday, and I just love the mix of bright colors, especially for these last warm days.  I hope everyone has an amazing day...J
P.S. You can shop this pretty necklace in a couple of days at my fave spot Savoir-Faire!!!
Skirt {TJMaxx}, Top {Zara}, Heels {Urban Outfitters}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Sunnies {SEE}, Bag {Blush}


  1. Love the bold colors and cute pleated skirt! You put together the best outfits.

  2. i love this look! all of the colors are amazing together!


  3. I ADORE the color of your skirt. So, so wonderful! I keep seeing these Urban Outfitters heels pop up in various colors and I really like them ... how's their comfort level? I'm a stickler for comfy shoes.

  4. Such a cute look! Love love love your skirt and bag!


  5. Thanks for the love laies...Jessic I actually love these heels. I think they are super comfy, but I will say that I spend a lot of time in high heels, so don't know if that makes it better, but you should definitley try them out:)

  6. The colour of your skirt is AMAZING! Love it so much! And that bag is definitely the quirkiest thing I've seen in a while :)

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