{Love You: Melissa}

Looking for something to send you into the weekend in a cloud of warm fuzzies then you have stopped at the right place.  I had the privilege to meet Melissa from the beautiful blog Savvy in San Francisco at a design conference last year, and got the cherry on top when we sat close to one another at a Polyvore Brunch.  Do you ever meet someone, who you seem to feel almost instantly you want to get to know better?  This is how I felt about Melissa.  In our conversations I found her to be kind, sweet, smart, funny, beautiful and strong.  Though our time together was brief as we emailed about the Love You series, I started to understand why I was so drawn to her beautiful spirit.  Read on to find the wonderful things she is loving about herself, and see if you won't finish the post wanting to take this sweet Momma out for a cup of coffee.

"I was honored when Jessica asked me to guest post on her blog for her "Love You" series! I know that we as women can be so hard on ourselves and that we are our toughest critics.  Lately, I have been reflecting on the things that are important to me and working on trying to let go of all of my insecurities that I have - but let me tell you it's hard.  Something I think we struggle with everyday!  

I recently went on a trip to Maui with my family and I had an AHA moment on the beach.  I was sitting there with my littlest in my lap on the beach, while the water was lapping at our feet and my husband and our two other bambinos were playing in the waves, and I was filled with happiness.  I decided to let all of my insecurities go about how I looked in my bathing suit and just enjoy this moment, this day and this trip.  It was a very eye opening moment for me. So here are five things that I love about myself:

I love my body: This is the biggest thing I struggle with on a daily basis!  I'm currently carrying around some extra baby weight since having Charlotte.  Now that Charlotte is a year old, it starts to become harder to say, "I just had a baby!".  But what I love about my body (extra baby weight and all) is that I carried all three babies in there.  This body did this amazing thing by carrying all three of my precious little ones in there.  I wouldn't have them here if it wasn't for my body.  I love my body for everything I put it through and all that it did to make sure I had three healthy babies.

I love my sense of humor: I have always been able to make people laugh and I love to laugh at myself.  Since I was a little girl, I always remember that I was either trying to make someone laugh with an impression or with a joke.  I think that our lives should be full of laughter!

I love that I'm a good friend: I have a lot of friends and I would like to think that it is because I am a good friend back to them.  I've been a bridesmaid in 10 weddings if that says anything.  I'm always been the person to strike up a conversation with anyone.  I've especially noticed that after having kids it has been very easy to just start a conversation with other moms.

I love my eyes: For the longest time I thought I had brown eyes and always wished that I had green or blue eyes.  It wasn't until an optometrist told me that I had the prettiest color of hazel eyes that I had hazel colored eyes.  I had no idea! After that point, I looked (pun intended) at them differently!

I love my bargain hunting skills: I have MAD bargain hunting skills.  For instance I just bought a T3 hairdryer for $90 from Amazon that is $250 at big brand store.  I always seem to have really good luck with amazing deals.  As my best friend said at my wedding, "She can find the last thing on the sale rack and it just happens to be her size and color!".

I love that I'm emotional: I can cry at the drop of the hat. I was that way even before I had children (but now I'm extra emotional).  I welled up last night at my son's Kindergarten open house when the teacher was talking about what they were going to learn for the year.  A song, a picture or a smell can transport me to a memory and fill me with emotion. I love that!"

Seriously what is not to love?  I especially love that Melissa reminds both us and herself that loving your body is not always about loving exactly how it looks, but about all the amazing things our bodies can do.  I still am in disbelief that when I get the momma to be itch my body will respond to nature and do what we all not it takes to carry and give birth to a little one, but if it does I will owe my body my life quite literally.  Most would agree that having the opportunity to be a parent, however that opportunity presents itself, is one of the greatest gifts of all.  And as Melissa reminds us all, if our body is able to have a part in that, we should love it for that every day.  Thank you so much to Melissa for opening up on the blog today.  Hopefully you will head on over often to Savvy to get a wonderful dose of this amazing women!  Lotsa love...J


  1. Jessica - Thank you so much for having me and all of your sweet words! Was honored that you included me on such a special series! XX

  2. I just love these posts Jessica! They've really inspired me to think more about what I could say I love about myself - and to realise how important it is to recognise those things. And thanks for introducing another lovely blogger :)

    Life etc