{Love You: Meg}

Photo by Casie Mace
Happy Friday!  So excited for another great "Love You" feature.  Like so many of my blog buddies, I met Meg last year at Alt. Summit.  Meg is one of those girls that immediately strikes you as confident, cool, and very smart.  It doesn't hurt that she is an amazing artist and blogger too, so after reading her "loves" you will have to check out her amazing blog Mimi+Meg.  You also might remember that I did a guest blog for Meg a couple of months ago for her fun Valentine's Give and Receive Series.  So I was so excited when Meg agreed to share what she loves about herself.  Read on friends!

"1. I am a clone of my mother. Great skin, high metabolism, blue eyes. I inherited some genes that I'm very grateful for.

2. I am open-minded and have let go a lot of my former Type-A personality. Even though I still worry and stress, I'm really able to let go of a lot of little things that don't matter. I'm also willing to look at a lot of issues (political, religious, personal, etc.) from multiple perspectives and I always try to put myself in other people's shoes and see things from their perspective (although I don't let this be an excuse for anything I think is wrong nor does it mean I'll start to believe in something different) but at least I can try to see where they are coming from.

3. I have extremely high expectations for myself and am very driven. This can be good and bad in some ways, but at the same time, my drive comes from somewhere I can't explain. It's just in me.

4. I'm creative and am always overflowing with ideas. The term "tortured artist" is soooo true, but I love being a creative and artistic type of person.

5. I'm independent. This works perfectly with my husband and I's relationship. We've had to live apart for our careers before, and we can both get very busy, but it works perfectly. I've always been independent and been just fine with that. I can spend a lot of time alone even though I'm a social person.

6. I'm not very sensitive. I love this because it's pretty hard to hurt my feelings. It has to be something that I felt was intentional and I typically give people the benefit of the doubt although it can happen sometimes. I'm kind of like a guy in this way — very up front, frank, and honest. I'm great to go shopping with and can help you clean out your closet because I won't lie (you can see if I don't like it all over my face), and I don't feel bad telling you that's not a good color or cut for your body.

7. I'm able to pare down my belongings and wardrobe. This was somewhat forced when I moved from a 3-bedroom house to a 1-bedroom condo, but I actually enjoy the paring down process. I love the feeling I get when I get rid of things. I've never once thought "I really wish I didn't sell that ____." I think you'd be surprised at the amount of clothing I have — it's probably less than you think. I also decided to only invest in and keep creative items for painting, so all other "craft" or creative items I gave to my sister and niece.
8. I'm a fast reader. I can get through a book pretty quickly. I can also read the clues on Jeopardy faster than Alex Trebek can say them, so I can beat my husband to the answers (sometimes). This comes in hand when the dishes are on the line."

I love that Meg loves that "she is not very sensitive."  This for me was such an unexpected pick because I feel that so often in life, espeically for women, we are both expected to be and encouraged to be senstitive.  While sometimes being super sensitive can be a good thing, as a super sensitive person myself, I think it can be really tough sometimes.  I love how Meg highlights her ability to not get her feelings hurt easily, which gives her an ability to give others the benefit of the doubt, espeically if she is not overthinking things.  I also feel like this pick espeically, highlights the amazing things we can do for oursevles if we acknowledge who we are and focus on the good.  Thank you Meg for sharing with us today.  Lotsa love...J 


  1. Great feature! I love Meg's blog and it was fun to get to know her a little better. :)

  2. Another great entry into this series - I can definitely respect her ability to pare down her belongings... something I am constantly striving towards!