{Mid-Week Roundup}

So I wanted to share a little collection of pictures I snagged from  my Instagram to get you all excited for the DahliaLynn Trunk Show at Savoir-Faire this Monday from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.  If you like any of these pretties the show will not disappoint.  If you love instagram as much as I do, check me out @dahlialynn.  Happy Wednesday....J


{Sneak Pak: Joan}

My sweet mother-in-law gave me this amazing floral blazer and these amazing floral pants for my birthday a couple of weeks back.  I will take about any excuse to wear head to toe floral.  Today I am also sharing with you the DahliaLynn "Joan" necklace.  A mixture of vintage rhinestones and antique gold chain, I think she makes a wonderful layering look.  Happy Tuesday...J
Blazer/Pants {ASOS}, Blouse {Paris}, Heels {Zara}, Necklace {DahilaLynn "Joan"}


{Sneak Peak: Amelia}

Happy Monday!  I just came off of a weekend of beautiful weather, the Nashville Flea Market, and lots of jewel making.  It was so fun to open the townhouse windows, sip on a cool beverage, visit with the husband, and make some pretties.  I am sure you might have a sweet imagine in your mind, but ask Mr. J and our downstairs looked like we were living under a pile of jewelry rubble.  My favorite way to live...him not so much.  He is too sweet to me, really. 

Why all the jewel making you ask?  I was putting the final touches on all my pieces for the DahliaLynn Trunk Show hosted by the amazing Savoir-Faire for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week's "Fashion's Night Out."  So this week on the blog I will only be featuring jewelry you can pick up at the Trunk Show that I have styled with a fun look.  Not in the Northwest Arkansas area, no worries, I will be stocking the site with some new lovelies with a similiar look.  Today I am featuring the "Amelia."  This amazing vintage, rhinestone, leaf broach dangles off of amazing, vintage gold chain.  Perfect for day, night, work, party, whatever.  What do you think?  See you tomorrow...J
Top {Savoir-Faire}, Skirt {OLD Banana Republic}, Belt {Vintage}, Heels {Cole Haan}, Bag {Zara}, Necklace {DahliaLynn "Amelia"}

*P.S. Did you notice the little difference in the Header today.  The amazing Laura of LB Design Studio, who did my blog design, came up with different color options for different times of the year.  Here is my belated Valentines header.  Makes me happy!


{Savoir-Faire Trunk Show}

So I have been sitting on this little piece of information for awhile now.  Wanted to wait until all the details were finalized, but I am so excited to share the Savoir-Faire will be hosting a DahliaLynn Trunk Show for Northwest Arkansas Fashion Week's "Fashion's Night Out" on Monday, March 5th from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m.  Sadly I will not be able to join, but Tess, the wonderful and oh so adorable owner of Savoir-Faire, will surely put on a good time.  Happy Friday...J
Top {Anne Taylor Loft}, Jeans {Forever 21}, Jewels {All DahliaLynn}


{The Gimmies}

This post is simple enough.  Need and want this closet.  Happy Wednesday....J


{Miami Moo Moo}

If you are here to judge me and my moo moo {or caftan if you want to be fancy}, please don't.  I secretly believe deep down that everyone loves moo moos.  Now I don't think they are particularly flattering, but who needs flattering when you are draped in beautiful fabric.  Not me.   Wore this little vintage number the last day during my weekend trip to Miami.  Feel like this outfit pretty much sums up my weekend, which was full of comfort, relaxing, color, and memories.  Hope you are having an amazing week...J
Moo Moo {Vintage}, Flats {Nine West}, Clutch {Zara}, Jewels {Forever 21, Dillards, Henri Bendel}


{THIS and THAT: Dots}

So today I am wishing that I was spending some time with some serious dots in THIS room in THAT top.  I had a lovely weekend in Miami, and will share some pictures soon.  Happy Tuesday...J


{The Gimmies: Zabala}

So when my blogger friend Christine of Court&Hudson shared a photo of the Stella and Dot "Zabala" necklace on Instagram I let out a shriek.  I honestly love everything about it, except for maybe the price.  If I keep buying and making jewelry I will be the one living under a pile of rubble, but no worries it will be jeweled rubble:)  Anyways....I thought layering this sweet little horn necklace with this fringe piece might give a similar look for a much better price.  But if the "Zabala" is still stealing your heart, I say go for it.  By the way are any of you on Instagram?  If you are let me know or find me @DahliaLynn.  Happy Friday...J


I have to be honest this outfit just makes me happy.  Found the dress at J.Crew on mega sale, which was such a lovely surprise, and the pop of neon clutch I found at the Gap.  They were the two little items I picked up while out birthday shopping with my little sister this weekend.  I hope everyone is having such a great week....J
Dress {J.Crew}, Jeans {Vintage}, Vest {J.Crew}, Heels {American Apparel}, Scarf {Forever 21}, Clutch {Gap}, Ring {YSL}, Tassel Earrings {DahliaLynn}


{Love Roundup}

In honor of the big V-Day I thought it would be fun to go back through my outfit posts from this past year and share some looks that had a little pop of the colors of love {you know pinks, reds, purples}.  I was not surprised at all to find these colors in serious rotation throughout my wardrobe.  This last little pic was a picture taken of my husband and I's feet during some photo taking last year.  Cannot wait to spend a belated Valentine's with him in South Beach this weekend.  Don't forget to squeeze someone you love today.  Happy Valentine's Day...J


{New DahliaLynn Jewels}

 I posted these gals to the Etsy shop last night.  Hop on over to the shop if you like what you see.  Also I turned one year older this past Friday.  I have a great feeling that 27 will be wonderful.  The weekend was filled with a surprise visit from my baby sister, an amazing celebration put together by my sweet husband that included dinner out and a party bus, and this weekend I am headed to a belated Valentine's Day celebration with Mr. J.  Not to shabby 27...not to shabby at all!  Happy Monday...J



This canary yellow brick is actually the outside of a wholesale flower shop in Nashville, Import Flowers.  With rooms full of beautiful blooms and endless choices, it it is my go to flower shop when I am looking for something to brighten my mood.  As you can see from my last outfit post, this grey tee, these ripped jeans, and those booties made a couple of appearances this weekend.  Thank goodness for the trans-formative nature of jewels, scarfs, blazers, and overlays, or people would constantly think everyday was a laundry day for me.  Happy almost Friday...J
Grey Tee {Mossimo}, Jeans {Forever 21}, Blazer {Zara}, Scarf {An airport shop...don't judge:}, Clutch {LV}, Teal Spike Necklace {DahilaLynn}, Vintage Layered Necklace {DahliaLynn}


{This in That: Green with Envy}

I have been sort of dreaming of having a home library.  So today I would love to be in THIS room in THAT outfit in THAT pair of earrings.  You also know my affinity for all things green with my love of the Green Dots Movement.  Happy Wednesday...J


{Wilted Flower Power}

So if you can't tell from the close up from my arms...the temp dropped significantly this Sunday throughout the day {sporting some serious goosebumps}.  Started this past Sunday channeling my inner flower power in this comfy, silk overlay, and needless to say the chill in the air and overcast left me feeling a little wilted.  What can you do?  
Did I mention that yesterday I had to get my knee X-rayed.  I have been training for the half-marathon, and had a little knee injury.  Do you know when you get an X-ray if you are wearing pants to the doctor's office, they put you in these weird, blue, cotton short things?  I mean blue is usually a good color on me, but these were just sad.  If only you all had seen me yesterday sporting cotton shorts around the hospital, you would have been so proud.  Happy Tuesday....J
Overlay {Anthropologie}, Cotton Tee {Mossimo}, Jeans {Forever 21}, Booties {Target}, Jewels {Forever 21, Target, J.Crew}