{This in That: Barney}

I stared at the title line for this post for an unusually long time this morning.  The title, "Purple" made me feel lazy {which I do feel lazy by the way} and also seemed like cheating since yesterday my post title was "Purple and Maroon."  I mean was I really going to be so lazy?  No, I decided.  Be creative. 

So I decided to title this post "Barney."  He was that in your face purple that I am sharing today on the blog, and yesterday for that matter.  Then I googled Barney to see a quick shot of the old friendly face, but I have to admit something still seems a little off about Barney.   Any one agree with me?  Ok enough about Barney.  Today I wish I was lounging in THIS space in THOSE heels.  I hope everyone has a lovely Wednesday...J

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