{The Gimmies: Zabala}

So when my blogger friend Christine of Court&Hudson shared a photo of the Stella and Dot "Zabala" necklace on Instagram I let out a shriek.  I honestly love everything about it, except for maybe the price.  If I keep buying and making jewelry I will be the one living under a pile of rubble, but no worries it will be jeweled rubble:)  Anyways....I thought layering this sweet little horn necklace with this fringe piece might give a similar look for a much better price.  But if the "Zabala" is still stealing your heart, I say go for it.  By the way are any of you on Instagram?  If you are let me know or find me @DahliaLynn.  Happy Friday...J


  1. Oh I think that's a great combo for an affordable price! It gives all the same elements as the Zabala and is just as beautiful! I love the bone-like collar of the second necklace especially! I'm following you on instagram now! I'm @omgthursday. :)

    xx Olivia

  2. Oh I love that second ivory necklace. A beauty!

  3. Definitely like combination of the two pieces for a more affordable price.