{Sights & Spots}

Do you think maybe if I got some sparkly, red shoes, tapped my feet together, and started repeating, "There is not place like Paris," I could go back?  Happy Weekend....J
Top {Studio 615}, Skirt {J.Crew}, Kicks {Cole Haan}, Back {Coach}, Jewels {Max & Chloe, DY, Hermes, F21, YSL, & Vintage}



{Jess' Cafe}
{Taking a Break}
{A couple of goodies from a little shopping...the sales were amazing!}
 I don't know what to say other than I want to go back to this day....J
Dress {Suite One}, Blazer {Zara}, Shoes {Zara}, Bag {Zara}, Jewels {Max & Chloe, DY, vintage, Forever21}


{Euro Disney}

I bet you didn't except to see these...did you?  Pretty much everyone that knows we went to Euro Disney in Pairs has poked a little fun at us, but who cares.  We had such a fun day, and Mr. R actually lived in Paris when he was itty, bitty, so this is the Disney he remember the most.  I was so glad to get to share the fun day with him.  We both claim "It's a Small World" to be our favorite ride when we were little....it is just so magical:)  This calm ride was a welcome change from the crazy Space Mountain ride we had gone on that morning.  Seriously...it was terrifying.....J
Dress {Hemline}, Scarf {Banana}, Jewels {Max & Chloe, Vintage, Forever 21}


{Bow Ties and Bateaux Mouches}

We had such a great time during our dinner cruise on the Seine.  We saw so many great sites, while the sun was setting, but the best part of the night for me was seeing Mr. Reasons in his bow tie....J   
Dress {Cache}, Heels {Nine West}, Clutch {Zara}, Scarf {Prive Selection}, Jewels {Vintage & David Yurman}


{The Paris Flea Market}

{Flea Market Goodies: Never Been Worn Christian Louboutins, Vintage Jewels, & Fun Gold Beads}
 This was probably one of my favorite days in Paris.  Mr. Reasons and I spend the morning hunting for treasures at the Paris Flea Markets, and we finished the afternoon off with a stroll by the Eiffel Tower.  Looking at these pictures is making my Monday much happier...J
Dress {Suite One}, Kicks {Cole Haan}, Belt {Forever21}, Blazer {Zara}, Bag {M.Z. Wallace}, Jewels {Hermes, Max & Chloe, & Vintage}


{The Louvre and Macaroons}

Our second day in Paris was filled with many of my favorite things.  {1} Macaroons from Angelina {2} The Louvre {3} A Ferris Wheel, Mr. R and I got engaged on a Ferris Wheel, so every time I see one my heart warms. {4} Mr. R sipping on a to-go hot chocolate from Angelina {5} Goodies from some beautiful shops!
Dress {BCBGeneration}, Blazer {Zara}, Shoes {Target}, Bag {Zara}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}



So I titled this post "Stop" because I have decided to stop the 30x30 challenge.  This time around I got to 24 out of 30 days.  I almost titled the post "quitter."  The actual definition of a quitter though is a person who gives up easily; defeatist, deserter, or shirker, and I don't believe that stopping the challenge short of 6 outfits means I have given up easily.  Truthfully I was not enjoying the challenge because it was seriously turning up the heat with all the accessorizing and layering to make each outfit unique.  I am so proud of all my fellow remixers, who completed the challenge.  You have way more will power than me.  On the bright side, the end of the challenge has also given me the opportunity to start sharing what I have been really excited about.  My Paris pictures!  Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing pictures from each day of the trip.  I hope you enjoy them.  Up first...day one in Paris, while shopping on the Champs Elysées...J
Jumpsuit {Studio 615}, Flats {Steve Madden}, Blazer {Urban}, Purse {Zara}, Jewels {J.Crew} 


{Night Owl}

We almost missed the window of time to snap these pics as the sun was going down, but we were just in time.  I have been wishing for the Celine luggage tote for some time now.   I have been particularly fond of the richness of the olive green {almost chocolate} shade of this suede against the black leather.  So imagine my excitement when I snagged the last one at the Monte Carlo, Monaco Celine boutique.  It was a good day.  Happy almost Friday...J
Top {Forever21}, Cutoffs {Thrifted}, Heels {LuLu's}, Hat {Dillards}, Jewels {Anthropologie & J. Crew}