{Euro Disney}

I bet you didn't except to see these...did you?  Pretty much everyone that knows we went to Euro Disney in Pairs has poked a little fun at us, but who cares.  We had such a fun day, and Mr. R actually lived in Paris when he was itty, bitty, so this is the Disney he remember the most.  I was so glad to get to share the fun day with him.  We both claim "It's a Small World" to be our favorite ride when we were little....it is just so magical:)  This calm ride was a welcome change from the crazy Space Mountain ride we had gone on that morning.  Seriously...it was terrifying.....J
Dress {Hemline}, Scarf {Banana}, Jewels {Max & Chloe, Vintage, Forever 21}

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  1. Amazing...

    Disney Paris was my Valentine's gift to my fiancé this year :)