Pura Vida Vintage Take 3

Of all the items I borrowed from Pura Vida Vintage, this pretty little dress was my favorite.  Vibrant, special detailing, lightweight, and breezy, it is the perfect summer dress.  But throw on some skinny pants,  boyfriend jeans, and layers, and this lovely becomes the perfect pop of color for fall.  I decided to shake things up with this medallion belt and silver coin purse.  Then with the unexpected pastel shoes, I feel like this look is fun, unexpected, and simple all at the same time.  The best part is...my husband surprised me by purchasing the dress for me because he knew how much I loved it and has been so proud of my "No Shopping" for 6 months.  He is the best!  Can't wait to see some old blogger buddies and meet some new blogger buddies at the Pura Vida Vintage and Blog Nashville event tonight.  Happy Tuesday...again...J

Dress {Pura Vida Vintage}, Belt {Forever 21}, Coin Purse {Chelsea Flea Market}, Heels {Stuart Weitzman}

Pura Vida Vintage Take 2

So out of the three looks I styled from some amazing pieces from Pura Vida Vintage, this was my husband's favorite.  I imagine he loved it because it was the most fitted item of the three looks and did not have some crazy pattern.  It makes me smile because I always find it so sweet that he compliments me so often still after several years of being together.  3 years dating and almost 4 years married, he still makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.  I could see how it might get a little old for him shooting pictures of me day after day on the weekends.  I keep expecting that he might get used to seeing me all dolled up, but each time he always makes me feel like I look like a million bucks.  Maybe this is because at home I waltz around in scraggly slippers and old nightgowns.  So I guess this is a step up for him.  Regardless, I will take it.  Can't wait to see some of you lovelies tonight at the 2nd Blog Nashville event at Pura Vida Vintage at 7:00 p.m.  Happy Tuesday...J

Dress {Pura Vida Vintage}, Belt {Old, Banana Republic}, Heels {Lucky}, Clutch {Kate Spade}, Broach Bracelet {Pura Vida Vintage}, Bangles {DahliaLynn Vintage}    


Pura Vida Vintage Take 1

Really looking forward to our 2nd BlogNashville party tomorrow hosted by Pura Vida Vintage from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m..  To get all you lovely people excited about the event and Pura Vida Vintage, I decided to style a couple of looks with some of the amazing goodies from their store.  Take 1...this amazing cotton, floral, jumper.  Not sure that floral gets any more comfortable than this.  Happy Monday...J
Jumper {Pura Vida Vintage}, Belt {Vintage}, Jacket {Old, Zara}, Heels {Lucky}, Back {Old, Michale Kors}


{Free Jewels}

Top/Shoes {Forever 21}, Skirt {Blush}, Bag {J.Crew}, Necklace {DahliaLynn/Could be yours!}

I am stepping in the blogger spotlight over on my buddy's blog today.  You should check it out here, and enter a chance to win the DahliaLynn necklace I am wearing in this post.  I am loving showering you people in jewels each month with a DahliaLynn giveaway.

In other news, I wanted to invite any of you lovely people interested  to an evening of styling, shopping, and refreshments at the Green Hills J.Crew this Sunday from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.  One of my favorite stylists there sent along this invite, and she kindly asked if I would share it with my friends.  You can find all the details you need below, and the shopping {for you.....not me, still on my no shopping kick} will be that much sweeter since a portion of the profits will benefit Soles 4 Souls.  Hope to see a few of you there.  Happy Friday...J


Showers for Babies

So I thought this was a cute look for a baby shower.  Mostly because it was both comfy and colorful.  Though I might have been a little bit dressed up, I am thinking I must have fit in with the other expecting mothers since this dress does the little belly thing.  Don't lie.....you see it....in the first photo, what appears to look like a little baby bump.  Well I am here to tell you I am not expecting a bundle of joy, and I still feel pretty darn good about this dress, baby bump and all.  What do I care if someone thinks I am a proud mama to be?  Especially, when I am rockin a statement necklace, fun heels, and a sassy bag.  Happy Wednesday...J

Dress {UAL}, Wedges {TJMaxx}, Bag {Zara}, Necklace {DahliaLyn}   


High-waisted Shorts

Ok so do you all ever read those guides that give you suggestions on what you should wear for your body shape?  I do, or did, until I kept reading that some of my favorite looks are not suggested for curvy and petite me.  High on the list of no-no's for moi...high-waisted anything.  

They always say that for petite and curvy gals you should shy away from high-waisted bottoms.  I mean....I get it.  High-waisted items are usual very curve hugging and can sometimes make you look shorter.  If you have a little more love up top, they can accentuate that curve.  But I simply love them.  I love that "vintage" look, and I love that you don't see high-waisted anything as often.  I also love that you can see my waist, which can somtimes get gobbled up in my curves.  So I will keep on keeping on with the high-waisted.  Anything items that you sometimes choose to wear despite what the fashion lords are telling us?  Happy Monday...J

Top {J.Crew}, Shorts {Blush}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Bag {Vintage}, Heels {Nicole Miller}, Sunnies {SEE}    


Blog Nashville

So you might remember when I shared with you that my buddy, Jessica, and I hosted the first Blog Nashville event for the opening of the Nashville H&M.  We had such a lovely time, and we are really looking forward to the next time we can get together with all of our new blogger friends.  So we are excited to announce Blog Nashville's second event.  

If you are a blogger in the Nashville, TN area please join us!
What: cocktails & shopping at Pura Vida Vintage
When: 7-9 pm, Tuesday June 25th
Where: Pura Vida Vintage
1303 16th Ave, Nashville TN 37212
We hope that if you are a Nashville blogger you will come enjoy some shopping, drinks, and new friends.  All you need to do is RSVP to BlogNashvilleTN@gmail.com
   Hope everyone is having a great weekend...J

*Also if you want to get your own Blog Nashville Button, just use this code on your blog:
<center><a href="https://www.facebook.com/BlogNashville"><img src="http://i1257.photobucket.com/albums/ii505/jesshereandnow/BlogNashvilleIcon200.jpg" height="62" width="250" /></a></center>


The Heat...

So you probably noticed the fact that this is my first post this week.  I thought at first it was my busy schedule or the fact that I was a slug on Sunday that has left you postless, but no, it is the freakin HEAT.  Not sure about your weather situation, but things are getting H-O-T out here, in here, all over here.  Today I had to drum up the courage to walk from the car to the building after a particularly large lunch. 

So I decided to look back at what I was doing last year to "beat the heat."  Apparently I was wearing heels, showing some skin, enjoying the jewels, and taking photos with balloons in sweaters.  This led me to some questions, concerns, and conclusions.  (1) These pictures from a year ago, filled with jewels, brights, printed dresses, and heels,  just prove I am a creature of habit.  (2) Why the heck was I wearing a sweater in June last year? (3) I am no help to myself {aside from "showing some skin"} because draping yourself in layers and jewels, while walking around in heels does not sound like a good way to cool off.   Help!?  Happy Wednesday...J


Love You: Chanel

Hello Weekend...nice to see you. Today I am introducing you to one of those gals, whose style I just love.  I am confident we could change closets this second, and I would be one lucky duck.    But today I am excited to learn a bit more about this gal aside from the fact that she is gorgeous and has killer style. 
"Greetings dolls, Chanel of Chanelfiles here and I'm so excited to be featured in Jessica's 'Love You' post!
Originally a SF Bay Area native, I attended and graduated from Howard University in Washington, D.C. in May 2012 and am currently back in the Bay Area working as a visual merchant for J.Crew. I'm thrilled to be sharing a little bit about myself not only to the lovely readers of DahliaLynn, but also for my Chanelfiles' readers as well! So... here it goes!

And it's as simple as that. 

Feeling myself a bit you ask? *lol* Why of course not! But one thing I can definitely say is that in order to love others & be loved, you must first love yourself. Love yourself for ALL the flaws you have {and I have quite a few} & also love the beautiful qualities about you too. I have yet to age like fine wine but I've learned throughout to become vulnerable and as open with myself as possible. I love that I'm a sweetheart and a firecracker all at the same time. I love that I can't leave the house without everything {and I do me EVERYTHING} being in its right place & position, & I also love that I love love. Sounds corny, but it's true. I'm a real sucker for love ya'll.

If I could explain how much I genuinely love food I'd be typing & you'd be reading ALL night long. Food does something to {and for} me that's kind of on another level. I've always said that if I could be paid to do two things in life it would be to eat and shop. Because Lord knows I could do these two things day in and day out!

I've always had a knack for clothes & throughout the years {yes...years} I've come to understand exactly what my style entails. A classic & {slightly} preppy foundation but always with pops of color, texture, and prints. I live for a good print honey!

I've only been in love once in my life {my high school sweetheart...how sappy is that} and as a 24 year-old, I can definitely admit that I'm in a place in my life where I'm allowing love to come {and sadly go} as much as needed if it'll lead me to the person I'm meant to be with.

As an only child I've come to understand that at the end of the day when 'friends' have come and gone, my parents will always be there with me. Right or wrong. And for that I can't help but love them. DUH. 

From Florence + the Machine to Beyonce (#wifey), Marvin Sapp & Yolanda Adams, to Jazz composers like Jacky Terrasson and Jack Dehonette, I like to think my taste in music plays a huge role on who I've become and my outlook on life. 

Thanks for listening girls and HAPPY FRIDAY!"
I love that I feel like Chanel's bubbly personality just jumps right off the page.  To bad we don't live closer, or I would beg her to let me take her out for a coffee or drink.  Following Chanel's amazing example I want to keep it short and sweet today.  Simple put, I love everything that Chanel loves about herself, but I love most that she loves God.  Chanel, I can't thank you enough for starting the weekend off right!  If you have not done it already, I encourage you to go visit Chanel and her amazing style over at Chanelfiles.  You won't be disappointed.  Happy Friday...J