Sweet Made Sweeter

As I mentioned on Monday, I had the most amazing weekend in NYC.  Really how can you go wrong with good company, good food, good flea markets, good museums, and lots of girl talk? But I will say, per usual, I missed the Mister.  Since Mr. J travels every week from early Monday morning to late Thursday evening, whenever we take a trip without the other on the weekend no matter how much fun we are having, there is always a little something missing.

So this Sunday was especially sweet as we did our usual Sunday routine together after I returned from the big apple.  This routine usual includes, running some errands, cleaning up the house, getting a bite to eat, taking a walk through our sweet little neighborhood, and taking blog pictures.  Mr. J is always kind enough to take some time on the weekends to shoot some of the outfits I have been wearing the past couple of days, so I can share them with you on the blog. 

With all the errands, we usual end up stopping for an afternoon snack.  This Sunday we stopped by Wendy's, where we love spicy chicken nuggets, french fries, and a frosty...or two.  We even have a running joke that any leftover dollar bills we have are used as "nugget money."  We also wanted to jump in on all the excitement over a Frosty in a Waffle Cone.  Though I was perfectly happy with the regular old Frosty in a cup, what is not to like about a new twist on an old favorite?  Since I find the Frosty to be a more refreshing version of a cup of ice cream, I don't mind at all that the waffle cone makes something already so sweet a little sweeter.

Only dilemma currently is that we can never decide....vanilla or chocolate?  So we got both.  {Yes, we are those cruise ship people that order one of everything on the menu just to try...hey they are all you can eat after all.  What is the point if you are not ordering extra?}  Can you tell from the pictures I had no problem digging in?  So if you have not stopped by to try out the new treat, I am here to tell ya that you should.  Remember on Monday when I was talking about how balloons always make things better, thinking I need to add a Frost in a Waffle Cone to that list.  I can promise those little treats will make whatever you are doing a little bit sweeter.  Happy Wednesday...J

Dress {c/o Savoir-Faire}, Heels {Lucky}, Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Rings {Vintage} Sunnies {See}
**Thank you to Wendy's for sponsoring this post.  All opinions are from yours truly.**    


  1. I love the sweet necklace! I worked at a Wendy's for two years...I love the Frosty's!

  2. This dress is the perfect mix of flirty, feminine, and effortless!! Love the addition of the necklace! And I am totally on board with ordering everything just to try

  3. You look adorable, as usual! I love that dress and the necklace!

    Why am I just now hearing about a frosty in a waffle cone?! This is amazing! I think I know where I'm going after work today.... :)