More Outfits?

So since we wrapped up May over the weekend, and I officially ended my 1st month of "NO SHOPPING," I thought I would do a little round up of the outfits I shared last month to see how I am doing in the creativity department.  I think I am doing alright, but I was shocked at how few outfits I actually share on the blog.  5 outfits were all I shared in May.  Only 5. 

I won't for a minute let you believe that I am in amazing outfits every day of the week {and I am certain that some of my outfits you would not care to see}, but I sure as heck can do better than 5 posts per month.  I mean I do in fact where clothes 7 days a week.  Sometimes I repeat an item or two, or entire outfit if I am feeling lazy, but I generally try to come up with something fresh and new each day. 

  I mean this is supposed to be a fashion and lifestyle blog, and I shelled out a measly 5 outfits in May.  But before I start to make a more coordinated effort to photograph more than just a few of many, I was wondering, would you even like to see more outfit pics?  Hope to hear back from you wonderful people.  Happy Tues...J


  1. I would love to see outfit pics! Your outfits are impeccable.