{Love You: Siblings}

I have been so excited to share this special "Love You" post.  It is going to be a bit different as I will share what I love about my siblings and what they have helped me love about myself, but I hope it will challenge you to think about how family members close to you can help you grow and love not only them, but yourself more for your relationships with them.  I will also say this is super long and I know few will read it in its entirety, but I just couldn't stop sharing.  These pictures are the result of a hilarious afternoon of my sweet Dad taking shot after shot, while my beautiful Mumsey was jumping around behind him trying to catch everyone's attention for the perfect shot.  

I can't go on to share the deep love I have of my siblings without spending a moment to thank my parents.  Growing up they both stressed the importance of my brother, sister, and I building bonds with one another.  In our house you got in more trouble for picking on a sibling than you did for dropping the f-bomb.  Let me put a disclaimer out there that most days we are not usually running around our house yelling out profanities, but it happens.  When I was younger, I really don't think I got what they were talking about.  But as we all have continued to grow up, I can't even explain how much I cherish the bond I have with Jenny and Steven, and I will be forever thankful to my parents for that bond they have helped us develop.  But today I am going to try to explain it to you because they are the source of so much love in my life....

I love Jenny because she is always making me laugh.  Whether she is telling a funny story, telling people to get with the program, runny late for everything except work, trying to explain what she is learning in Medical School to me {which never goes well}, life coaching her friends, or opening her heart to pretty much everyone around her, she is just amazing to be around.   She is one of those people that I know is truly loved by so many because when I am with her people just light up when they see her.  Jenny's huge heart, kind loving spirit, willingness to speak the truth, sass and laugh are not only infectious, but just draw people to her.  The best thing about her is that she is so humble.  She will probably roll her eyes and cry when she reads this because she does not see herself this way at all, and that humbleness makes her all the more lovable.  Last but certainly not least, Jenny is so smart, and the fact that she is using her intellect to make the world a better place inspires me daily.   

I love Steven because he is so kindhearted, extremely thoughtful, and what I like to call a fun guy.  I am reminded of a story years ago, when we were at the last Sunday service before Christmas.  Steven was, I don't know, 10 at the time.  He was unusually quiet when we got home from church, and later I found out he had pulled my mom aside to explain that he had noticed that there was one angel left on the angel tree at church.  He knew that our family had already chosen angels to sponsor, so he didn't want to ask my parents to do more, but he was terribly concerned that a child out there was not going to get a Christmas, so he and my mom called Church to snatch up that last angel. In addition to his sweet heart, I often find that Steven is extremely thoughtful.  He is one of those men that was subjected to so much girl talk between my mom, sister, and me, that he is an amazing listener and therefore often says really insightful things.  On top of all that, he is just fun to be around, always laid back and able to break the ice with anyone. 

I love them both because they are two of my biggest supporters.  Like my parents and Stuart, Jenny and Steven are always cheering me on.  This support has really shown in the support they have given Stuart and I.  Jenny and Steven have done so much to make Stuart feel like part of the family.  While Jenny often conspires with Stuart to surprise me on birthdays, Steven can be found out to lunch with Stuart every Friday for "Hot Dog Friday" lunch.  This is sacred boys time, and it is an honor to be invited.  I have gone a couple of times.  I also love them both for what they have taught me to love about my self.

I love that I am a really great big sister for these reasons.  I love that I am fiercely protective of my siblings.  There are a couple of things in life that can really ruffle my feathers, messing with any member of my family {especially my siblings} is one of them.  I love that I am a really great pep talker.  Jenny and Steven both come to me sometimes with stuff that has gotten them down and after 30 minutes, they are feeling better and often teasing me for how much I have gotten in to the pep talk.  I love that they feel okay letting me see them at their worse.  Since we all went to the same college, I was often the one to find out about the mistakes {we all make them} first before mom and dad.  I think we can all agree that college can bring some moments that are not our pride and joy, and I was always thankful Jenny and Steven always let me help them through those times.  

I know many have stopped reading, but Jenny, Steven, Mumsey, and Dad you have probably gotten this far.  So to you, I will say these pictures are so much more than the Mehl Family Christmas card picture.  They are a representation of everything Stuart and I love about spending time with our siblings and our family.  I wish I had more time to go through all of our family members, Mumsey, Dad, Anne, Dickie, Laura, the Grands, and more.  But I will save those for other posts.  To many more years of fun, stories, support, and most important....love.  I love you...J    

P.S. For those of you interested in what dog belongs to who.  
Tucker {GoldenDoodle/WheatenTerrier} Stuart and I rescued Tucker, 4 years old, shortly after we were married.  He is our first child, need I say more?
Charlotte {Cavelier Kind Charles} Charlotte, 1 year old, was a recent addition, when Stuart and I moved.  She is a nut, but brings us so much joy.
Lexi {Golden Retriever}  Lexi, 14 years old, has been one of our family dogs, but Jenny is her person.  She is as sweet and loyal as they come.
Mia {Pug} Mia is almost 5 and is 1 of 3 pugs our family has had.  She can often be found sitting in my Mumsey's lap.
Charlie {Yorki} Charlie, I think is almost 6. He was a male stud at a Yorki, puppy mill, and he came to live with us after the first woman, who rescued him, was no longer able to care for him.  He enjoys long prances in the big yard and sitting with my Dad and Mumsey.


{Second and Dahlia's Style Steals}

Loving this dining room Michelle sent over.  So fresh and so clean, clean...right?  Still in awe of the gorgeous details on the table.  My favorite pics for the week or the amazing drawing Michelle found and the tassel necklace I found.  Happy Thursday...J 



Thought about posting a new outfit pic today, but I really thought you lovelies would appreciate this more.  Two of my blogger buddies put together an amazing gift guide called To&From.  The best part is that instead of just sharing most of their gift picks, they asked over fifty of their friends, many of who are serious bloggers or taskmasters in everything fashionable, trendy, or user friendly, to share their picks.  They have split gifts up by color, family  members, friends with certain styles, and more.  They really have not missed a beat.  So shop on, but I recommend going in with a budget because if you are like me you will want to snatch up so many of these gifts for your loved ones.  Happy Shopping...J  


An apple a day..

So with all the amazing gift guides out there {more to come on that soon}, there was one tiny little trinket that has been on my mind.  This darling apple jewel box from BCBG.  Do I need an apple shaped, tiny, box to hold jewels?  No, but look at her.  She is cute as a button!  So I thought I would round up a couple of other items that have been the "apple of my eye" today.  Which is your favorite?  Happy Tuesday...J


{Love You: Anna}

Photography by Keely Young
I know I am a smidge late on this one since Friday happened a couple of days ago.  But the beautiful Anna of TulipLouise needed a couple of extra days since she was recently in the most magical place on earth, D-I-S-N-E-Y.  This is a case where better late is most definitely better than never.  If you check in on DahilaLynn often, you know that Ms. Anna of the amazing TulipLouise is one of my oldest and closest friends.  I am so thrilled to have this pretty girl on the blog today talking about what she loves about herself.
My eye for fashion + beauty.  Fashion was my first love in life, and I’m fortunate enough to do what I enjoy m-o-s-t… every single day!  On set for photo shoots + helping people look their best?  That is what makes my heart skip a beat.  This appreciation for beautiful things isn’t limited to fashion, but also spans into the arts, a thoughtful space, an inspiring window display, an unexpected floral arrangement, a great song, or a provoking photo editorial.  These are the things that truly make me tick.  

My family.  I am so unbelievably thankful that I was born into a fantastic family, full of characters.  When the world gets crazy, they are my constant.  I often ponder that I don’t know where I would be today without their love and support.

My resemblance to my mom.  We most definitely cannot deny our kinship—especially in our eyes.

My parallel parking skills + that I can drive a stick.  HA, I strangely take a lot of pride in both of these things!  Any chance I get, you’ll find me parallel parking or backing into a space-- it’s just a strange little quirk.  Driving a stick seems to be a thing of the past, but my parents insisted I learn.  My first car was a {precious} standard VW Beetle.       

My dimple.  I think dimples are beyond cute, and I like that I only have one… it feels unique! 
Thank you so much for having me, darling Jess!  Love Y-O-U, Anna xo"
It is always fun for me to have a buddy that I know really well on the "Love You" series because though there are some "loves" that I could have guessed, there is always at least one that I would not have guessed.  Certainly none of Anna's sweet "loves" took me by surprise, but I loved that she shared her love for resembling her mom.  I too resemble my mother, and there is something so special about that resemblance that reminds me I was raised by a strong, loving, beautiful, and amazing woman that I strive to be like.  I also love that Anna highlights for us her "love" of a skill.  There are so many little skills we all have, parallel parking, driving a stick, or folding a fitted sheet, that on some level make us proud, and we too often take these skills for granted.  Anna reminds us of the so many little things we "love" about ourselves.  Thank you Anna for such a wonderful way to start the week.  Lotsa love...J 


Gold Pleats: Easy as 1, 2, 3

So I had the most delightful visit yesterday with one of my buddies that just opened the most amazing boutique in my home town, Hazel's Haven.  Meagan and her sweet mother made their own dreams come true by opening an amazing store where women of all shapes, sizes, and ages can come and find the perfect something or somethings to spruce up their wardrobe.  I have some exciting news to share about our new partnership, so stay tuned.  
After visiting, I took several trips around her store trying to decide what of the many things I wanted to try on, and I was blow away to find the most amazing gold pleated skirt tucked away in a corner.  I had seen Meagan post the image on her website weeks ago, and I was certain the skirt would have sold like hotcakes, but she had only sold two.  This was a victory for me since I was able to snatch one up, but it got us talking about why the item might not be selling.  Did I mention it doubles as a dress too?  
We landed on the fact that some people might not know exactly what to do with such a bright item.  So I thought I would throw together a little causal look for you today featuring, you guessed it or maybe you didn't that's ok, a gold pleated skirt.  In my opinion, a casual oversized sweater or top combined with a cross body bag in a rich hue can give the skirt a more casual, no fuss look.  What do you think...would you wear this fun look around town?  If the answer is yes, hop on over to HH and try on the amazing gold pleated skirt because it is one item you will not regret having.  Did I mention it is a fraction of the price for all the gold pleated skirts I found online?  Happy shopping...J

Honest Hats

So these images turned out a little wacky.  My feet looked like fluorescent light bulbs, so I decided to just share bits and pieces of this look.  What do you think of the hat?  I will be honest.  But as a side note I have always thought that saying, "I will be honest" is just weird.  I mean, I feel like any time you use that phrase it implies the rest of the time you are just telling lies.  Are you starting to worry I am telling lies all the time because I am not.  
So back to my original thought, if I am honest with you, I love hats, but they are the one accessory I sometimes feel silly in.  I don't know why, and it never stops me from wearing them, but I think I see hats and sometimes align them with mischief.  And who really wants people thinking they are up to mischief?  Not me, usually, but nevertheless, here I am in all my glory wearing a hat.  What do you think?  Happy almost Turkey Day...J
Sweater {Express}, Button-up {J.Crew}, Pants {Forever21}, Hat {Blush Boutique}, Specs {SEE}


{Love You: Tess}

So happy today to be introducing you to a buddy of mine that I met through DahliaLynn jewelry.  Tess Labeth just happens to be one of my biggest supporters, since she has carried my jewelry line in here amazing shop since it's opening.  I can still remember the first time we chatted about working together, and as a tiny business she was so encouraging, kind, and willing to do whatever she could to make our working relationship happen.  I will be forever grateful for the chance she took on my tiny jewel business and for all the encouragment she has given me along the way.  Keep reading to learn more about Tess and what she loves about herself today.

"Jessica, thank you so much for considering me for the feature. I’m so thankful to be able to
share what I love in your Love You Series.

Family: I am so thankful for the love of my family. I am a daughter, sister, granddaughter,
niece, cousin, and most recently - auntie. My family fulfills me in more ways than I can
express. Their constant love and support is always encouraging and I’m privileged to have such
abundant love amongst so many people. Thick as thieves, we are.

The Story of Us: I’m so in love with our story, and him. Our journey is unique and perfect for
us. He makes me feel so beautiful and loved. I can’t bear the thought of not having him... and
he is so much more wonderful than I ever thought the love of my life would be. Just wonderful.

SF: I am fortunate enough to have my own business which I love - day in and day out! I
opened Savoir-Faire, a women’s boutique, in September 2011 and have never looked back. It
makes me so happy... and kind of crazy. I eat, sleep, and breathe it but wouldn’t have it any
other way. SF has required me to push myself in many ways I never believed I could. It’s
constantly teaching me things and I find it so interesting and amusing... that it’s my creation. I
am so so proud of it and I can’t imagine my life without it.

Style: I absolutely love dressing myself... it’s the easiest form of self expression. My style is
feminine and eclectic and I find it simple to recreate everyday. I have a slight obsession with
vintage jewels and head pieces are utter happiness to me. I once had someone tell me they
would love to get inside my brain... to see how it works. And that, I simply adore.

Memories: I love holding on to memories... and making new ones. One thing I will never let
go - taking bubble baths at my Grandmothers and the scent of Caress soap. My Grandmother
always has used Caress bar soap and I would give anything to bottle the fragrance to wear
everyday. I loved slumber parties at Grandmother & Grandaddy’s... those are times my sister &
I will never forget. Another, my Granddaddy taught me how to drive when I was 12... in his navy
blue Crown Vic. Will never forget that summer.

Throughout my life things have changed... my childhood was fantastic and so is adulthood. I
look forward, and already enjoy, the memories Cody and I are creating. We got engaged in
Italy... and we’re planning our honeymoon trip to Paris! I look forward to the future with him, my
family, and Savoir-Faire. Only time will tell how my love will continue to grow... for myself, my
loved ones, and others."

I really feel like this post is such a perfect glimpse into Tess' beautiful life.  My favorite love for the day is Tess' love of her memories.  This was such a unique one because I think we all love and cherish our memories, but how often do we gift thanks for them.  So many memories not only remind us of where we have been, but often shape who we are and who we want to become.  Thank you sweet Tess for the lovely loves today.  I hope everyone has safe travels over the weekend.  Lotsa love...J


{Second & Dahlia's Style Steals}

Still cannot believe it is already November!  Today I am loving the comfy chair that Michelle found and the fun leggings I found.  They would make the perfect combo to curl up and read a book after a Thanksgiving feast or with a warm cup of coffee to catch up with family.  Happy Thursday...J


{Home & Not Alone}

Found these photos that my man took of me last Christmas at the pasture behind our neighbors house.  Not sure that I every shared them with you all and with my excitement building as I start to pack tonight for a week home, I thought no better time to share them than today.
Necklace {DahliaLynn}, Top {Suite One}, Vest {Cheap Thrills}, Pants {Borrowed fro my sister, so not sure}, Flats {Cole Haan}, Sunnies {SEE}  


The Gimmies: J.Crew

I have been spending lots of time lately browsing shops and the web for those perfect Christmas gifts for my loved ones.  But I can't help myself from stopping every once and a while to take a look at some of the things I might like to find under the tree.  As usual, J.Crew is killing it with all the casual/chic items that are bursting throughout the pages of their site.  Here are just a few of the many pretties calling my name, and these are not even my favorites.  Have you started thinking about what you might like to give or receive for the holidays?  Happy Tuesday....J


{The Grinch Gone Crazy}

So I titled today "The Grinch Gone Crazy" not because he has, but because I have felt a little nutty lately.  First, last week was weird because I threw my back out when I went sky diving.  Ok I am already lying, I was really just clearning the house.  What 27 year old throws their back out clearning?  Second, I have yet to take out my winter clothes, so I have been wearing lots of long shirts and summer layers.  I would be lying if I told you I have not looked like a dress up bag lady for the past week.  Third, I have been listening to the "All I Want for Christmas" station for the past three weeks.  So can you see why I have felt a little nutty?  I am gearing up for lots of holiday travel, the first of which I have to start packing for this week.  I am headed back home for a whole week, so I wanted to get a little holidy dressing inspiration on the blog.  Took a look down memory lane to see what festive outfits I had come up with in the past.  As you can see from the pics I am looking to pops of red, shiny pants, and more and more suquins to get myself in the holiday spirit.  My goal: to look like a large, fun holiday ornament more than once in the coming months.    What are you planning to wear for the holidays??  Happy Monday...J


{Second & Dahlia's Style Steals}

Loved the picture Michelle sent over from Lonny.  Similar to Michelle sometimes I want lots of color on the walls and sometimes all white.  But today...the color will do.  My favorite pics today are same at Michelle's.  The DANNIJO cuff, on sale, and the amazing vintage wall piece Michelle found.  Happy looking...J 


{Reason for the Season}

So this weekend we will be taking our family photos for this year.  We are going to go a little more Christmas themed than usual, and I can't wait.  Been collecting lots of inspiration on Pinterest for the mini-shoot and here is just a little glimpse into the fun I have planned for the Mister, the pups, and me.  Happy Monday...J
1, 2, 3, 4


{Love You: Victoria}

Happy Friday!  It has been a long couple of weeks at the day job, and I have been looking forward to the weekend since Monday.  And as usual nothing gets me in a better place for the weekend than hearing some love.  I am so excited to have Victoria from the amazing lifestyle blog Vmac+Cheese today.  Victoria's blog is one of those beautiful places you can go to always know you will find something fresh and new.  Read on to find out what Victoria is loving about herself...

"1. I love that I am so independent. I had a somewhat unique childhood (nothing truly horrible, I promise, but I also promise you it was unique), and it forced me to become resourceful, self-sufficient, and on top of things. While sometimes I'm still working through my interesting early years, I can appreciate that it also made me such a self-starter, ambitious, fiercely organized, and an independent gal! These are traits I wouldn't trade for anything.

2. I love my hair. I can't believe I can write that, because yes, there are still some days when it still drives me crazy. I used to hate my hair all through middle and high school. It's very wavy, there's a lot of it, and it's super thick. However, I've learned I have the perfect chameleon hair. I can make it stick straight, curl it into ringlets, or easily air dry it into nice beachy waves. It's taken years of practice and a little experimentation, but I'd rather have my crazy mop of hair that can do anything you want it to do instead of one dimensional hair that I can only wear one way.

3. I love that I am loyal. I am the kind of person that has a small circle of extremely close friends. Once you're in the circle, you're there for life, and you basically have my undying love and loyalty. I would do anything for my closest friends.

4. I love that I'm an only child. This one might surprise people, and no, it's not because I'm an attention seeker! :) I actually think that being an only child forced me to learn to self-soothe and entertain myself when I was little. This has worked well for me as an adult. It takes very little for me to let my mind wander or feel creative, and I can often just sit places and not mind being alone with my own thoughts. It's perfect any time I go to the DMV!

5. I love to read. I've always loved it. And I think learning to love to read from an early age made me a much better writer, and it made any writing based exams or assignments in school MUCH easier.

6. I love that I'm a very decisive person. At least about things that I care about or have an opinion on. My friends will tell you that I'm good at setting boundaries, saying what I mean, being frank, honest, and open with people. I think this comes from a place of always trying to know myself really well, and in turn, I just end up being more decisive. Things I am not decisive about: my fiance would say that whenever we want to order takeout, I can never decide what I want. But that's only because everything sounds so delicious!

Thanks so much to Jessica for having me over today! This was an interesting exercise and actually made me feel proud of myself. :)"

I think my favorite part is the love Victoria has for being an only child and finding all the good in how it helped her become the amazing, independent woman she is today.  I also have to share a little extra thank you to Victoria for being here today because she has some very special plans tomorrow.  She is getting MARRIED!  I still can't believe how kind she was to agree to do this guest post during what I know can be an exciting and crazy time.  Please be sure to check out all the amazing things Vmac+Cheese has to offer.  Thank you again Victoria and happy almost wedding day.  Hope your Friday is filled with lotsa love...J


{Second & Dahlia's Style Steals}

Fell in love with the warmth in this room shot by Mark Seelen as someone who has no option but to get a leather couch for our main room as I have two pups that invite themselves onto the couch all the time.  I love how the warn in leather makes a modern and sleek room feel lived in.  My favorites for today are the shabby chic planter that Michelle found, and the booties I found.  I personally would pair this look with the Ox Blood booties, but I really think any of them would compliment the look nicely.  Happy Thursday...J