{Love You: Anna}

Photography by Keely Young
I know I am a smidge late on this one since Friday happened a couple of days ago.  But the beautiful Anna of TulipLouise needed a couple of extra days since she was recently in the most magical place on earth, D-I-S-N-E-Y.  This is a case where better late is most definitely better than never.  If you check in on DahilaLynn often, you know that Ms. Anna of the amazing TulipLouise is one of my oldest and closest friends.  I am so thrilled to have this pretty girl on the blog today talking about what she loves about herself.
My eye for fashion + beauty.  Fashion was my first love in life, and I’m fortunate enough to do what I enjoy m-o-s-t… every single day!  On set for photo shoots + helping people look their best?  That is what makes my heart skip a beat.  This appreciation for beautiful things isn’t limited to fashion, but also spans into the arts, a thoughtful space, an inspiring window display, an unexpected floral arrangement, a great song, or a provoking photo editorial.  These are the things that truly make me tick.  

My family.  I am so unbelievably thankful that I was born into a fantastic family, full of characters.  When the world gets crazy, they are my constant.  I often ponder that I don’t know where I would be today without their love and support.

My resemblance to my mom.  We most definitely cannot deny our kinship—especially in our eyes.

My parallel parking skills + that I can drive a stick.  HA, I strangely take a lot of pride in both of these things!  Any chance I get, you’ll find me parallel parking or backing into a space-- it’s just a strange little quirk.  Driving a stick seems to be a thing of the past, but my parents insisted I learn.  My first car was a {precious} standard VW Beetle.       

My dimple.  I think dimples are beyond cute, and I like that I only have one… it feels unique! 
Thank you so much for having me, darling Jess!  Love Y-O-U, Anna xo"
It is always fun for me to have a buddy that I know really well on the "Love You" series because though there are some "loves" that I could have guessed, there is always at least one that I would not have guessed.  Certainly none of Anna's sweet "loves" took me by surprise, but I loved that she shared her love for resembling her mom.  I too resemble my mother, and there is something so special about that resemblance that reminds me I was raised by a strong, loving, beautiful, and amazing woman that I strive to be like.  I also love that Anna highlights for us her "love" of a skill.  There are so many little skills we all have, parallel parking, driving a stick, or folding a fitted sheet, that on some level make us proud, and we too often take these skills for granted.  Anna reminds us of the so many little things we "love" about ourselves.  Thank you Anna for such a wonderful way to start the week.  Lotsa love...J 


  1. I love Anna's blog and her insta as well. She's always taking such great risks with fashion and her style doesn't conform to the usual "blogger's style," which I love. I'm a fan of her using the phrase "my heart skip a beat," it's one of my favorite things to say about things that just make the world feel right.

    Lovely that the two of you are such close friends!

  2. Also resemble my mom (STRONGLY) and have one dimple... needless to say, I loved Anna's post. One of my favorite fashion bloggers, because (just like you, Jessica) she breaks rules and has fun. Inspirational. xoxo