{Love You: Siblings}

I have been so excited to share this special "Love You" post.  It is going to be a bit different as I will share what I love about my siblings and what they have helped me love about myself, but I hope it will challenge you to think about how family members close to you can help you grow and love not only them, but yourself more for your relationships with them.  I will also say this is super long and I know few will read it in its entirety, but I just couldn't stop sharing.  These pictures are the result of a hilarious afternoon of my sweet Dad taking shot after shot, while my beautiful Mumsey was jumping around behind him trying to catch everyone's attention for the perfect shot.  

I can't go on to share the deep love I have of my siblings without spending a moment to thank my parents.  Growing up they both stressed the importance of my brother, sister, and I building bonds with one another.  In our house you got in more trouble for picking on a sibling than you did for dropping the f-bomb.  Let me put a disclaimer out there that most days we are not usually running around our house yelling out profanities, but it happens.  When I was younger, I really don't think I got what they were talking about.  But as we all have continued to grow up, I can't even explain how much I cherish the bond I have with Jenny and Steven, and I will be forever thankful to my parents for that bond they have helped us develop.  But today I am going to try to explain it to you because they are the source of so much love in my life....

I love Jenny because she is always making me laugh.  Whether she is telling a funny story, telling people to get with the program, runny late for everything except work, trying to explain what she is learning in Medical School to me {which never goes well}, life coaching her friends, or opening her heart to pretty much everyone around her, she is just amazing to be around.   She is one of those people that I know is truly loved by so many because when I am with her people just light up when they see her.  Jenny's huge heart, kind loving spirit, willingness to speak the truth, sass and laugh are not only infectious, but just draw people to her.  The best thing about her is that she is so humble.  She will probably roll her eyes and cry when she reads this because she does not see herself this way at all, and that humbleness makes her all the more lovable.  Last but certainly not least, Jenny is so smart, and the fact that she is using her intellect to make the world a better place inspires me daily.   

I love Steven because he is so kindhearted, extremely thoughtful, and what I like to call a fun guy.  I am reminded of a story years ago, when we were at the last Sunday service before Christmas.  Steven was, I don't know, 10 at the time.  He was unusually quiet when we got home from church, and later I found out he had pulled my mom aside to explain that he had noticed that there was one angel left on the angel tree at church.  He knew that our family had already chosen angels to sponsor, so he didn't want to ask my parents to do more, but he was terribly concerned that a child out there was not going to get a Christmas, so he and my mom called Church to snatch up that last angel. In addition to his sweet heart, I often find that Steven is extremely thoughtful.  He is one of those men that was subjected to so much girl talk between my mom, sister, and me, that he is an amazing listener and therefore often says really insightful things.  On top of all that, he is just fun to be around, always laid back and able to break the ice with anyone. 

I love them both because they are two of my biggest supporters.  Like my parents and Stuart, Jenny and Steven are always cheering me on.  This support has really shown in the support they have given Stuart and I.  Jenny and Steven have done so much to make Stuart feel like part of the family.  While Jenny often conspires with Stuart to surprise me on birthdays, Steven can be found out to lunch with Stuart every Friday for "Hot Dog Friday" lunch.  This is sacred boys time, and it is an honor to be invited.  I have gone a couple of times.  I also love them both for what they have taught me to love about my self.

I love that I am a really great big sister for these reasons.  I love that I am fiercely protective of my siblings.  There are a couple of things in life that can really ruffle my feathers, messing with any member of my family {especially my siblings} is one of them.  I love that I am a really great pep talker.  Jenny and Steven both come to me sometimes with stuff that has gotten them down and after 30 minutes, they are feeling better and often teasing me for how much I have gotten in to the pep talk.  I love that they feel okay letting me see them at their worse.  Since we all went to the same college, I was often the one to find out about the mistakes {we all make them} first before mom and dad.  I think we can all agree that college can bring some moments that are not our pride and joy, and I was always thankful Jenny and Steven always let me help them through those times.  

I know many have stopped reading, but Jenny, Steven, Mumsey, and Dad you have probably gotten this far.  So to you, I will say these pictures are so much more than the Mehl Family Christmas card picture.  They are a representation of everything Stuart and I love about spending time with our siblings and our family.  I wish I had more time to go through all of our family members, Mumsey, Dad, Anne, Dickie, Laura, the Grands, and more.  But I will save those for other posts.  To many more years of fun, stories, support, and most important....love.  I love you...J    

P.S. For those of you interested in what dog belongs to who.  
Tucker {GoldenDoodle/WheatenTerrier} Stuart and I rescued Tucker, 4 years old, shortly after we were married.  He is our first child, need I say more?
Charlotte {Cavelier Kind Charles} Charlotte, 1 year old, was a recent addition, when Stuart and I moved.  She is a nut, but brings us so much joy.
Lexi {Golden Retriever}  Lexi, 14 years old, has been one of our family dogs, but Jenny is her person.  She is as sweet and loyal as they come.
Mia {Pug} Mia is almost 5 and is 1 of 3 pugs our family has had.  She can often be found sitting in my Mumsey's lap.
Charlie {Yorki} Charlie, I think is almost 6. He was a male stud at a Yorki, puppy mill, and he came to live with us after the first woman, who rescued him, was no longer able to care for him.  He enjoys long prances in the big yard and sitting with my Dad and Mumsey.


  1. I love this post and everything said (esp about J) is spot on! I think I have even gotten some Jessica pep talk advice via Jenny several times. Love it!

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    xoxo, Emily

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