Last Chance

Happy "Throw Back Thursday."  I know TBT has been around forever, but I always forget about it.  Kind of like I forgot about this super cute look I pulled together almost exactly 2 years ago.  I know what I am wearing on Saturday.  Except...I will have to add snow boots, long underwear, a hat, and parka to get this look South Bend ready.  But thinking I will still be giving off that same cute, casual vibe as long as I can keep my teeth from chattering in the -40 temps we have been having in good old Northern Indiana.  Hey...did you remember that today is the last day to enter the amazing INPINK giveaway for $150 to go on a little jewel buying spree?  Good luck friends...J!!


1 Dress, 5 Ways, Part 2

Well today we were all ordered to work from home.  There is a state of emergency, and you can literally get a $2,500.00 ticket just for being on the road {unless you are an emergency responder}.  Not sure that needing a starbucks counts as an emergency, so I am staying home.

Makes me even more excited to share Part 2 of 1 Dress, 5 Ways.  I still can't decide if I think this outift is spunky and fun or just terrible.  I keep going back and forth.  One minute I just think it is fun {the kind of fun you think a 5 year old has when they are allowed to dress themselves for the day}, and the next I think it is a big mess.  I think if I ditched the hat and swapped the boots for a black shoe, I would feel a little bit more confident.  

What do you guys think?  Happy Tuesday...J

Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Pants {J.Crew}, Booties {Nine West}, Clutch {Zara}, Scarf {Forever 21}, Hat {Vintage}


1 Dress, 5 Ways: Part 1

Happy Monday Friends!! I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I am back with another round of "1 Item, 5 Ways."  If you missed the last round take a look below at the 5 ways I styled a crazy pair of pants.  This week I am featuring a bold, tribal, print dress from a personal favorite Riffraff.  Of course you could wear this pretty in the summer with bare legs, fun heels, or comfy flats, but this week I will be styling the dress for those of us living in cold weather climates.  Up first, I wore my favorite skinnies, Moccasin boots, and a warm scarf.  I think the bold print on the scarf works well with the smaller tribal print on the dress.  Your thoughts?  Do you think it works?  See you tomorrow...J
P.S.  Have you entered my latest giveaway for a chance to win $150 to buy pretties at INPINK?
Dress {c/o, Riffraff}, Pants {Ann Taylor}, Boots {Minnetonka}, Necklace {J.Crew}, Clutch {Savoir-Faire}
1 Pant, 5 Ways


$150 INPINK Giveaway

Have I mentioned how much I love you guys lately?  Well, I do.  And here to help me show you all the love is INPINK.  I have mentioned INPINK and their amazing jewels here and here.  And today I am showing you that their amazing pieces can even snazz up an outfit with 14 inches of snow on the ground and -40 temps.   

SooOoOoo....Now it is your chance to get some glitteriness (yes..I think that should be a word) yourself.  All you have to do is follow DahliaLynn on bloglovin, share your favorite INPINK piece in the comments below,  and enter the giveaway here.  One lucky reader will win a $150.00 shopping spree at INPINK.  Yes...you heard me right...1-5-0.  

And you want to hear the great news?  Everyone is a winner because you get $20.00 to spend at INPINK just for entering.  I mean that could get you these...FO FREEEE!  Are you surprised that I am one of those "everyone is a winner and gets a trophy" people?  We will announce a winner one week from today, so hop to it people.  And as always...thank you so much for checking in.  Happy Friday...J

Bangles {c/o, INPINK}, Elephant Cuff {Vintage}, Gloves {Target}, Boots {Hunter},  Jacket {Vintage}, Hat {Nordstrom} 


Let's Get Pink


Hello Friends!!  I hope everyone has had an amazing week.  So I am very excited to announce DahliaLynn's first 2014 giveaway tomorrow sponsored by INPINK.  You might remember the fun site if you liked the amazing, chunky bangles I wore hereINPINK has an amazing online selection of jewelry.  It is a site that has a style and price for everyone in town.   But before sharing the details of the giveawy tomorrow, I wanted to share some INPINK looks styled by two other bloggers out there, who both have amazing style.  I am L-O-V-I-N-G the way Fashionably Kay is styling INPINK's amazing knot earring in this look, and Real Girl Glam stole my heart with this amazing INPINK chain necklace with her playful pink pants and striped top.  Hopefully this will get you excited for some fun new jewels.  I hope you will check back tomorrow to enter this amazing giveaway.  Happy Thursday...J 


Jewels on Sale

So I have been getting some emails about DahliaLynn Jewels.  Been working hard to get new items in my Etsy shop and in the boutiques that currently carry DahliaLynn.  Making some good progress, but first I need to get some goodies off my hands so offering a little 50% off for my friends.  Just enter HELLO2014 at checkout.  Sale only last until next Friday, so hurry, hurry.  Happy Friday...J 



I was so excited when a representative from Surfdome reached out to me.  They have an amazing site with such a wonderful selection of items.  When asked to pick out something I might want to share on the blog, I went straight for the jewels.  Did not take me long create an impressive wish list, but this Ted Baker "bow" bracelet shot straight to the top of my must haves.  I am not sure that I will ever be over the "arm party," so I found this sweet, little piece to be the perfect addition for any lonely wrist.  I loved the little pop of prep the bracelet added to my bohemian overlay from a personal favorite, Riffraff.  I definitely suggest you take some time to check out the other amazing Ted Baker items they have on their site, and for my fellow cold weather friends, Surfdome has an amazing selection of stylish beanies.  Happy Shopping!  

Bracelet {c/o, Surfdome}, Overlay {c/o, Riffraff}, Skirt {Zara}, Beanie {Urban Outfitters}, Silver Jewels {David Yurman}, Gold Bracelets {c/o, inPink}, Bag {Fendi}, Boots {c/o, Riffraff}


On My Table Tuesday

Stuart tells me that every time he comes home from weekly work travel there is always some little design surprise since I am always mixing things up around the house.  Sometimes there are just too many fun ways to style yo place to commit to one look.  Can I get an amen from my "ADD Design Soul Sisters"? So I thought I would start sharing some of the looks with you.  Happy Table Tuesday...J

Lamp {Pier 1}, Candle {Lowe's}, Matchbook Holder {Paris Gift from my BFF}, Books {Vintage},  His & Her Perfume {Brooks Brothers & Issey Miyake}, Top Cuff {Vintage Elephant Cuff from a close buddy}, Middle Cuff c/o {INPINK}, Bottom Cuff c/o {INPINK}  


Out with the 2013 Outtakes

Ummm...Hello!!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I have finally emerged from my holiday time away spent with family and friends.  I had all these grand plans to take the last day of break {for me that was New Year's Day} and be super productive.  You know like the productive when you plan to deep clean your house, re-organize every room, make a run to Goodwill, take down your holiday decor, clean out your closet, do weeks of laundry, make a couple of gourmet meals, finish any projects that did not get done in 2013, get a head start on 2014 regular work, and get in be early in a day.  Per the usual, I over planned, and Stuart and I decided that binge watching the most recent season of "Sons of Anarchy," while chowing down on a fresh batch of cheesy, black eyed pea dip would be a fabulous and healthy way to welcome the New Year. 

Thankfully we have been blessed with the worst winter South Bend has seen in about 20 years, so I have had lots of time in the house to get all my to do lists done.  If not for the blizzard we have had resulting in 18 inches...yes....18 inches of snow on the ground here, who knows when I would have made the time to get this post up.  Here...I...finally....am, about 6 days too late, happily ringing in the new year with some fun outtakes from 2013.  I cannot have you people thinking that all my pictures look as nice as they usually do.  

And what would my farewell post to 2013 be if I did not tell you how I did this year on my hopes and dreams for 2013?  I don't expect any of you to remember THIS post from last year.  I didn't.  I was even dreading pulling the old thing back up for fear that I had been a complete fail, but I surprised myself.  In 2013, I wanted to keep things real on the blog, not cry over spilled milk, be a little bit healthier, get closer to God, and continue to love.  

Keeping the Blog Real:  I have done a pretty good job of keeping things real on the blog this year.  I do my best to share my life stories here and there and have been much better this year about not letting the blog be an unrealistic representation of me.  If I am too busy to blog, I don't.  If I have a little big meltdown, I share it.  If an outfit turns out less than perfect, I post it.  If something awkward happens, I tell you about it.  I know the second I start putting to much pressure on this site being perfect, that will be the second I lose myself.  So I hope that those of you still around, enjoy what I am putting out there.  If the answer is yes...you are the best.  If the answer is no...no need to keep checking in on me.

Crying Over Spilled Milk:  Yeah I still do it.  But I have been shocked that since I moved to Indiana, I have really only had one big meltdown.  I mean sometimes life just pushes you on the ground, and you have got to get back up, but who ever said tears were not allowed.  Not I. 

Healthy Me:  Ok!  This area I can give myself maybe a 7 out of 10 for a couple of reasons.  First, Stuart, my sister, my brother, and I have been training for the Disney Princess half-marathon, so we have been running regularly all throughout 2013.  Second, I have started going to this wonderful Barre class at B Present Studio.  My first class was actually a Junior League social event.  Still patting myself on the back for having the courage to exercise near people I was hoping to make friends with because I do NOT look pretty when working out.  Finally, I have been working hard to cook more with healthy oils and have at least one vegan protein shake a day.  So why not give myself a 10 out of 10 you ask?  I still don't feel that any doctor or nutritionist would advise eating queso multiple times a week, so 7 out of 10 it is.     

Getting Closer to God:  This is the hardest one for me to briefly share on the blog.  I guess in some way that makes me feel good because it means that it was one of the longest stories of 2013.  Nevertheless, I do want to share a bit of our story with you.  Last year Stuart and I started going to a church in Nashville that initially we really liked.  We enjoyed the worship, the Sunday messages, and the community.  So much so that we began the new member process, it was through that process and conversations with family and friends that we learned that particular church was not going to be a good fit for our family.  As hard as it was to walk away from that community and to have some very difficult conversations with some close friends, Stuart and I learned even more about one another and what we are looking for in a Church community.  We grew closer to one another and closer to God throughout the process.  Though 2014 is upon us, and we have yet to find a home church, I am very thankful for the journey we continue to go on together to find a place that feels right for us and our beliefs.      

Love:  It feels weird to try to decide whether or not "I did a good job loving" last year.  There are many instances where I think I showed great love last year, and then there are times when I could have loved more or done more to show my loved ones how much I care about them.  Sometimes it is not just about feeling love for someone, but showing that person the love.  I always feel like I could love more, so I want to leave it at that.  I certainly loved last year, but I hope there never comes a time when loving more is not a goal for the year.

And with that I give you my one resolution/goal/hope for this year.  I would like 2014 to be the year of action.  Maybe it is my rapidly approaching 30s, the move that led us to a completly different part of the country, my new job, the opportunity to make new friends, the creative juices that are going as a result of my new environment, I don't know, but I am bursting with new ideas, hopes, and dreams for our life.  I need to start 2014 with what my old graduate student would call my action items for those things that are most important.  First up, thanking each of your for another wonderful year of support at DahliaLynn.  I cherish the wonderful connections I have made to so many of you through this site, and look forward to another year together.  Much love...J