{Snug as an Ugg}

So I realize that I am probably losing some followers today with a post including Uggs.  I hear from my fashion friends that wearing them is a cardinal sin in the fashion world.  But my mom, sister, and I were wearing them long before the craze hit because they are so freakin warm and cozy.  So if you are judging me, I simply don't mind.  I know we all have something that is our fashion Ugg, you know something we love that doesn't have a great fit, is a little obnoxious, or is just not flattering on anyone.  I might have a couple of those items, but if you love them you should wear them.  It is your life, not anyone else's.  So if I choose to run around in boots resembling a small animal strapped to my ankle, I will.  Happy Monday...J


  1. you look adorable! i'm lovin the ugh on you!


  2. I don't own Uggs, but I do have a pair of sweatpants from J.Crew (the Saturday pant), and I wear them with pride... in public (fashion bloggers around the world just gasped!) haha!
    I think you look fabulous - perfect mix of comfy and cute!

  3. Haha, cute post! I've had uggs since I was introduced to them at 9 for after swim practice, that's close to 20 years and I love them. I wouldn't wear them with a LBD, but I'll sure wear them when I want to get comfy!