{Love You: Leslie}

Photos by the Talented Keely Yount 

Happy Friday friends!  Don't you just love this time of year.  The hustle, bustle, lights, smiles, family, memories, traditions, and all that makes the holidays special work hard to keep a smile on my face.  Dont' really have to tell you that today you are in for a treat because that is becoming a pattern around here on Fridays.  Don't get me wrong I like sharing the outfit pics and the fashion and design on my mind, but these are my favorite days at DahliaLynn.  Let me introduce you to the simply, lovely Leslie Sisti from A Blonde Ambition.  I have never met Leslie, but know her from her blog and her sweet husband and I went to middle school and high school together.  I am so excited that we have been able to connect through the blog world.  Read on to see what she is loving about herself.
"My Sense of Humor.  I’ve often had a pretty self-deprecating sense of humor, to which I credit my mom. She has pin-sharp wit and I’ve definitely adapted her humor over the years. I firmly believe that every woman needs to learn to laugh, especially at herself. I’m happy to say, I have perfected this ability.

My Ability to Trust My Instincts.  I’ve always been a “go with your gut” kind of girl. Making endless lists of pros and cons have their place in life, but I’ve always held that the best way to make a decision is to let my intuition guide me. Besides, it helped me choose my husband. And frankly, who could argue with that?

My Upbringing.  I love a gorgeous pair of Loubies or a delicious vintage clutch, but at my core, I’m a farmer’s daughter. I grew up in Tumbling Shoals, Arkansas ($10 to the first person that can tell me WHERE that is.) It’s a tiny little community about 15 minutes outside of Heber Springs. My dad and Papaw farmed cattle, but we were all expected to pitch in. It taught me the value of a dollar and instilled in me a hunger to work hard.

My Dancing Skills.  I took dance lessons for the better part of my life, starting when I was around 4 years old. I studied ballet, tap, jazz, Irish step and even clogging. I toured several cities with a dance troupe and had some amazing times on some amazing stages. I love that I’m able to move to just about any music and that I feel comfortable being the first one to hit the dance floor.

My Insane Ability to Carry Multiple Things.  I worked as a waitress during the summers of high school and college and learned the art of tray balancing. I can graceful carry a tray of drinks, several heavy plates of food and a booster seat, all with a smile on my face. (Not to mention, I had some amazing “guns” from all that lifting.)

My Heel-Wearing Ways.  I can’t remember when I started wearing heels, but I do remember playing dress-up in my mom’s closet. I learned quickly that a great pair of heels can do wonders for even the most dull of outfits, so I started small and worked up to stilettos. I firmly believe I could climb a mountain in a pair of 6” Choos if the situation arose."

I love that there are some many sides to Leslie.  A gal who loves a pair of killer heels, but is not afraid to get dirty is someone after my own heart.  I love that Leslie highlights her upbringing.  There is so much about our younger years that shapes who we are and are not as an adult.  Leslie reminds us to love our past as it makes us, who we are today.  A huge thanks to Leslie for taking the time to share a little bit about herself.  Don't forget to catch up with her over at A Blonde Ambition, you will not be disappointed.  Lotsa love...J


  1. Loved learning a little more about Leslie and her jacket is perfect for the holidays, so sparkly!

    Have a wonderful holiday weekend!

  2. Love these aspects of her and her blog!!! Thanks for sharing!!

    Haute Child in the City