{Looking Up}

I have so few words to share as I struggle to comprehend the events of last week, including the unexpected lost of a family friend.  I know there is so little that we can say or do to make those experiencing unthinkable loss feel better.  It is hard fore me to even express the saddness I feel because I know I am so very removed from the crippling pain that others are experiencing.  It is hard even to show others the tears I have{which is unusual for me} because I know my saddness pales in comparison to the saddness and emptiness so many families are feeling in this moment.  

So I knew today with all these conflicting emotions that I would struggle to find the words, so I figured I would share this picture.  Because after all doesn't the saying go, "a picture is worth a thousand words?"  Not even sure how I stumbled upon this sweet image, but it truly captured the feeling of the only way I feel I can give to others right now.  So I will take comfort in lifting others UP in prayer, I will ease the saddness by looking UP to remember that those who have left us behind have gone to a better place, I will keep my chin UP to be brave and strong for those who cannot, and I will look UP in remembrance of all those memories that we have of those loved and lost.  May you rest in peace...Jessica  


  1. Lovely words and a lovely image. It's hard when ones are lost so close to family time during the holidays. My sisters best friends father just passed away, they've been friends for close to 20 years. It's hard to even know how to comfort my sister let alone her friend. I'm just trying to be there for them and give them many hugs, but I know that's what her family is doing, looking up and giving praise for the wonderful time they were able to spend with him :)

    I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers :)